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Trump Has Put US On Path To War With Iran While Nobody is Paying Attention


Trump Has Put US On Path To War With Iran While Nobody is Paying Attention

Ben Armbruster

Sixteen years ago this week, 77 U.S. senators and 296 members of the House of Representatives gave President George W. Bush the authority to wage war in Iraq.


No mention of Afghanistan, 17 years, $1 trillion, and counting.


Time to start refusing war taxes. https://www.warresisters.org/war-tax-resistance


It’s scary that virtually no one in the US establishment is dedicated to creating a peaceful world. The two political parties that run things vie to be tougher and more belligerant on our “enemies” (of which there is never a shortage). Any objective comparison puts the US far in the lead as the world’s most warlike country: accounting for nearly half of the world’s military spending; military bases in > 100 countries, far more than any other country; the world’s largest exporter of military weapons and also small arms; having started and/or involved in numerous wars, being constantly at war for virtually all of the 21st century.

“Those who live by the sword, die by the sword.” But because of American exceptionalism it doesn’t apply to the US, does it?


The problem is a cultural one more than anything. Guns, war, fighting, violence as a solution—it permeates our culture. And I take the polls about war spending with a grain of salt. People don’t like their local bases closed, which is why Congress defanged the BRAC a few years back.


Well,after the with drawl from Afghanistan and all the GREAT victories the military has to have something to do !!


Yeah, like protecting the American people from psychopathic murderers that have taken over our nation.


A war with Iran would be a huge, deadly, tragedy beyond anything recently seen. Likely to spread, kill possibly millions and trigger…who knows what? Why any sane, thinking human being would want such a thing is beyond understanding. It must not happen.


Sanity has nothing to do with it.


What, exactly, are war taxes?


This is a quote from this article, which is an article that accurately complains that the administration and media are urging a needless war with Iran, based on false assertions: “If the Europeans can’t make it worthwhile for the Iranians to stay in it once U.S. oil sanctions go into effect this November, the Iran deal is likely dead, leaving Iran free to restart its nuclear program and raising the prospect for war.”

Here the author is doing exactly the same thing he accuses the warhawks of doing; making a false accusation against Iran. Iran will not “restart” a program it never had. The IAEA has confirmed over and over, for more than a decade, that Iran does not have a nuclear weapons program. They have some nuclear medicinal centrifuges, but no program or intention of a program to make nuclear weapons. That is simply a fact. So why does the author make the claim that they would restart this program they never had, implying it is for weaponry, and furthermore add the egregious “raising the prospect for war”, which suggests that Iran would be at least partly at fault?

The Ayatollah issued a fatwah (a religious decree) long ago banning the manufacture or use of chemical or nuclear weapons by Iran. It has been shown through the most vigorous inspections protocol ever implemented by international inspectors that, indeed, Iran has no nuclear ambitions nor any chemical or nuclear weapons.

What is raising the prospect of war is US lies and belligerence. (And Israeli propaganda.) Each time some American president needs a distraction, or wants to goose the economy, he magically finds another country to invade. Iran has been picked (along with China and Russia, although the brainiacs in charge think Iran would be “easier” to pluck right now) as the latest target. Iran is no threat to the US, has not invaded any country in over 200 years, and has been the subject of illegal and unwarranted sanctions since the 1950’s. This is all bullshit, and an effort to ruin yet another country for no legitimate reason, except to invade their country so as to destroy their society and government and steal their resources.

The author of this piece was remiss in using the words that suggest Iran ever had, much less would “restart”, a program they never had. He is feeding into the very narrative he warns us that other media outlets are using. Strange choice of words.


I agree and the fact that it’s being considered with little debate shows that the insanity is widespread: anyone who has anything to do with war, except for purely self-defense, must be touched by it, considering all that humanity has suffered because of it. One would think, given our history, masses of people would be bouycotting every aspect of it.


Thank you for your comment. From what I’ve been able to learn it certainly does appear that we have always been more of a threat to Iran than they to us. Unfortunately, seems to be typical U.S. behavior in many cases.


The sick news? Those who’ll die by the sword aren’t the ones who started the fights to begin with and aren’t the ones raking in their benefit of $$$$billions.


Thanks, Teri, for the reality check.


Very good point raised. The author is obviously unaware that Iran has never been a threat. On another note though, I have been hearing and reading about the imminent invasion of Iran for decades now and yet I am not convinced that this will happen. Sometimes the threat of war will suffice as the U.S. defence industry loves the rhetoric as it feeds the war machine without having to actually go to war. The U.S. has enough wars on its plate now and doesn’t need to start another one. I agree that the some corporate sycophants desire Iran’s oil at all costs, but from a military point of view, it would be better to step in after the country implodes.
This is where the FDD comes in. One thing the Foundation for the Defence of Democracies real hates are… democracies! The FDD believes that the U.S. can stoke unrest and civil disobedience in a variety of ways from sanctions to arming fringe groups. None of these moves are democratic in any sense of the word, but they have been effective before in bringing about the collapse of the governing body. The U.S. really doesn’t care what kind of government follows. as long as the new government imposes no restrictions on U.S. corporate access to anything they want. Because no sane government would ever want to model itself on the corpocracy that is the U.S., this seldom materializes. The U.S. government then is ‘forced’ to support whomever it has to, to bring about a pro-corporate (or in U.S. political jargon “pro-U.S.”) government in the destabilized country. The pattern repeats itself ad nauseum in Latin America as one after another brutal dictatorship is propped up militarily by the U.S., provided that the junta gives American based corporations carte blanche.
The media meanwhile just follows the directives of its corporate sponsors never really analyzing anything beyond the parameters allowed by their backers. The public therefore blames the media or the government for any blunders effectively redirecting any blame away from the actual culprits who are responsible for the chaos. So when the author blames the media for directing its time and energy to other stories rather than on the ‘imminent war with Iran’, the author assumes that the media is making a ‘poor choice’ of its coverage rather than recognizing that the redirect is by design.


“What exactly are war taxes?”

About 57% of every tax dollar we pay the last time I checked.


Thank you for for raising the point that Iran hasn’t had an ambition to acquire nuclear weapons since at least 2003. The Bu$h regime tried to use the same excuse to start yet another pre-emptive war with Iran using the excuse that they were trying to develope nukes and would in fact have one in possession within a year’s time unless we attacked immediately. However his claim was rebuffed by all sixteen of the U.S. “intelligence” agencies and the IAEA who had conducted numerous thorough inspections. The reason these warmongers are itching for regime change so badly in both Syria and Iran is so they can build a pipeline from Saudi Arabia to Qatar which neither of the current leaders of Syria or Iran will allow. In addition both Syria and Iran have plans to discontinue using the petrodollar for its oil sales. Perhaps that is also Trump’s reason for his sanctions blocking Iran’s oil trade beginning in November?


Your post just described the Fourth Reich’s world wide fascist empire.