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Trump Has Given Us the Ultimate Chinese Import: American Princelings


Trump Has Given Us the Ultimate Chinese Import: American Princelings

Fred Wertheimer, Norman Eisen

In China, princelings are privileged relatives of high-level government officials. Princelings benefit from nepotism and cronyism, using their family ties to conduct business and accumulate wealth. They also serve as conduits for currying favor with their official relations.

Now President Trump has given us the ultimate Chinese import: American princelings. They are his sons Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump, daughter Ivanka Trump and son-in-law Jared Kushner.


First of all, looking at the picture of the four, I cringe when I imagine what each is thinking about. The reason Trump can break the earning outside while on company time is because the dems have no congressional power to hold him accountable. G


The writers call them princelings. The way they rub our noses in it, I call them shitlings. Not a one of them, including daddy shitling, could do a day’s worth of real work, or even know what it was.


This Chinese export is more toxic than Dump MAGA hats.


American Princelings?


American “Sucklings”?

Absolutely. They are sucking the life out of every thing they touch.


this selling of access is the same thing some GOP members are right now trying to set up legal proceedings against Hillary


I guess the Kennedy’s were ahead of the curve, then.
You surely remember the princeling that got away with murder and still “served” in the Senate for many years.