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Trump has Conducted a War on Iran for 19 Months; Iran Finally Hit Back

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/01/08/trump-has-conducted-war-iran-19-months-iran-finally-hit-back-0


A strange speil plays out on the radio at the moment. Orangeman reads something obviously prepared for him – with some passages so repellent to his personal tastes he nearly hyperventilates. As GWB said after Orangeman’s inauguration speech, “That was some weird shit.”

Vicissitudes of surviving a mad emperor in the 21st century… as if we didn’t have enough to worry about.


I see no way in which Trump’s alleged goals outside of undoing anything Obama did was accomplished.

US troops ordered out of Iraq.
Iran not cowed in the least, our threats of starting another war we won’t win are toothless.
Iran now pursuing nukes.
No power has joined the US in pulling out of the JPCOA.
“Maximum sanctions” pressure clearly doing nothing except making average Iranians hate us.
Global plans to trade in a currency other than petro$ cemented further.

I’m not even sure Trump’s base isn’t confused by his “talk tough but get one-upped” stance.


On the money, Skeptic.


On top of all I cited above, the formerly battling factions in Iran (pro-western moderates vs. anti-western hardliners) are now united behind the hardliners!


We might imagine how Americans would have reacted had Gen. Eisenhower been assassinated by the Russians during the Truman years while on a diplomatic mission in Mexico.


Seems Iran’s strategists are playing 5 dimensional chess in a very complicated neighborhood, while the USA mafia are playing tiddly winks in Chicago thinking it is the center of the world .


Methinks that you may be understating this. Would that the American leadership grow up and behave prudently and responsibly with consideration for the future rather than continuing to behave as irresponsible gangsters and plunderers.


" Trump Has Conducted a War on Iran for 19 Months."

Following in the footsteps of several USian presidents going back to DDE in 1953 (and his boys, the Dulles Bros.).

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We can hope.

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It’ll be a temporary alignment in Iran. But the moderates have to face the facts – and I’ve supported those moderates in vain hopes of bringing Iran into the mainstream of the world community – the hardliners are correct about not being able to trust the USA.

Really, no country can trust us.


Woe to any entity that presumes to do so!

In a similar vein, I neglected to make clear in my earlier comment that I was referring ONLY to the possible confusion of Trump’s followers by his own confusion. He may not seem confused, but he has never had any coherent plan as president except packing the executive branch with his cronies (and their cronies), and destroying the works of others (vandalism). His specialty is hastening the breakdown of systems both natural and human-made that are essential for anything resembling life as we have known it.


Oh, the lies. Anyone fighting the wet dream of a Sunni-Zionist-Brainwashed America under Abrahamic faith/delusion based on misappropriated and plagiarized historical myths and parables, let’s call them the Triad of Religious Extremism, is assassinated. The real war is of the mind to take over European culture and retell the history of Christianity being related rather than circumstantially associated to Semitism. The occupiers call Iran and anyone in the region aspiring hegemons of the region and terrorists/terrorist supporters and it is fantastic hypocrisy and lie rather than the historical, indigenous people with right to defend historical friends, allies, or to defend themselves while severely at risk of real terrorism and total destabilization. If you fight against the Triad’s proxy ISIS they will kill, assassinate, or overthrow you. They call ISIS moderates and rebels in order to overthrow and set the ME back to the stone-age and chaos, and then they speculate and pilfer the resources; this was done in Syria prior to the so called Civil War in the occupied Golan Heights region by Cheney visiting Israel, and ISIS being allowed to grab the Oil fields in which we monitored the massive ISIS force crossing the desert to Syria with our weapons and did nothing, and it is done in Iraq with Oil For Food Program, arguably, among other lesser exposed schemes.

Let’s add that both Al Qaeida and ISIS were created by the U.S. for wars in the eighties in Afghanistan using Sunni extremists, or while the U.S. occupied a country and from within our jail system there as with ISIS and Al Bagdadi. The fact that we accidentally lost an entire city worth of military tanks, missiles and weapons to ISIS in Mosul, air drop weapons that drift ‘accidentally’ to them in Syria, and Israel allows their soldiers to seek hospital care through their border and buys their oil that was reported to be trucked through Turkey and around the coast back to Israel . . .

Soleimani was a Hero against ISIS in Iraq and Syria, for Iran and all innocent people. The same terrible, belligerent neocon Zionists are in the government and corrupting congress pursuing their war of 40 years against Iran. Soleimani was not directly responsible for ordering the killing of any Americans, nor should they loosely attribute him to ordering anything having to do with the U.S. Embassy bombing in Lebanon by a Hezbollah group who claimed to be against occupation. Where was Soleimani when that happened? Were is the transcript he gave those orders? It is utter bologna and otherwise, prove it. All the same generic bad guy it’s okay to assassinate, commit war crimes, and instigate chaos? Is is okay to assassinate the greatest force and foe of ISIS, who accounts more than any one man against its demise? What was the U.S. claiming to be against these last 20 years of war and occupation? It smacks of Iraq 2003 when Bush claimed Saddam is a bad guy, he gassed the Kurds [15-20 years earlier and it was our&allied arms also used on Iran!]. No one wonders what took so long to defend or seek justice; it is total bologna and obvious rationalizing for their own illegal invasion and war.

Yes, most of this was reported with integrity by very respectable sources and are based in fact. There is so much more that can support this position. So, why the heck are Americans not allowed to hear this from their congress and prevent their young men and women from these terrible adventures in which nearly 90 percent come back with PTSD, maimed or killed? Is this negotiation by a negotiator like Trump, or is he just a stooge and the group of neocon Zionists that use propaganda are still running the same model after 40-50 years? It’s rhetorical and academic at this point. This country has a terrible malady, conscience, and morality.


I was listening tonight to talking heads explaining Pelosi holds all the cards on impeachment… Trump and Iran are locked in a game of chess. It is a crap shoot how this or that works out.

Is anyone else tired of being used as a poker chip or a pawn?

My Call to arms : Stop playing games! This is real, it is our life, our economy, our future, our world. We are not going to allow you to use us in your power games. Do your damn job and graduate from schoolyard theatrics. Or after we do everything to humiliate you out of office, being sure to expose your every sin, you will spend your life in jail, or in the Hauge finding true justice comes from the world. Not your childish bullshit.

Edit to add: The same applies to the talking heads. Report like a real journalist, or admit what you are. A shill for the criminals that sign your paycheck.


The US empire and for-profit war-machine are committing acts of war and war-crimes against Iran and the civilian population for far longer than 19 months. ;Financial/economic attacks like “sanctions” to force “acceptable” behavior are acts of war!

The acts of war and aggression against the people and state of Iran began in 1953 when we deposed the democratically-elected Mohammad Mossadegh by coup, installing the hated Shah and his brutal Savak secret police - he ruled and stole from the people for 26 years - the coup was about oil and raw power by the west then and still is.

The Iranian people finally had enough and rebelled in 1979 to form the Islamic Republic of Iran, but the west and its ME proxies, notably Israel still threaten Iran’s sovereignty and their rightful place in the politics of the ME - the US is there for power, oil, corrupt influence, and need for a “boogeyman” enemy" after the demise of the Soviet Union. fulfilling that role to maintain and justify the US war-machine and war profiteers - a manufactured deception that robs from our civilian republic and people!.

The “nuclear menace” is a lie; Iran has repeatedly committed to being a nuclear weapon free state and no evidence produced to the contrary - they do have the right to develop nuclear-power (even if deadly in itself). Rejecting the “JCPOA” deal by the trump regime was per-meditated to apply and justify acts of war against Iran.

So-called “sanctions” are a tool of war and aggression, victimizing the Iranian people and their chosen form of government.; a government that might not be if not threatened in so many ways by the US (and UK) and their proxies.

That extremist aggressive MO was built-up by people/politicians of extremist right-wing views, many who never experienced the horrors of war, evading service by claiming non-existent or manipulated exemptions - like “bone-spurs”…

It seems the US demands the freedom to act unilaterally and /or foment/provoke war, assassinate foreign leaders in the Israeli model, but rejects the right of other nations to defend themselves and build their nation states free from such threats the US employs as its chosen MO in world affairs… Co-operation and honest diplomacy and respect are much more effective as the basis of dealing with other nations as President Eisenhower spoke in his “Chance for Peace Speech” in 1953. That speech included the words:

“Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired signifies, in the final sense, a theft from those who hunger and are not fed, those who are cold and are not clothed.
This world in arms is not spending money alone. It is spending the sweat of its laborers, the genius of its scientists, the hopes of its children” Dwight David Eisenhower

Words well-worth reading to understand how low we and our supposed “leaders” have sunk in moral compass and truth!

Words of wisdom and experience near totally absent in our current “leaders”, devoid of the character and integrity to even understand them!


The futility of being anti-war was brought home to me after the 2003 anti-war protests around the world involving millions of demonstrators. Iraq went on right on schedule.

If anyone care to review where the 3 billion dollars we send to Israel every single year go, we will understand why war is a permanent status for us. Part of the 3 billion goes to our arms merchants, and part to members of Congress. Thus, we will always be fighting Israel’s wars for her.


“our threats of starting another war we won’t win are toothless.”

Hope so…because, imo, the intent of the neocon-driven assassination was surely to provoke Iran into military confrontations that would escalate into war. Anticipating Iran’s declared resumption of nuclear activity - which the US administration caused - will be spun as menace to ramp up view of Iran as threat needing military action.

Trump is belligerent and has zero prob’ w/war; but - as I’ve argued over last week - this action was hatched and driven by a neocon cabinet eager for war - with the unstable Trump going for it more for domestic reasons (elections, impeachment, distraction from domestic agenda) than for the positive will of the neocons to launch another war.

From a post I wrote to another paper:

Pence and Pompeo - both Christian Evangelists who believe in the end times “rapture” - “have been pushing for an attack on Iran for some time…”

“the president’s decision was spurred on in part by Iran hawks among his advisors.”

“Pompeo Upended Middle East by Pushing Trump to Kill Iranian General…Pompeo was the loudest voice in the administration pushing President Trump to kill Iran’s most important general.”

“Trump’s Shadow Secretary of Defense…Pompeo has come across to some observers as an unofficial secretary of defense, overshadowing the actual defense secretary…Pompeo’s omnipresence illustrates the extraordinary influence he wields in Trump’s inner circle.”


Everything you say is true.

But Iraq was the graveyard of unquestioned Bush/Cheney-esque lying and ideology in that region. The public just isn’t buying it, even the FoxNews cabal is divided on it.

Even an idiot like Trump can see how his presidency would be undermined by getting into another quagmire, especially after running on getting us out of endless, unwinnable wars.

Which isn’t to say that Iran won’t be a forever boogieman. The MIC needs those, and any bulwark against Israel and the KSA will be painted as a threat. Iran’s alignment with Russia and China is another source of US animosity – can’t let that Cold War end, right?

But Iran has learned lessons from the US posture. Lessons like, if no one, including your allies, wants you to have nukes, you definitely need nukes. And, the US can not in any circumstance be trusted. And, if you’re going to be treated perpetually as a pariah, pursue your interests as if everyday were your last.


I wonder how much is true belief, and how much is the old playbook version of “stir up a religious frenzy because people believe god hates everyone but them”.

Sort of like a modern version of the crusades. Leaders convince people it is gods will so they can suck up all of the spoils of war. The leaders themselves are not required to believe, in fact that would be a weakness. If they did, they would have to acknowledge all those silly rules about being good.

Of course maybe they stopped reading the bible once they latched on to Leviticus/Deuteronomy and the “death if you sin” parts that excite them.


Emphyrio, check out Andrew Scott Cooper’s book, The Fall of Heaven. He is so far the most credible authority on what the Shah actually did. To spoil it a bit and make the point, the last Shah was only responsible for the deaths/capital punishment of around 250 fanatics who had done domestic terrorism. Cooper carefully uses international sources to reduce the initial figure which was issued by the new government, The Islamic Republic of Iran.

This is along with the fact that the CIA whom had originally trained Savak, outsourced this responsibility to Mossad. Along with foreign media propaganda, rife in Tehran since the days of Mossadegh and the Brittish-American coup of the Democratically elected PM, the shah was vilified and the revolutionaries played the victim and spin game they began to learn from the west. The Shah had always expressed his willingness to work with the PM and to Democratize his country. There are plenty of statements and films to this fact. He did, however, express his reservation to do this too quickly for the reason that his country was not educated broadly yet nor developed enough and he feared exactly what would happen, that the religious rural population would revert the country back to medieval beliefs and away from western modernity. The farce that the staunchly Persian, modernizing, developing Shah was a dictator or puppet is a Zionist-media conspiracy mirroring the Islamic Republic of Iran’s narrative of their own legitimacy. It is easier to threaten and attack a country with a history of so called, dictators and illegitimate governments.

The Shah was the rightful heir to the Persian throne after his father in a dynasty of just rule for around seventy years. The dilemma was actually to prevent him from his rite to rule when the MI Brits and CIA aimed to get the most loyal and nearly manipulated a general to head the country instead. The last point that should be made is that the Shah never turned his guns on his own people. He used to state that if his people were incapable of appreciating what he has done for his country and where he is taking them, then he would voluntarily step down. According to one prominent Brittish professor regarding this fact, he said, the Shah was too much of a nice guy.