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Trump Has Fought Not Releasing His Tax Returns All the Way to the US Supreme Court

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/11/14/trump-has-fought-not-releasing-his-tax-returns-all-way-us-supreme-court

Prepare for disappointment, Donnie.


Good thing the court system isn’t completely politicized.
Really, how desperate do you have to be about keeping your tax records a secret to take it to the Supreme Court? I suppose it’s because there is nothing there?


If Congress doesn’t get them, the Southern District for NY or the Manhattan DA will. Then it’s a matter of pulling on any single thread for his whole fraudulent life to unravel.

Some have suggested that his running for the presidency was the smartest business decision he ever made, and, in the short term, they may be right; but had he not exposed himself to this level of scrutiny, he might have spent his last days unmolested and lying about nothing more consequential than his golf score, instead of having to worry about what inconvenient truths might be revealed next.


Nice posting.
What good is tax revealing laws if they can all go all the way through the court system anyway. Prevent half of the stalling by sending requests right to court if someone refuses to give them. A court order rather than a request. So Donny, no more pretty please from John Q Public.

The republicans have been in “Take no prisoners” mode since Obama was elected president. Time for all other parties to play ball with the same rules.

As is normally the case, it’s usually the lawyers that win in the end.


It will be wonderful to find out the Trump is not very rich, at least compared to his ego visions.


Boy I’d hate to be in Trump’s shoes. What a pathetic phony character he is.

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I believe trump is desperately trying to hide the fact that his liabilities far exceed his assets. He is the biggest FAKE of all. FAKE BILLIONAIRE living a billionaire lifestyle on borrowed money.


The fact that Trump is soooo desperate and in such a panic mode about divulging his taxes ( even taking it all the way to the Supreme Court) tells me your post is spot on!


Last time I looked, they were reporting Trump at $3.5 Billion –

And sailing in from the right is Bloomberg with $56 BILLION –

Wealth will always be a threat to a people’s government –

We need to uninvent the dollar bill –

FDR’s regulations - anti-trust laws – inheritance taxes – and generally overall
taxes on the rich – kept things in some moderation for a time –
but all of that began coming under attack even before the 1960’s.

For anyone here who might not know this . . .

The Elite uprisings which created Franco’s Fascism in Spain to overturn the
newly pronounced republic/democracy there with Separation of Church & State –

and in Mussolini’s Italy – are not over.

Elites recruited and funded Hitler/Nazis via Allen Dulles and Prescott Bush and
Harriman’s activities here through Dulles’ law firm (Sullivan & Cromwell) -
and via front companies like Holland America Line they raised money from Elites
all over the world.
US dollars were redeemed for Gold by Allen Dulles and shipped to Germany, often
with the help of the Vatican.
Pope Pius XII “catapulted” Hitler to power in Germany.

While the Vatican has not officially had armies for a very long time, John Stockwell,
who is former CIA and a Whistleblower, makes clear that the CIA is referred to by
outsiders as “Catholics In Action” – and by those inside the CIA, as well.

“Christianity” underpins Elite/Patriarchy which was the source of the uprisings of
peasants in Spain which led to Spain declaring itself a democracy and ending funding
for the RCC in Spain. See: George Seldes reporting on “War in Spain”


Everyone else’s privacy is diminishing, but trump is allowed to use the courts to preserve his privacy and allow these suits as having standing.
I think Cohen’s charge that trump fudges his tax declarations is the main reason. As far as what he is really worth, expect a barrage of lies coming out of his lying mouth. It’s what he is famous for.


If the five fascists go for this to save Trump, imo, they should all
prepare for being impeached themselves –

It should happen anyway –

for 2000 and overturning Florida State’s Rights -
for overturning Voting Rights Act,
for attacks on Roe –
for “Citizens United” also better known as “Corporations United” –

"Corporations have neither bodies to be punished, nor souls to be condemned;
therefore they do as they please."

(Quote contributed by Guild)


ANd next we can see Pelosi’s taxes right?!

The HIll:

Pelosi: I’ll release my tax returns when I run for president

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Someone should tell Trump he gets a free pass if he releases his returns on Nov 25, which is Day 1040 of his “presidency.” Tell him it’s National Loophole Day.

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It’s either his creditors footing the legal bills to delay revealing #45’s tax returns, or the RNC wants to delay beyond 2020 faux-election, or the OMB has been paying those bills out of gov’mint tax payer dollars, maybe in lieu of sending aid to US allies. Or the fossil fuel corps. Or the oligarchs in foreign nation-states. Or all of the above…

Pelosi’s likely one of the creditors to #45’s crime-family.