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Trump Has Access To Everything A Dictator Could Want


Trump Has Access To Everything A Dictator Could Want

Charles P. Pierce

Here’s what I learned during my brief sabbatical last week: if you ignore it, it only gets worse.


It’s mourning in America.


Will someone please give him access to the German Luger that Hitler used to blow his own brains out with.


As did Obama, as did the Bushes, as did the Clintons – as did every president going back to FDR at least (and many before him). The fact is National Security Directive Number 1 (NSD# 1) formalized the U.S. as the presidential dictatorship it has been throughout most of its history.


I think Trump is getting is support from at least four main groups who completely disagree with the liberal path the US has taken since the Great Depression. These groups are the white nationalists, the majority of evangelicals, the followers of Ayn Rand type of ideology about personal economic freedom and selfishness, and the anti-Federal government Patriot movement with its armed militias. The Democrats can’t get support from these groups. But they can form a majority by getting some support from the so-called Reagan Democrats who tend to not be enthralled with either party. The demographic trends favor the Democrats with the growth in the Hispanic population and Asians, and in Florida the influx of people from Puerto Rico. But the backlash against Obama in 2010 gave Republicans control of many states and they rigged elections for a decade by gerrymandering. The courts have remedied this in Pennsylvania and perhaps in North Carolina pending a Supreme Court decision. A number of other states remain severely gerrymandered and to large extent the election for the House in 2018 will be rigged in favor of the Republicans. Republicans in many states have also passed voter ID laws in attempts to keep African American from voting since they usually vote for Democrats. It going to take hard work to undo the rigging of the elections that the Republicans have accomplished. The majority of the country opposes Trump but their views are not being accurately reflected in elections. The election of a black president created a tremendous political effect and it is possible the country may never recover. To prevent that from ever happening again many Americans may favor authoritarian rule which keeps whites in charge even though it would be the end of American democracy. If American democracy means having a black president many Americans may have concluded that is too high a price to pay and would prefer a system of permanent rules by whites.


It is NOT “40 years of Republican conservative politics”. It IS fascism with roots in Prescott Bush (Dubya’s grandpa) , Henry Ford, and other US fascists who were supplying Hitler, Mussolini and Franco during the 1930s and working to get the US to go fascist, attempting to assassinate FDR when he stopped them from war profiteering on the European continent.

The 1970s era Powell memo became the road map that installed Saint Ron and the accelerated rise of US fascism from within, disguised as “conservative Republican politics”.


And, Charlie, it’s good to have you back! Your BS detector is always a comfort in these times.


“Money in politics” lets oligarch perps off the hook.

Is it Time for a Cap on Personal Wealth?



And in case anyone missed all the incredible, tremendous, winning things accomplished bigly by Donald J. Trump in his first 500 days of greatness, here’s a helpful official government website using the best words to tell everyone about the wonderfulness that is the amazing, terrific Donald J. Trump.



No. It is way past time to put a cap on money in politics, national/federal campaigns, etc. That requires reinstatement of The Fairness Doctrine, demanding the MSM …oh, forget about it.
Just put on Roy Roger’s, " Happy Trails " song and kick back. Let the nostalgia just slowly envelope you. Become one with the song…play it over and over, again. And, wait your turn.
" The only real god in America is money ".
Malcolm X
“… beware the military-industrial-complex…”
President Dwight D. Eisenhower
" I like guys that don’t get captured "
President Donald Trump
" Ask not what you can do for your country, ask what your country can do for you "
John F. Orwell
" if god didn’t want them sheared, he would not have made them sheep ".
An Everyman Outlaw
Sorry, I almost forgot my summation.


It is time for a “Muzzle” on a would-be child King.


After reading that article you attached, I had the feeling I had better put my hip boots on.


Will our owners let us do this, or do we circumvent them?


Hip boots, raincoat, and rubber gloves, and a supply of barf bags at the ready.

I had to double check to make sure I hadn’t inadvertently wound up at whitehouse.org .


Probably not. At this point, and place in time, the gloves are being taken off. What those ungloved hands decide to pick up, is anyone’s guess.
However, I’m pretty sure the faux Radical Middle created by the MSM ( esp. NYT & WAPO + T.V. ) will not hold. They’ll go into hiding with their creators.
Like Moonves said, " Trump is great for business ". That man should be exiled to Albania with no right of return papers.


Charles Pierce sadly says it all.


Liberals and progressives are so fed up with the Democratic Party and its neoliberal sellouts that they decided to give up.

Who’s to blame for Trump?



Very Orwellian!


John F. Orwell ??? Really???


I’m pretty sure that they will need to be sent to hell. ALL of them.