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Trump Health Secretary Says US Healthcare Workers 'Don't Get Infected' With Covid-19 (94,000 Have Contracted Covid-19)

That’s what I was thinking about the plan to exclude foreign students. Why would anyone want to study in Brazil or USA? There must be some way of getting a decent education (for foreigners) which does not involve such a high risk of deadly infection. Orangeman could be accidentally saving lives by keeping people from coming here.

Every hospital in the Bay Area is hurting for shoe-coverings, gowns, masks, swabs, you name it – after almost half a year of this. US Americans are too stupid to live.


Considering the extensive gerrymandering in place across the nation, the perverse effects of the electoral college, the indefensible deficit of leadership within the so called opposition party and, yes, that widespread identity with insanity by the rank-and-file Cult members that you speak of, I agree. A return to even minimal sanity is far from given. The nation is literally teetering in the brink.


There’s a point where the inconclusive teetering is over with, and the abysmal plunge has begun. That brink USA formerly teetered upon is way up there by now. Welcome to the third world.


From the article:

“In response to widespread criticism of Azar’s comments, HHS spokesperson Michael Caputo tweeted that the secretary ‘is keenly aware of and grateful for the sacrifices #HealthcareHeroes have been making throughout this pandemic’ and added that it would be ‘foolish’ to suggest he ‘doesn’t believe these warriors get sick and die.’”

So why would anybody feel the need to walk back his lies? Again from the article: “Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar on Tuesday falsely claimed that healthcare workers ‘don’t get infected.’” Tell me again, who’s foolish? Those of us who think that words have meanings?

Yes. As Twump’s failures and malfeasances become more obvious by the day, we can expect to see many more such desperate acts. With each new tweetstorm bringing a new challenge in rewriting history, working in this administration must be exhausting.


The late comic George Carlin once observed that there are stupid people and then there are really stupid people. Now while the Trump administration undoubtedly falls into the latter category one wonders if there will also be enough of those people who will vote for Trump this November.


Alex Azar is a lawyer and a politician, he doesn’t have the same ethical concerns that most people share in trying to survive in an epidemic. Obviously. If you want to see instant karma in the flesh, this is a great example. All the effort he put forth to become what he is, a lying piece of shit, would be better served if he would just shut up.


Indeed. These desperate acts to reach those who would believe it, are not only desperate, but dizzying to comprehend even for those of us who know what a “lie” is, and when we are being “lied” to.


The stupid people tend to be the ones born that way. It really can not be helped.

There are then the Really stupid and most of those are self made as with them it a “learned” behaviour.


It is pretty much all learned behavior once you can breath air.


I’m retired and drive a school bus for mad money. The drivers and aides are part of the local teachers union. I asked my supervisor if schools are going to open, are teachers, students, school maintenance personnel, school kitchen personnel, and bus drivers are going to be tested before schools open, and during the course of the school year. He couldn’t give me an answer. I asked a union rep the same question. No answer. One, it would cost millions of dollars to test all public school employees and students before school starts, and during the course of the school year. To test properly, testing would have to be done once a week. And if you don’t know, most, maybe all the states are Broke! Local governments have no real plan! An old college buddy that’s a virologist told me back in February that this virus will go airborne indoors. When the infections started rising he said this virus isn’t spreading because of contact with surfaces, it’s spreading through the air especially when there’s large gatherings of people indoors. To the folks out there with kids. Keep them HOME!! Covid 19 is no joke. This virus can cause neurological, and kidney problems. IQ45 is trying to make himself look good by forcing educational institutions to open. He should be worrying about Ms Maxwell. And IQ45 was a frequent flyer on the Lolita Express. Stay safe!


tell nurses to take resveratrol daily. Theres a VERY good chance that might protect against COVID-19.

They dont need to take a super lot of it, just take it frequently, several times a day. I take average doses three times a day.

If I am going out into the public I carry a little bottle and a measuring spoon and I scoop around 30 mg into my mouth and let it absorb in.

I also take at least a dozen other phytonutrients, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

I take n-acetyl cysteine and glutamine and glycine, (all precursors of glutathione) too. Ive been doing this for decades.

Indeed, it is really important to have a good plan and flexible to change. Here is another consideration on use of hand sanitizers:


Trump and his phony cronies in his administration have committed treason against the American citizens. They all should be impeached NOW


In Santa Clara (Bay Area) 40 school principals are now in quarantine due to an in person meeting where 1 person was diagnosed with COVID-19 soon after meeting. Hopefully this gave them new insights to the danger.


Pot, meet kettle…


Pulse oximiter, thermometer & symptomology wouldn’t have detected my partner or myself mid-March (at our very most infectuous). She had a sporadic cough, but could smell. I couldn’t smell but could taste. We were carrying provisions up 70’ of stairwell (no masks for elevators). Just wait it out! If these monsters want to open Betsy DeVos Baby Jesus Freedum Skool pandemic paradise party, to flip our homes, clear neighborhoods Medicare expenses and indenture kids with a breif lifetime of chronic complications, you might find you some work, online? Washable KF-94 masks are back!

Taxpayers will be paying A-Beka to brainwash yet another generation, to do ANYTHING for comforting, insane lies? Preaching to the choir… all wetbrained mouthbreathing loudmouths are sadly off-limits, pending the new H1N1?

~https://www.nytimes.com/2020/04/04/us/detroit-bus-driver-coronavirus.html (eyes need to be covered, too!)


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Your virologist friend may be right:



“Working in this admin must be exhausting”:



Maybe it would be even better if he was removed from the human gene pool…