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Trump Has Spent More Than Three Months This Year At His Properties, Adding to Ethics Concerns


Trump Has Spent More Than Three Months This Year At His Properties, Adding to Ethics Concerns

Julia Conley, staff writer

"Americans, on average, get 15 paid vacation days a year, but use only 12. Trump has taken more than 100."


In the interest of accuracy, It was the builder and original resident of Mar-a-Lago, Marjorie Merriweather Post who called it the the “Winter White House” when she bequeathed it to the Federal Government in hopes that it would serve that function. But no president ever used it (JFK had his own winter getaway nearby) and so the government gave it back to the Post family and it was eventually bought by Trump.


And once again, why the repeated expressions of surprise about this? It is called “corruption” - no different than Mexico, Honduras, or the DR Congo (after the CIA killed Lumumba), and it didn’t exactly start with Trump, although he has certainly brought its practice to perfection!


These are crazy times with Republicans in congress clearly running a government of, by and for the rich. Trump is guided by three words, I, me and mine. To be blunt, he is a narcissistic sociopath con artist. He is not only taking gobs of time off, he is at the same time saving over a billion dollars in taxes with his tax plan according to the New York Times. He is racist to the level of White Supremacy, and he is very obviously sexist (please search for his “grab them by the pussy” remarks on the internet). That means when added together, Trump is not serving a majority of Americans between his sexism and racism. And with all of this time off, he is barely doing his job.


Sorry to tell you that I worked and lived in Mexico and there is a big difference between Mexican corruption and American corruption! You have not seen corruption until you have seen Mexican corruption! Mordidas is rampant in Mexico. I had to pay mordida to work in Mexico and so does everyone else that I knew.


Actually president isn’t that difficult a job if you don’t read thick briefing reports and there is no accountability for the effects of your decisions. There is no the reason to expect an unqualified person with no motivation to understand important issues to do anything but fake it. And since people voted for him even though he was unqualified he could win again. He has one asset that is appealing to people. He doesn’t try to hide his racism with dog whistles but makes it crystal clear that he believes the problem with the US is the blacks, Muslims, and Hispanics. Millions of people agree with him and are glad to have a president who makes it clear.


To Trump and the Reptardicons: We want our money back!


He couldn’t ‘do his job’ even if he was in the Oval Office all the time b/c he just doesn’t have the intellect it takes to do that job!


Not exactly intellect, but I understand what you are saying and I agree. What do you call a higher sociopath intellect Republican A-hole?


Dump Delusional Don. An asshole not fit for office.


What is it they say about smart crooks? They don’t get caught. I understand that he’s a narcissistic sociopath, but you look at all of his ‘accomplishments’ and it becomes quite obvious that he’s at least 2 cans short of a six-pack. I have been known to lie on occasion, but I learned early not to lie often, and to remember the lies I told so I could repeat them if need-be*; the dotard lies so much that he can’t keep the lies straight – that is a sign of a mo-Ron.

My father told me something many years ago that has proved invaluable – never lie; never tell all the truth; and never miss a chance to go to the bathroom. I seriously doubt if Trump would even understand, let alone pick up the subtleties, in that advice.


Who was collecting the mordida(?s?)…some level of government?


If Palm Beach were to slap Trump with one or more impact fees, it would be interesting to watch the administration’s response. It’s no more than billing the government for services rendered.


Actually you don’t need much intellect to be a fascist dictator. In fact, too much intelligence might be a drawback. You need to keep it emotional and simple, and being factually correct doesn’t matter at all. Some people say Trump is like another Huey Long. He also seems to be somewhat like George Wallace. His success is due the growth of a large extremist right wing over the last few decades. The election of Barack Obama was probably what got this movement to become large enough to surpass the threshold for electing one of their own as president. They deal in conspiracy theories and hate. The really believe the US is supposed to be a country for whites.


15 paid vacation days? gotta go back a long way since I had that. That’s professional class stuff, there.

I’m so used to “Arbeit Macht Frei” mode that I can’t even identify with the average!


Ah yes, Nebraska is a wonderful state to inhabit, with employers having the right to ‘fire at will’ and our ‘elite’ governor who wants the kxl pipeline so he can make even more money (oil spills in the aquifer be damned), not to mention that marijuana will never be legalized as long as he is gov -------- really glad I live in Hamiltonia instead of nebrasky or the untied states of hypocrisy!


Mexican corruption is so bad that that is the last thing you want to know! And I was making so much income that I never wanted to know!


Wow! I can’t believe we’re actually having a conversation! You are right about everything you wrote in this comment – too much intelligence (or at least the appearance of intelligence) would turn off his followers as they need to believe he’s just like them, and if he could strike it rich then they can too (never mind that nothing he has done has been successful, i.e.: 4-6 bankruptcies; and all of his ideas that have gone the way of the dodo bird). And your final sentence is a perfect summation – I can’t tell you how many times I’ve told my husband that his migrant bans are antithetical to this country – what happened to the untied states of hypocrisy being the great melting pot, or “Give me your tired; your poor; your huddled masses yearning to breathe free” …


I have been voting for many years, and Trump is absolutely the worst president I have ever seen. He is not just plain bad, he is absolutely horrific. All of this time off vacationing at his properties, then he is a White Supremacist and blatantly sexist. Then he is passing his tax plan by which he will personally save over one billion dollars according to the New York Time’s recent article. We have a government of the rich, by the rich and for the rich.


If I read Trump correctly - he is your 24/7 businessman, and the golf course and its amenities are just another office and meeting place for doing deals.

‘Work will set you free’ - true, unfortunately infamously associated with Nazi Auschwitz.

But true nonetheless.

drone1066 - you probably do something truly useful & necessary, possibly without you running a zero sum game, wherein you profit only if others are sacrificed.

Unlike Trump and virtually all ‘businessman’ in a capitalist system such as we have created.

So while we work for a pittance - we are on the right side of history, unlike Trump et al, who are, in the final analysis, self-destructive.

Not necessarily of their wallets - but of their souls.

Even if you are secular, like me, it is possible to believe, and perhaps scientifically prove someday, that there is more to life than a fat wallet.

In fact - the fat wallet may be an indication that one has gone astray - and needs find the golden path, long since abandoned in following the crowd.

“Strenuousness is the immortal path - sloth the way of death”

say the ancients.

There is another ancient saying:

“The wise find pleasure in waters; the virtuous in mountains”.

We might add another line for this article:

‘and the rich - on golf-courses.’