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Trump Has Not Won, No Matter What He Says

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/11/04/trump-has-not-won-no-matter-what-he-says

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It’s clear that Biden will be President. But given the fact that Trump got around 50 million votes along with the strong showing of Republicans in the House and Senate, its not clear what Biden will be able to do. He’s facing the ongoing pandemic, an impending economic collapse, and the climate crisis. He won’t be able to get anything through congress and the Supreme Court will act as a “check” to make sure anything he tries to do is “balanced” to the right. I except Biden will push the Party farther to the right in an effort to get support of the the supposed Trump-Democrats. The, in another 4 years, with deepening crises, progressives will be asked to vote the Lesser Evil of Harris/Buttigeig.

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When are they going to give Biden Wisconsin all the votes are in??? Susan Collins wins Maine???

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What we really need to do is to reject the New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, NPR, PBS, MSNBC and the rest of the corporate media. We need to reject the identity politics promoters and the “cancel culture” that would shut down free speech simply because they are too weak or incompetent to confront rightwing hate speech with their own speech. We need to go back to Bernie’s original attempt to assemble a multiracial coalition to dismantle the power of the billionaires in this country. If that power is broken, the other issues – immigrant rights, environmental and racial justice, full equality for LBGTQ +, will fall into place.


The widespread anxiety is not hard to understand when you consider that the GOP has been increasing its election rigging and voter suppression with each election of the past half century.

Because the media and cops are in the GOP’s vest pocket in so many states, there are few constraints to that organized crime syndicate’s ever expanding rigging and suppression.

A friend traveled to Arizona this week to set up food trucks and other refreshment distribution in locations where voters were waiting in line for hours. The cops shut down their effort post haste despite there being no political advertising associated with my friend’s efforts. My friend then told a local TV reporter who was covering the adjacent Covid testing center’s activities that the REAL story was the cops’ voter suppression activities. The reporter responded that she was strictly forbidden to cover anything beyond her Covid center story.

Trump is confident that Moscow Mitch’s judges will come through for him the way the GOP’s media and cops are.


Nevada could have put Biden over the top----but they went home and said no rush----the west is so kick back-----

People need to remember Trump was still handing out 40 billion to farmers in the mid-west up to the election ( How did this happen Pelosi and Schumer?) and Trump handed out 3 1/2 TRILLION —where did all this $$$$$$$$$ go that’s alot of $$$$$$$.

We need to start fresh----Pelosi and Schumer need to go. They failed Big Time.


Well said. We have work to do.