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Trump Has 'Full Confidence' in Top Aide Forced to Resign After Allegations of Domestic Abuse


Trump Has 'Full Confidence' in Top Aide Forced to Resign After Allegations of Domestic Abuse

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

President Donald Trump's staff secretary Rob Porter was forced to resign on Wednesday after separate news reports exposed detailed allegations—and photographic evidence—that he had physically, emotionally, an


as i raise my hands and run around the room…it’s about time. every man or woman who abuses should beware now. no more black eyes behind sunglasses or a child missing school. be nosy with the yelling next door…you could save a life.


Misogyny loves company.


In Sarah Huckabee’s home it’ s the men who wear the black eyes in the family!


Here in the tri-county area surrounding Lansing MI, I am sick and tired of hearing about abuse of any kind.

“Rob Porter is a man of true integrity and honor, and I can’t say enough good things about him,” Kelly said. “He is a friend, a confidante and a trusted professional. I am proud to serve alongside him.” Sanders noted she had “worked directly with Rob Porter nearly every day for the last year,” adding, “the person I know is someone of the highest integrity and exemplary character.”

Maybe so, but he is also a rotten human being. I’m glad he has enough integrity to resign.


So let’s see, Trump has/had confidence in:

Steve Bannon
George Papadoupolis
Paul Manafort
Anthony Scaramucci
Michael Flynn
Steve Wynn
Rod Rosenstein
Climate change being a hoax

I have confidence in him being easily duped.


Too bad, he was a perfect fit for Trump and company. Not to worry, he will be replaced with someone just as odious no doubt.


Trump is good buddies with Mike Tyson and Floyd Meriwether. They might be available. Or, he could just call up Don King and seek a referral, possibly. And, there’s always Vince McMahon, Linda’s husband. Or, maybe " The Mooch " Scaramucci could get in touch with Vido and Guido?
With Trump and that Boston thug Kelly spinning the roll-a-dex, the fist is always half-loaded, so to speak.


What a strange way to try to make America great again. Grab em by the pussy, punch them in the eye, call them fucking bitches, call them liars when they complain in droves of sexual harassment and molestation. It’s all okay, because that’s the new normal in the Trump political milieu. Wake up America because you get exactly the kind of government that you demand, nothing more and nothing less. If you honestly believe that bogus tax relief and and a strong bull cycle in the stock market can resolve these problems, I have a bridge that I’d like to sell you.So, what’s it finally going to take to get the foxes out of the hen house? There will be much more to follow until we restore the power to the people.


Anyone that " Trump has full confidence in" scares the hell out of me!


Rob Portman, what a man you are.
He’s a thought for you, why don’t you take a poke at a MAN, lets see how that works out for you.
Give me a shout, I’m available. Chickenshit.


Porter represents the patriarchal Old Testament husband that so many of Trump’s conservative and evangelical supporters admire. They don’t regard such behavior as abuse as much as being a strong husband. A wife needs a good beating, now and then, right? It’s how many evangelical Christian leaders overlook Trump’s record with women. For Trump and Kelly to praise Porter’s character says it all. The calendar may say 2018, but for many women, it’s still the Dark Ages. We have a long way to go.


Me first, me first…


Is now the time for humans to admit we are an ugly animal? Maybe, we are exposing the under belly of our true selves. It is only the higher functions of our brain that keeps us from being the ugliest of beasts and even then it’s only for brief moments at a time. Humans truly are the bottom of the barrel of life on Earth.


Of course Trump has “full confidence” in this man who, like him, has no respect for women.


Wake up America because you get exactly the kind of government that you demand, nothing more and nothing less.

Damn, it sounds so simple!

You seem to be under some delusion that there exists a representative democracy in the Corporate State. Do I hold all citizens without fault for what has happened? No.

Do I see a decades long swindle to screw over the masses by the super wealthy and powerful? Yes.


The Trump Administration will go down in history, as the “Pathological Liars Administration.”

The truth will never set them free.

It’s always, Deny, Deny, Deny.


What do I have to do, call dibs?


They’ve known about these charges for months. And covered and dissembled to protect and obfuscate for Porter.
We used to say in business, " ( only half jokingly ) they can’t get rid of him, he knows where all the bodies are buried ".
Well, Mr. Porter?


Trump probably begged him to stay: “You’re my kinda guy!!!”