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Trump ‘Has No Business Being President’ Because He Would Be ‘neutral’ to Israel — Clinton Tells AIPAC


Trump ‘Has No Business Being President’ Because He Would Be ‘neutral’ to Israel — Clinton Tells AIPAC

Philip Weiss

If there was any doubt that Hillary Clinton is running to the right of Donald Trump on Israel, she removed it this morning with a fist-pumping hard-right speech to the Israel lobby group AIPAC that mentioned Israeli settlements just once, in passing, and continually derided the idea of American “neutrality” in the conflict, which Trump has embraced.


If we had a representative government, our elected representatives, including the president, would be representing those who voted for them and negotiating in the best interests of those who voted for them.

When Sanders says he is for free tuition and Medicare for all, he is telling us that he will be negotiating on our behalf.

When Trump says he will negotiate a deal between Israel and Palestine, he is telling us he will be negotiating on our behalf.

Clinton serially tells us why none of the issues being discussed in this election can advance in our favor, that being a caretaker of the status quo is the most we can expect from a President Clinton. Doesn’t sound like a winning strategy in the November election, does it ?


As far as someone having no business being president, she should look in the mirror.


This is disgusting. It is the Israel hawks who are shutting up those who wish to talk about justice for Palestinians on our campuses. They’ve gotten professors FIRED for expressing support for justice for Palestinians.


Hilary Clinton is more than “a paid mouth piece and face” she is positively passionate about America’s special relationship with Israel which indicates a shared ideology and way of being in the world.

Bernie Saunders silence on this issue is deafening whilst HRC proclaims herself loud and clear.

As long time politicians it would seem to indicate they both know how powerful the Zionist influence is in American politics.

Trump on the other hand quacks away in Donald Duck Land. Is he aware I wonder, of the fox in the shadows?


Unfortunately, I was at the AIPAC Protest yesterday and most of the convention-goers we saw were young people wearing expensive suits - they had the glazed-eyes of a fanatic - but still they were young poeple.


But Bernie did speak about AIPAC. He’s just not on the team.


Is anyone in this election to the right of Hillary Clinton?