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Trump Health Secretary Says US Healthcare Workers 'Don't Get Infected' With Covid-19 (94,000 Have Contracted Covid-19)

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/08/trump-health-secretary-says-us-healthcare-workers-dont-get-infected-covid-19-94000


Dr. Jallepalli’s got it wrong? Give teachers M4 rifles or SIG Sauer M17s, to protect themselves and our children from COVID, 5G, Antifa, Chi-NA or THUGS! Make the lie BIG, keep it SIMPLE and just keep REPEATING it… actually, I forgot the rest of the quote (but, I’m sure Hess rewrote it all, anyway?)






Orwell would be proud.
It’s as though we are living a community theater re enactment of “Idiocracy”
How much longer before Azar or poor dumb Donny tells us that Gatorade is the cure for Covid? That wouldn’t be so bad, except that 25% of the voting population would believe him, and another 25% just won’t give a shit.


WTF is wrong with these…adjectives fail me:




Delirium, as a long-term COVID symptom, I’ll attest to? But, it’s hardly paranoia; as victims fearful of NY’s lethal private equity liquidated, lawyer-run slaughterhouses were often quoted with, “how do I pay” as their final, terrified words before intubation. Surprise, exorbitant out-of-network bills are hitting survivors, unemployed, further indentured & soon to be evicted, so rent stabilized apartments can be flipped, neighborhoods gentrified by rich slumlord superdelegates.






Good links. Thanks Beli_T.


And now, not just Europe, but Mexico doesn’t want Americans:



You said on another article “things aren’t looking too good”. That was an understatement Brian.

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This is so simple to solve. Just give the teachers guns to shoot the virus.

“There’s no reason we can’t do any of this,” Azar, a former pharmaceutical lobbyist and executive

Those that survive COVID-19 will have life long problems and millions without healthcare insurance will mean higher profits for the drug pusher known as Big Pharma.

How long, folks? Meanwhile, get the pitchforks ready.


I’m loving all the “Help Wanted” signs in TX, FL, AZ, AR… being interpreted as signs of our recovering economy; as infected workers spew virus on folks at the bar or church; CVS clerks, barbers, strippers, mani-pedi, coworkers, cops, paramedics, ER nurses, ICU doctors, reefer truck drivers?







America has become the world’s leper … unclean, unclean.


As with all trump nominees and appointees this one is straight out of Cloud Cuckoo Land - programmed to deceive and lie, turn facts and data into fantasy blather - to repeat any delusional trump claim, narrative or narcissist rant on whatever subject or issue regardless how absurd, like his blonde bimbo press sec, into the most laughable (if not so damn reprehensible and destructive) comments and claims - Morons R Us - purveyors of white is black, slavery is freedom, war is peace…


Which of the following is true?

  1. Fact is Fake

  2. War Criminal is Hero

  3. Infection is Controlled

  4. Death is Life

  5. Safety is Guns

  6. Stable Genius is Stupidity



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I will never understand how one can outright lie like this day after day after day. I know there are such things as pathological liars, but these guys are in a completely different dimension when it comes to lying. And what does that say about 30+% of US citizens that actually believe this shit. As wingsofdove quoted BigB from another post “things aren’t looking too good” is a massive understatement. The USA is truly fucked that this insane lying is taking place and nothing is stopping it. In fact is is cheered on by far too many outright morons to say nothing of a government filled to brim with them. And this is now the norm in the USA and it won’t be fixed by voting. The USA is truly a fucked up shithole country that is determined to destroy life on earth as we know it.


If the government of the United States is ever again sane, it’s first order of business must be to prosecute the principals of the Trump Death Cult, certainly to include this President and the grossly irresponsible governors leading the Cult, for the mass murder they knowingly and recklessly perpetrate on the American people. At the very least, they continue to engage in negligent criminal homicide.


All I see are desperate acts emanating out of Washington. Driving blindfolded with foam dripping out of noses and mouths. These are dangerous times.
The virus may cause the whole rotten system to collapse. The ‘invisible enemy’ is front and center, no amount of denial or fabrication will alter truth, it will touch all of us. The plague is biblical, akin to the death of the first male newborn, which ultimately resulted in escape and freedom.
No ballot box will vanquish the enemies of the people, it will take force, persistence, blood in the streets, and love for our families, neighbors and environment.


How to not get infected.
Work in healthcare. They don’t get infected.
Keep hoping things don’t get worse but it looks like I am to be disappointed.
There will always be liars. And believers.


Not likely. Too many voters who identify with insanity.