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Trump Has Found a Way to Make Enemies of Breastfeeding Mothers


Trump Has Found a Way to Make Enemies of Breastfeeding Mothers

Vijay Prashad

In May, the government of Ecuador came to the World Health Organization (WHO) assembly with a resolution on breastfeeding. What worried the government of Ecuador, and many other governments of the Global South, is the behavior of large corporations—Nestlé in the lead. These corporations that sell infant formula have wanted to promote the use of substitutes to breast milk, especially in places such as Ecuador.


In the places where Nestle’ is trying so hard to sell various infant formulae, most people don’t have regular access to potable water. Breastfeeding is something that actually does save infant lives, by boosting their immune systems, and starting a healthy way to gain weight - and help build nerves, bones, and muscles in the early part of life. In the U.S., since the 50s or so, breastfeeding was regarded as “primitive”, and somehow regarded as a sexual activity. There seems to be a growing resurgence in the West and northern hemisphere, but Nestle has been making serious inroads. As always, the U.S., in league with transnational corporations, will always do whatever it can to help businesses make money, rather than do something to promote healthy children.


The Corporation and the Government breastfeed off each others teat , no women needed.

The “Invisible hand of the Free Market” demands this.


I support Russian action here.

Where are D-Party dead enders to me I’m a bad person?


Killer Clown’s only the latest ringmaster for this circus of callous and calamitous commodification.


I love it! Tits Opposing Trump! May he drown in a tidal wave of breastmilk meant for others.


The first instinct all mammals have is to nurse at their mother’s breast. The fuckers who proclaim to be pro-life abhor this natural act. It is well past time to expunge Puritanism from our culture.


That’s because there is no Pro-Life (as I’m sure you know), just Pro-Birth. They don’t give a dam about life after it comes into the world.


WTF trump?


Trump didn’t know that there is a practical reason for breasts. He thought they were
merely for entertainment.


A broad assumption. Some of us see the desperate situation that drives women
to abort. There’s a disconnect with many “progressives” who deplore
acts of war yet think abortion is okay. Conservatives are the opposite.
Where’s the consistency? Check out Feminists for Life who work for
peace, including support for women to find good child care, supportive
families, housing, decent jobs and nutrition.


So all abortions are 'desperate situations"? How about an abortion simply because it is your body and something called “free will.”


Free will comes when the woman decides to have sex. After another life is there, that’s when women feel compelled to seek the desperate solution. Issues such as lack of support from the partner, parents, school, job. That’s where our energy should be focused. Changing the conditions for women. Work on housing, fair wages, all the social injustices in this country.
I often compare this to war. Inside there’s this little invader. Must stop that
Outside in the war-torn world there are other invaders to stop. Desperate
measures. I am a member of Feminists for Life. check it out.