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Trump—Gun in His Hand and a Bloody Shirt—Standing on Fifth Avenue

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/10/12/trump-gun-his-hand-and-bloody-shirt-standing-fifth-avenue

" he should know that 5th Avenue ends at the Harlem River at 142nd Street, and the end is near."



The “5th Avenue” remark is the understatement of the 21st century when you consider that by comparison Nixon’s crimes were tanatmount to stealing a jack-o-lantern off your porch while today’s GOP crimes are not just tantamount to, but ARE a mass murder spree with no end in sight.


I agree with Reich’s analysis of the mess we’re facing. After 4 years of tRumpism, most people know how he operates. The one question that must be answered is why do people enjoy and accept what he says and support what he has done or has said he will do? The divisions in our society are so deep and the differences in outlook are so wide, I fear the country is headed for a contentious reckoning tRump or no tRump. If the Democrats win the presidency and other national and state offices despite the Republican attempts to disrupt the election, how will the leadership in the Republican Party respond to an uprising of his supporters, tea party-ites, and far-right and white supremacists? If the Republicans disrupt the voting in swing states and win (or steal) the presidency, how will the Democrat’s leadership and voters respond? What could possibly go wrong that hasn’t already? We will know soon.


Come on. Really? Does anyone with a brain believe the orange clown, had Covid?
It was a stunt to deflect from the S**t show he caused during his debate with Biden.
And he parlays that into a greater ruse, killing more Americans, and expecting sympathy from the stupids.


Statistically, the China virus IS NOT AS DEADLY AS THE FLU! Stupid, soft ass libs can’t get that through their mushy heads. 97% survivability rate.

Alas, Mr. Reich’s master caved to the GOP coup known as the Contract on America back in 1994. Clinton moved far to the right, signing off on NAFTA and eviscerating welfare, buying in to the Welfare Queen lie started by Raygun when he was governor of Cali. That’s how he was able to win in 1996 and skate by the blue dress fiasco. If he had simply admitted to consensual sex between two adults, he would have been fine. The Dems keep caving while the GOP keeps on taking more and more power. Now this sham of approving a new SCOTUS member while, back in 2016, the GOP were vehemently against it, in February!
The GOP coup began in 1952 with Eisenhower after Dewey lost to the Dixiecrat Truman. JFK and LBJ…well, they had their eight years of fun and games, then the GOP began its true reign of terror.
Trump is old and sick. He won’t last too much longer. He’s aged 15 years in the past two weeks. And C-19 is a Trickster. Once the drug cocktail wears off, it’s up to the docs to do a risk assessment. His heart and kidneys may not survive another round of powerful steroids…

The Democratic Governors in any swing state or any state for that matter, would serve their population by calling up the National Guard in those states to provide safety and security before, during, and after Election Day.

This election being held during a worldwide pandemic with the virus spreading in a majority of the states due to the fact that the Federal Government has no national strategy and seems to want the virus to continue spreading and infecting millions warrants this action.

Speaking of “gun in his hand” – I’ve been trying to keep up with the straight dope on the Denver shooting, through off-the-chart distortions in both the agitprop machine proper and out on the nutcase fascist fringe. Maybe someone at CD can pick this up and sort out what’s what. Sure sounds interesting…

“Licensed security guard employers that hire unlicensed security guards could face disciplinary actions against their licenses ranging from a fine, to suspension, to revocation. Businesses could also face criminal charges for permitting or directing an unlicensed person to perform security services. Regarding Matthew Dolloff, there could be civil or criminal actions taken, or both, against Mr. Dolloff, Pinkerton, 9News, and/or any other entity that hired and deployed Dolloff in an unlicensed security guard capacity.”



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Undoubtedly, there will be intimidation, tussles, and even violence at polling stations in key swing state districts. The Repulsican Party operatives aren’t counting on voting suppression tactics alone to ensure a tRump win. I agree that governors of those states better prepare for this. Having soldiers at the polls would put the US in the same category as other unstable countries thanks to the Repulsicans and tRump.

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All good reasons to initiate strong legislation and create laws intended to be willfully enforced, once this Fascist threat is put down.