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Trump Goes to Congress to Fund Border Wall, Insists Mexico Will Pay US Back


Trump Goes to Congress to Fund Border Wall, Insists Mexico Will Pay US Back

Nika Knight, staff writer

President-elect Donald Trump's transition team has signaled to Republicans in Congress that Trump would like to fund his infamous planned U.S.-Mexico border wall through the Congressional appropriations process in April, House Republican officials told CNN Thursday.


"And despite Congress' involvement in approving any spending, such an approach might also open Trump to charges of going around the House and the Senate to take unilateral actions, something he repeatedly criticized President Barack Obama for doing."

Say it isn't so! Trump wouldn't dare to go back on his word or hypocritically adopt the tactics of his opponents, would he?! Drop the wide-eyed incredulity: he'll do and say anything to enrich/empower himself and his pals.


Indeed. Who has even calculated the cost of ... well, who has even figured out what he wants to build? And this is his top priority? Right.


Recall that Saint Ronny increased the US gubmit's deficit and debt more than all of his 38 predecessors combined, and increased the number of gubmit employees per capita to its highest level EVER. Contrary to all metrics and facts, 35 years after being branded as the fiscal conservative/small gubmit world champion, Saint Ronny's phony brand continues to be as strong as ever. Even the Clintons and Obama have lauded Saint Ronny and compared themselves to him more than they have to any Democrat.

Is Trump's teflon any thinner than Saint Ronny's ?


His supporters are unlikely to complain - until he goes back on his SS and Medicare promises...


maybe the question is - does everybody have their surface scratchers ready to get to work on the teflon. It really doesn't take too much.


Gee, Trump going back on campaign promise? No way. Noone does that. The funny thing is now as a politician, he doesnt have to be accountable :slight_smile:


Going back on his word is the least of it.

"We have reason to believe that there are at least 50 electoral votes
that were not regularly given or not lawfully certified (16 Congressional District violations and 34 Dual Office-Holder violations,” the executive summary of their “Electoral Vote Objection Packet” said.
“The number could be over a hundred. We urge you to prepare written objections for January 6.”


President Reagan nearly tripled the national debt. G.W. Bush doubled it. President Obama has yet to double it even though he inherited the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression of the last century. In fact, the deficit, not the debt, has decreased each year under President Obama.

The Republicans and their stenographers in the capitalist, corporate media somehow still present themselves as fiscal conservatives, but they are the exact opposite.

Dr. Krugman calls the Republican strategy "starve the beast." First they pass YUGE tax cuts overwhelmingly benefiting the already obscenely wealthy. Then they speak, write and act as if the deficit and the debt are YUGE problems that must be solved by cutting programs mainly benefiting the working class, poor and elderly.

The Republicans run this play over and over and over and the ignorant masses, i.e., their white working class supporters are so gullible, they fall for it every time.


It was his idea. Let him fund it and get his money back from Mexico.


Good one. Since he considers it such a slam dunk there is no financial risk for him and he will show us all that he is the greatest deal-maker ever. He can paint it gold and call it another Trump Tower.


" The funny thing is now as a politician, he doesn't have to be held accountable."

True, as a corrupt businessman that has screwed many people and was never held accountable for it even though sued for Trump's nefarious, shenanigans by some; as a politician, he is only doing what is normal!


I have a question about this wall... Is it being built to keep "them" out or to keep us in?


If it was to keep us in, it would be a blessing for the world, but unfortunately the military helicopters, the cargo jets, the bombers and fighters (with the possible exception of the F-35) and the drones can all fly over it to attack the world, small country by small country.
* Oh where is The Mouse that Roared when we really need it? :wink:


LOL Well said :slight_smile:


Is it me or does anyone else hear Pink Floyd playing in the background when they read this?


This is purely an anti-Mexican thing. Everyone in Congress knows there is no need for a wall. There is already a long fence as well as all kinds of electronic equipment and drones and there are many agents employed to stop illegal crossings. It is just to stir up hate against Mexicans. Nothing more. It's a type fascist ploy. Stir up hate against specific groups.


It's to keep us away from their universal healthcare and other socialist ideas.


Hey, the Bundy bunch will be needing jobs when they finish serving their sentences (Oregon, Nevada, Arizona). Set them to work with no pay in the hot sun day-in and day-out. Round up all the White Supremacists, Neo-Nazis, and Klansmen forcing them into chain gangs to build their wall. If the sun doesn't get them, the scorpions/black widow spiders/rattlesnakes, etc. will.

T-dump will unleash the demons of the Alamo (along with so many other historically disastrous events) with his nasty, unworldly, INSANE moves worldwide.


Trump is funny.

Mexico will NEVER pay for Donald Trump's Folly (his beautiful wall) UNLESS it is built on the PRE-Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo Borders.