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'Trump Has Abandoned Them': 1.3 Million New Unemployment Claims Spotlight 'Unthinkable' Consequences of Refusing Relief Package

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/08/trump-has-abandoned-them-13-million-new-unemployment-claims-spotlight-unthinkable


Still no talk about how they will get a bill through the Senate, even if the House and White House are on board. Thanks to the dnc backing a Trump supporter instead of a progressive in KY., the Turtle knows he’s going to be re-elected, and has no fear of blocking any stimulus bill.

Thank you Jake, for the very good writing.

A medical advised me an hour ago that prez has 75% chance of survival, with what is known so far.

we americans are witnessing trump completely out of boundaries of sanity. Nancy is correct. Bring in the 25th team to replace him for at least 10 days.
Mark Meadows, VP Pence need to agree.
Watch out for Pompeo playing Haig.

Trump will not do it because election is near.
Claim this positive action is just a smear
He may fire off rockets is what I fear
His brain is in a swirling vortex veer

I hate to sound cold, but every one of these poor abandoned folks that does not vote or is ignorant enough to vote for these GOP scoundrels deserves their suffering. You can’t vote against your best interests in election after election and not to expect to suffer the consequences.

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Hey folks don’t worry, all you have to do is make sure you vote Trump back in office and he says he will rethink the stimulus package.

Trump will do nothing and double down after he loses. The Dems. will fail miserably to stop Amy and even if they win BIG the far right SCOTUS will trash anything they do. The Dems. will then have a great foil where they will pass one thing after another to watch the GOP court knock it all down , FDR faced the same fire wall Hoover left behind. It’s a minor miracle he got as much done as he did since they overturned most of the New Deal by 1941. The Dems. will just sit back and blame the GOP Court Majority and ask everyone to vote for them to stop them. Get ready to watch the GOP trash what’s left of the so called Safety net its all going away sooner then later all of it. SSI, Unemployment Ins. , Medicare all of it Gone forever.

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