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Trump Has Failed on North Korea

Trump Has Failed on North Korea

Tom Fowdy

It's time to accept that reality and plan for the future.

"Providing there is no war on America’s behalf, this is one which can evolve naturally as the clout and urgency of sanctions depletes."

"Thus, the belief that North Korea will launch a pre-emptive, irrational nuclear attack against the continental United States is a falsehood, one which fundamentally misunderstands their motives. It is all about survival, which is why the belief he can be “pushed” to the table by force defies the essence of the North Korean state itself. "

Finally a sound explanation of the NK “problem”. Thank you.

Direct Democracy


I think I’ll have to “reply” (to “natureboy”), because I can’t seem to post a comment directly. But really my comment’s application is general.

The article’s heading is “Trump has failed on North Korea”. But in fact Trump hasn’t done anything about North Korea yet.

He has established some sanctions, but they are just a way of keeping things ticking over until he does do something.

When the time comes, I hope he doesn’t fail. As Obama said to him during their handover meeting, Korea is what Trump will be judged on.

In case you missed it:

Well, against much competition, I would say this is the stupidest analysis I have ever read on CD.

Without a single example to make your case, I would say this is the most irrelevant comment I’ve read on CD today.

I just didn’t know where to begin. North Korea needed nuclear weapons for self defense against the Americans? They didn’t have them for at least 50 years after the Korean War and were never invaded. “Juche” is a post imperialist policy brought on by the American bombings in the KW? No, Juche is both a socialist/communist system of extreme self sufficiency , much like Cheochescu’s Romania, and a cult of personality of the Kim family. (again much like Romania pre 1989.) North Korea has been communist since 1946 when the Soviets installed Kim. Emerging private sector in North Korea? When? the list goes on. North Korea did not suddenly become a paranoid, threatening, Kim worshiping, worst country in the world for individual freedom, hellhole because Trump was elected. It’s been like that for decades.