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Trump Hammers Cuba While Cuba Cures the Sick Worldwide

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/06/16/trump-hammers-cuba-while-cuba-cures-sick-worldwide


Excellent perspective from Medea. It is a sin and a shame the way the US treats Cuba.


Cuba going in had the best anti-viral medication to fight the c-virus. They are working to help the world amidst crushing US sanctions to thwart any effort to better their autonomy. Now Russia also has a new ‘treatment’ for the c-virus infection and it, too, is ignored by US officials. When do people start being more important than imperial provocations imposed by the USA on the world? When will profit be cast aside so folks can work together to fight a common enemy, the c-virus? When we’re all dead? The hubris and profit at all costs motivation that overrides common human decency by our “leaders” stubborn refusal to get along with the world will say that we are indeed doomed as a species.


Murka perfected the art of demonizing victims while rewarding perpetrators long before Trump ascended the throne.


Sweden, home of the Nobel, after treating Julian Assange so badly will award the Peace Prize to Cuba? (I don’t see why not! lol)? BUT REALLY?

I know of no other country, that has made so many advancements in medicine and agriculture, with so little resources as Cuba. All of these advances while the biggest bully in the world has kept their boot on Cuba’s neck, an amazing feat the rest of the world should try to emulate IMO.


Medea’s article is excellent and my Nephew who lives in New Zealand and has traveled all over the world including Cuba, would corroborate Medea’s fine article.


If Cuba was allowed to prosper, people would see that social policies and greater equality could work well for everyone.

However, the so-called financial elites here know that in the US, given the size of the economic pie we all work to produce each year, more for the bottom 80% must necessarily come somewhere out of that being taken by the top 20%. That’s just math.

So Cuba must not be allowed to prosper. Cuba must be kept poor, lest people here see they are being conned.


Trump is a born and dyed in the wool contrarian. He is smarter than everyone else on the planet and therefore feels the need to better them in all instances.
It must get tiring being the best at everything, all the time, every time.

There is not much else to say about him, other than “please go away.”


Yes. Fidelismo, as Noam Chomsky has observed, presents the “threat of a good example.”


So many people I know go positively apeshit when I bring up anything positive about Cuba. It absolutely enrages them that this little ‘dirty pinko commie’, as they put it, Island is anything but a rat infested hellhole. One of these people ( cousin) finally went there on some elder trek or some such trip and came back astounded. One of their group ended up in a small hospital in a remote area and the care was apparently incredible. Even though they had a minder they were allowed to pretty much talk to anyone privately and the local people were really proud of how they were doing though they wished for more freedom to speak out personally about things they were concerned about. In a way I hope we do not totally lift the embargo because American money will ruin them I am afraid…


U love the idea of a campaign for the Noble Peace Prize for Cuban doctors - it would be both a positive thing to reward such service to the world, and, a rebuke to cruel US bullying


Actually Norway. And they awarded the thing to Obama who regrets turning Libya into a hell on earth complete with slave markets. Cuba should refuse it if awarded the thing. It’s tainted.


Back when Bernie was running for President, talking up Medicare for All, and touting all those European countries that have it, he NEVER mentioned Cuba. Funny…


He was still getting pilloried for favorably mentioning Cuba 20 years ago (he said they had a higher literacy rate).


I’m sure Bernie is well aware of their success, but mentioning them would only hurt his message because too many Americans are under the misperception that Cuba is a dangerous, evil, failed state, because that has been the predominant message from the vast majority of politicians & political pundits.

Has anything failed more resoundingly than the 60-year embargo against Cuba for the stated goal to change their leadership?


Very true! Whether you argue that Communism is bad form of government or not, the fact remains: COMMUNISM IS A HUGE THREAT TO THE ECONOMIC, OLIGARCHICAL, FASCIST, ELITE! When Castro replaced Batista, it cost them billions and billions of $$$$$$$$.


Ah yes, the familiar Dem/lib fear-based message, “Don’t go too far to the left, be careful, don’t make them mad, cautious, careful, easy does it…” Is that how you make a political revolution, whatever that was supposed to mean? Bernie talked the talk but when the rubber met the road he couldn’t walk the walk. Obama at least made a gesture toward Cuba, Bernie did nothing until the very end when it wouldn’t make any difference. “In for a penny, in for a pound”? In the end, not for Bernie. Sigh.

‘Has anything failed more resoundingly than the 60-year embargo against Cuba for the stated goal to change their leadership?’

how about the ‘war on drugs’?

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I should’ve said foreign policy, but you are right about the war on drugs.