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Trump Has Called for Pentagon to Make Beds Available for 20,000 Children at US Military Bases

Trump Has Called for Pentagon to Make Beds Available for 20,000 Children at US Military Bases

Julia Conley, staff writer

Responsibility for unaccompanied children and families who arrive in the U.S. via the southern border appeared to shift to the U.S. military on Thursday, as the Trump administration called on the Pentagon to make preparations to house approximately 20,000 children on military bases.

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and what happens to the communities on the bases, the families who live there? In my husband’s AF career we lived 4x on military bases. There is just no space nor availability for “jails” for refugees seeking asylum. They will be put in “cages” just like their kids are now. This is a really awful and stupid idea, one of the many trump comes up with “off the cuff”. He just doesn’t think anything thru before he announces.

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Hmmm. Maybe Trump is going to send them all to Guantanomo as a different type of prisoner------whole families----wow it will be Charles Dickens Land------ and like 19th century debtors prisons people fleeing violence will be incarcerated together.

So guess what Americans ----- from Bush 2 on down? This horrible treatment of humanity is what Europe has been going through with masses of immigrants since GW began his killing spree. Oh the, Irony, the Irony, America. This chickens have come home to roost----and will certainly kill off that silliness of “the shining city on a hill.” as America moves into a chickenshit world.


Read the Trump order and as many have discovered it is a gift of sorts to corporatist prisons. Indefinite incarceration in gulag style type prisons for families. Furthermore, the Trump gang has No plan to reunite children who were already ripped from their Mother, and Fathers arms. In essence, thousands of lost children. Also, who are these people who rip babies from a mother’s arms?


It’s time to admit that the United States military forgot how to fight wars a few generations ago. The war in Indochina, against impoverished rice farmers for the most part, pretty much bankrupted the country and then the U.S. cut and ran. The war in the Mideast has turned out almost exactly the same so far. Our nation is just about bankrupt and it’s time to cut and run again. The best we can say about commanding thousands of H-bombs is that they haven’t gone off by accident yet.

In other circumstances I’d say absolutely, it’s time for the United States military to learn how to be Sergeant Mommy and Corporal Daddy. Then they could take personal pride in a job well done, and the military would be humanized in the process.

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And…They can control the media by being on a base. Claim security clearance etc. Keep em out so they can’t report on what’s going on.


Well now that Trump has turned all humanitarian, perhaps he will offer refuge to at least some of these kids at Mar-a-Lago or one of his other hotels.


I can see the upcoming recruiting videos. Soldiers will thrust out their chests as they parade amongst a throng of immigrant children. Oh the glory in the conquest. In their minds they are Napoleons in waiting. The background music is, of course, Lee Greenwood’s infamous God Bless the USA.


“Forgot how to fight wars.”
Sorry, I’m not clear. Is there a good way to fight wars?

Bases are sterile place where people have guns and march around. This will be their new reality. Yes, sounds like someone thinks we need soldier dweebs.

I’m interested in backtracking a bit. It all fell into place too quickly for the prisons.

I note that MJ legalization doesn’t take offenders out of jail. And decisions to stop separating families doesn’t return the kids who were already separated. How is it that their turmoil made they folks all come to the US? Who was coaching them? Who was telling them that this would work for them?Are other South American countries getting them too?
Um, these prison companies, what connections if any do they have to the South American turmoil and the movement of folks north?

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Mmm, don’t start?


Why doesn’t the government use the money to quickly decide if the adult detainees with children are seeking asylum, or are otherwise legal, and the illegal entries? And simultaneously use the money to bring together children and their families?

And who will financially, emotionally, medically, and psychologically support the lost children as well as those who will be lost very soon unless they are brought together with their parents?

Trump is more than cruel and stupid: he is despicable.


We should pursue legal measures to get these children be recognized as prisoners of war and we should ensure that the US adhere to the regulations of the geneva convention - i.e. an end to the beatings, an end to forced feeding of drugs, an end to the rape and sexual abuse.


Is it merely coincidental that ALL of this is expanding the use of our Military and

our private prisons?

Divest From the Business of Incarceration

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Corporatized prisons are traded on the NYSE, every connection.


We will teach them in the Great American military tradition: This is my rifle, this is my gun, this is for fighting and this is for fun ♪♫ (Full Metal Jacket).


“Hotels”? Sh*tholes. Get them under the troops’ control: This is my rifle, this is my gun, this is for fighting and this is for fun ♪♫ (Full Metal Jacket).


Who they are will be us – the population – if we don’t find some way to stop them
and to control them.

There was a rally today raised by some interfaith church group/s – led by Sen. Robert Menendez/R-NJ
at the Elizabeth, NJ Detention Center where some of the children were held.

Not sure if any Dems joined him.

We might now ask where is the Democratic Party protesting this insanity – and where can we join them to express our disgust with it all?

20,000 beds is not nearly enough for the effects of climate change and habitat overshoot.

You’re going to need twenty million beds, and soon.

But hey, just keep turning to religious fanatics for answers, because it feels like something is being done, and your sky deity will provide.

What the hell? Why not just send them all to Guantanamo?