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Trump Guts Air and Water Rules as WHO Warns That Young Children Most Vulnerable to Pollution


Trump Guts Air and Water Rules as WHO Warns That Young Children Most Vulnerable to Pollution

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Underscoring the dangers of U.S. President Donald Trump's broad attacks on air and water regulations, a pair of reports published by the World Health Organization (WHO) on Monday revealed that one in four young children die each year as a result of unhealthy environments.


How can this organized, official contempt for the health and safety - the lives - of others - families, men, women, and children - via environmental destruction/pollution/exploitation/contamination NOT be criminal?


Wow, some "real" news. This is the sad thing about all the smoke around Russia and Sessions and wire tapping,and.. this kind of news is slipping by unreported.


I can't even say, 'I told you so'. I expected a poor to lousy presidency out of Trump, but despite that I had no idea, how terribly it would become.
We have to get rid of that piece of filth; it is lethal for the whole nation and will bring also down his billionaire class, together with the Greenback and the rest of the economy.


Once again, the right to lifers are conspicuously absent whenever issues that negatively impact children arise.


Trump is not the disease -- he's merely a symptom. The disease is corporate control of every aspect of our lives and ownership of our government. The republican party is the tumor by which the disease manifests itself. Even the craven, corporate ass-licking democrats would not go so far as to gut environmental protections. The republican party, headed by cancer cell-in-chief Trump, is all about money and funneling as much of it as possible into their own pockets. The entire world can die as long as a republican can make a buck off its death. As a party, they are the living, breathing avatar of the anti-Christ, wrapped in the flag and peddling hate from the pulpit. To paraphrase a friend -- republicans make me want to believe there is a Hell. They are Hell-bent on creating it here on earth.


Pursuing the Russian-Trump campaign connections is how we will get rid of Trump and save the environment. It's called "strategy".


Typical. Why do the Republican, con/servatives and their phony religious, bible thumpers, care about the unborn children but seem not to care at all once they are born?


Yes, that appears to be the strategy and I think it may work. I'll even go out on a limb here and predict, if not impeached first, Trump will eventually resign, cause he is a loser. That will leave us with Pence and a republican controlled congress. My point is; in the mean time our enviromental regualtions are being gutted, and other bad stuff like DAPL and the XL pipeline moving forward, and the mainstream media is fixated on Trumps latest tweat.


Because after the child is born, there's no woman's body to control. Pro-life is really about controlling women's bodies. Pro-lifers don't really care about babies. They only care about the baby while the baby is in the mother's womb because that's their angle towards controlling the woman. Notice that the antithesis to pro-life is Pro-choice? Choice is not control and that's why the paternalistic control freeks of the far right hate people who promote pro-choice. Pro-choice challenges the power base and social order of the pro-lifers.


I think, that we are on the same page. That is why we have to resist, but with a plan!
In order to be effective against Trumpism, we have to bring all progressive organizations under one single umbrella.
There is already such a force building as the Justice Democrats (https://justicedemocrats.com/), uniting the efforts of 'Brand New Congress' (https://brandnewcongress.org), with Bernie‚Äôs own ‚ÄėOur Revolution‚Äô https://ourrevolution.com/action/ ) and using the powerful video news organization 'TYT' (https://tytnetwork.com/) as their megaphone to the public.
Get with it, pull together. This is not a competition among progressive forces, which all have the same aims, those which Bernie Sander has outlined so effectively.
As it stands now both the ‚ÄėDemocracy for America‚Äô ( DfA) and ‚Äėbrand new Congress are formulating lists of progressive candidates, they want to support in 2018.

That is insane! We will end up splitting our vote between two progressive candidates and the establishment jerk will run right through the middle and take the seat.
‚ÄėBrand New Congress' is ready to cooperate, but the DfA still appears to hesitate.
We absolutely must support those progressive organizations, which are willing to cooperate with others. No organization needs to sacrifice its identity, but we have to work together as ONE cohesive force.
I do not know, if CD is ‚Äėlistening‚Äô in, but they should also participate in a unified movement


Yes, but demonizing Russia, as the western media are doing now, is not the answer.
We have to concentrate on Trump.
Our CIA has instigated a regime change in the Ukraine and followed that up with deploying massive forces on Russia's doorstep. NATO likewise sent more forces into the Baltic countries.
We cannot blame Putin for wanting a president with a more benign attitude toward his country, even is it is for all the wrong reasons (Trump's business interests).
If we can avoid a conflict with Russia, we have a chance to live a little longer, with good luck, until we have "successfully" killed much of the life on this planet, including our own.


Excellent point...well-taken! Thank you.


Unless the diabolical demented dimwit walks around with an oxygen tank and cases of bottled water (and a valet to wash him in purified water), then he, too will suffer the consequences of environmental destruction (as will his Trash Tribe). He and his flying monkeys care not about life outside their closed, cosseted circle of cretins.


Make all cities/towns/neighborhoods like the Flint model. That way, the unwashed, lazy, unemployed masses of minoirities will be reduced and eradicated. Isn't that the plan behind these draconian measures developed in the deepest darkest corners of diabolical minds?


Point taken about "disease is corporate control of every aspect of our lives and ownership of our government." Apparently corporations - and their "human person" minions - have no problem with one of the oldest markers of unbridled savagery: eating our young.

There was a good article about the interplay between corporate money and the Trump administration by George Monbiot in the Guardian the other day. In it he mentioned:

Trump was prepared not only to promote the cause of corporations in government, but to turn government into a kind of corporation, staffed and run by executives and lobbyists. His incoherence was not a liability, but an opening: his agenda could be shaped. And the dark money network already developed by some American corporations was perfectly positioned to shape it.

BTW, I would probably get along fine with your friend, as I have said the same thing, more than once.


Oh ya,Ray...Those right to lifers again ! You mean the war mongering, death and destruction, death penalty, kill and maim gun nuts, pro corporate, anti regulation, polluters and filth merchants right to lifers ? Those guys ! Oh ya. But to qualify, WASP, middle and upper class Merkin lives. Other babies, other lands....wink wink look away. Oh what's that Ivanka was wearing last night ? And c'mon Flint, quit your whining. Have a gulp ! I sure miss lead in paint and Chinese toys ! Coal miners gotta dump their wastewater somewhere ! Eating clean fish ? Nah, like mine with a side of Petrol and mercury please. Make America Think it's Great Again ! Help Wanted. Seeking Adult President. Inquire within. Please ! And Hurry !


This sounds like the Republican goal of turning all this back to the states. Of course many states, particularly those with Republicans governors, will probably not step in to replace the EPA when it comes to water pollution and air pollution. On the Sierra Club website is says "The nation‚Äôs environmental statutes have citizen suit provisions such that aggrieved citizens can bring enforcement actions‚ÄĒessentially stepping into the shoes of the federal government." So citizen lawsuits remain an option.


Clearly, Trump must be a Putin apparatchik as the population of Russia is a mere 143 million compared with the USA's 324 million. If Trump can knock off 180 million USAians through pollution he would be serving his Master well. It would save Mad Bad Aggressive Vlad from using Russian nuclear weapons........

Now about the connections between Trump and China.........