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Trump Has to Rescue Obamacare or Admit He’s a Liar


Trump Has to Rescue Obamacare or Admit He’s a Liar

Bernie Sanders

It didn’t take long. During the first week of 2017, the new Republican Congress has begun efforts to dismantle America’s health-care system.


As long as there are no Liebermans in the Democratic caucus, I am hopeful that Republicans will take a hit for even screwing with the ACA.


Bernard Sanders speaks-out on issues when others will not. His voice of integrity and leadership are one of the only that get any nationally recognized. The Dem elite establishment clowns are busy diverting attention from their complicity with right-wing power and undermining any change to the Dem party establishment death-grip on power. Their perfidy and contempt for the "little people" - the ordinary guy and gal - and big-money politics still their guiding principle - they will never support the reforms to make a true opposition party or the real changes in policy needed to win popular support and elections again.

Regardless the deals Obama made to pass the ACA or the obscene costs of health-care in the US due to the insurance industry, big-pharma and increasing corporate health care, the R'Con plan to scuttle the ACA would be a disaster for millions - millions that clearly are of no concern for either the trump regime or the usual-suspect Republican "conservative" swine - do these people have any conscience or integrity? Do they have any agenda but serve the uber wealthy and vulture capitalism? The answers are no and no...............

The easily manipulated people who voted for trump will likely be more negatively impacted by this repeal scam than others - careful what you wish for..................If Sanders had been the Dem nominee, we would be in a far different place.................


Considering that many of trump's supporters are rural people, I hope those rural underfunded hospitals do get closed. Those rural people think that what goes on in urban areas don't apply to them and that paying taxes to pay for health care for people they don't know doesn't make any sense. Try saying the same when the closest hospital within several hours drive gets closed and your child breaks an arm. Where are you going to go? Are you going to tell your child to just deal with it? That your child deserves to suffer a broken arm that won't get fixed right because you're too poor to afford hospital fees if you could even get to a hospital? Yeah, I hope some of those hospitals get closed. That way perhaps these rural yahoos will get a serious reality check to smack them in the face.


Trump is a liar and he has always been a liar. Any success he has ever had has been earned on the back of dishonesty and lying. Only an idiot would believe anything he says. Do you get it? He does not care if he is called out for lying. He is used to it and it doesn't bother him a bit. By the time the morons who voted him in on any promise of protecting their Medicare realize he is doing them real damage it will be too late as the deal will already have been struck.


Readers here know that Trump will never introduce universal healthcare much less even allow it to be debated. With a compliant corporate press, this most urgent of issues won't even get one minute airtime in the next four years. As for the ACA. Trump may let it survive as the ACA was written by and for multinational healthcare companies. He doesn't have something to replace it. Having said that, if corporate America wants the ACA scrapped, then Trump will do it.


Bernie has called Trump a pathological liar many times. Trump never admits he lied. Even when there was clear evidence from a radio show that he was for the invasion of Iraq he continued to say that he opposed it. Lying about campaign promises is meaningless to Trump. After all, he is a seasoned scam artist. He has told countless lies to get people to buy apartments, sign up for Trump University, do contract work for him, etc. Politifact found that most of his statements are lies. So does anyone with any concern for the truth not know that Trump lies all the time? People voted for him despite the fact that he is a scam artist. They knew they were being lied to but that was irrelevant to them. Many of them believed he was unfit to be president but that was also irrelevant. They simply voted to bring down the house. Tear it down and build something else. We cannot allow that to happen.


Bernie, bro, we know Trump's a liar. He'll never admit it and neither will his supporters. He partially owes his presidency to the capitalist corporate media that gave him hundreds of millions if not billions in free publicity to boost their ratings and profit.

Have to agree with Lrx on this one. Note the date and the time.

We are so screwed.


Bernie you called Trump "a pathological liar" and no doubt true, but Bernie; by definition that means Trump will never, never admit it!


The capitalist corporate media gave Trump at least $2 Billion free publicity because the Clinton campaign told them to. Remember the "pied piper candidate" strategy? That should not be forgotten going forward.


I know this might be a little off-topic, but here in California, when Schwarzenegger was governor, the Democratic legislature passed a single-payer health care law two years in a row, knowing the bill would be vetoed. Now that the Dems have the governors' office, as well as supermajorities in both houses, not a peep.
We could pass single-payer here, now, and let the rest of the country see how it works. That's how Canada got universal health care, beginning with its passage in Saskatchewan.


Oh boy. You touched on a sore subject here. Just this morning my daughter and I were complaining about the "P.C. granola lovers of Seattle vs the rural area in which we live (don't want to mention the town). It's not that we "love" the rural area we're in--we're city girls. It's just that we happen to live here for certain convenient reasons.

What you don't get is that rural people, who have land but not much house, and who have farms, cattle, goats, horses, are stuck paying taxes the same as the way more congested city dwellers pay, and we don't get the benefits, i.e., no cute restaurants or interesting cultural stuff out here. All the wineries, breweries, boutique shops, fancy food, .....all that fun stuff--nada. It's not the healthcare rural people complain about. It's the richer schools, and the yuppie stuff we don't get but have to pay for that we complain about. It's the wider roads, bike lanes, bridges, and "big bertha" that we complain about.

Don't wish for less hospitals--wish for Universal Health Care! For All!

Oh, and btw....I definitely didn't vote for TRUMP!!! Voted for Jill Stein.


"He doesn't have something to replace it."
Exactly. And he, and they, never, ever will.
Keep a flag pin on your lapel, and you can remain petulant for life.


"We always win when we stand together. We lose when we are apathetic or allow demagogues to divide us."

Right, Bernie.
The people of the US should take a lesson from the French. They stick together.

When the government tries to screw them over, the French shut the country down.

The French mentality derives from the fact that their ancestors were successful revolutionaries, and they are proud of that fact and they never forget it. They re-live it.

Many USan ancestors too were successful revolutionaries, but today's US citizens generally are sheep, and the government is their shepherd.

A general strike is the furthest thing from their minds.

That is true probably because of the extraordinary efficiency of US media propaganda, and the abysmal cultural norms that they propagate.


You guys don't have an income tax. Instead you rely on the most regressive of taxes to fund your state. I farm in Washington so I know what you are talking about but I accept that the situation is driven by a regressive tax policy.


Good points! I believe we should take another lesson from the French and start building a whole bunch of guillotines, and get them working 24/7 until all the rich pricks in Washington DC are no longer able to think of how to screw us in the 99%.


That sounds a bit like people who wanted to see Trump elected because it would disrupt the status quo. A guiding principle: don't wish evil on people as an educational tool.


He won't admit he lied, he will simply lie.


What a stupid and horrible thing to say.

Hey geeze, do you think maybe this reprehensible attitude is part of the reason Trump's anit-elitist rhetoric strikes a chord with so many "rural people"?


That's interesting, Steve.

I think this is how it has worked generally for some time:

It's something like the good cop - bad cop routine.

Take any progressive issue that the R & D duopoly does not want to become law - like universal health care.

If one party controls both the executive and legislative - as the Dems did in 2008 - the issue is either not mentioned or it gets negative mention.

If one party controls the executive but not the legislative then either party can favor the proposed law knowing that the other will reject it. The party favoring the proposed law does this to gain favor with the populace.

The end result is, in either case, the proposed law is never passed, which is exactly what the duopoly wanted.