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Trump Has No Use For Dog Whistles



Yet, most of the Republican politicians are agreeing to support him.


Interesting comment. Thanks.


Enough of this Trump garbage. Don't you get enough of this hoopla on MSM? 1st they played up Trump to scare people into voting Queen Hillary. Then polls came out that Hillary stands a good chance of losing to Trump with Sanders beating Trump. Now that Bernie is a very serious threat to their Hillary and beats Trump they have started to downplay Trump so that it will appear Hillary can beat him. But you know what, not only can Sen Sanders beat Trump, but he can beat Hillary, too. In fact he will beat Hillary and he will bring honor and respect back to our country. Forget Trump and put your energy into a decent man.


Next Trump will say that any woman judge must recuse herself, because, well she is a woman and he is a misogynist.

Curious way to gain power. Attack people at their core existence, and then shout "they can't possibly be fair to me because I've attacked them at their core of existence"

Trump as President will be a disaster. Is there anything other than ego that comprises this entity known as Trump? Will he view himself as sole proprietor of every aspect of governance, justice, or projection of military might? Yes.

Not that you are a Trump supporter that I must make this case to. Hell no on Hillary of course.