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Trump Health Secretary Thinks Medicaid Is Wasteful, But Not Lavish Private Flights


Trump Health Secretary Thinks Medicaid Is Wasteful, But Not Lavish Private Flights

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Tom Price once remarked that "tough choices" must be made to reduce "waste" in government spending. Apparently, in Price's mind, frequent and lavish private flights don't qualify as wasteful spending, but programs that provide life-saving healthcare to millions of Americans do.


Flying from DC to Philly ?

Price and the rest of the DC mob should be required to ride Amtrak business class on that route.


Wait. Ok. We know flying from DC to Philly is ridiculous on the face of it.

But what’s this flying to a resort in Maine to meet with a healthcare CEO? Shouldn’t the CEO be flying to DC to meet with Price? Sounds like they’re trying to keep it hush:hush. Maybe it’s another stock deal for Price.


Ya know what I’d like to waste, eh? It wouldn’t be a tough choice for me.


But, but, but… how will people know how important Price is if he flies commercial?

Obviously the man has no decency or shame.


What about the Pentagon’s missing and unaccounted for trillions just since 2010 ??? These bastards have no shame, they use the reverse psychology to place the burden of taxation without representation onto the working class. Virtually re-creating a feudal society where all capital and land are owned by the elite class.

The rest of us are to be grateful for having GMO corn bread food and card bored dueling for house and the occasional mad cow burgers.


Yes. And meanwhile, those same bastards—Fortune 500 corps and the donor class which owns them—get representation without taxation. Pretty slick, eh?


The jerk’s name pretty much says it all.

Hey Tom, go cluck yourself.


The tyrant and his flying monkeys only serve themselves, fill their pockets, and take undue advantage of all that their position avails in the government at their disposal. No self-respect, no shame, no integrity AND PURE EVIL PERSONIFIED. We may never recover from their cruelty, criminality, and widespread destruction. All epitomize the very worst aspect of human kind…so much so that they resemble the most grotesque monsters ever depicted on walls throughout history.


And if you don’t get the right single payer bill he will be the administrator of health care. Please read the bills before you make your decision. There are a lot of bad bills coming out.


Did this monster get his medical license at a raffle? Clearly, he cannot have taken the Hippocratic Oath.


Yeah–these folks are category 10 Hurricanes.


Guillotine? Too messy: Total, Gandhian non cooperation. This “Price-on-Everything” is harkening to another century in Europe where the elite “nobility” were considered above taxation and actual work. The GOP, the arriviste in the Democratic Party pine to be the new royalty.


Why the D-Party doesn’t have multiple social media memes that they promote at every opportunity is beyond me.

For starters, how about:

He attacked Obama for golfing, but no president golfs more than he does (w/ unflattering golf pics)
He attacked government waste but his administration is a waste machine
He attacked Goldman Sachs, now he’s their puppet (oh wait, the Dems are Goldman puppets too…oops)


What about the 3 $Trillion Rumsfeld reported “one” day before 9/11/2001?


Who the hell does this yahoo Tom Price think he is? This fool is spending 60K of our tax money in 3 days on private jets, what supreme arrogant idiocy. Kelly Ann and Tom are either spoiled rotten or terrified of us. Are they so afraid, of we the public, that they won’t fly with us? I think they are both rotten and terrified, in way way over their heads just as is their boss. This administration is heavily senior staffed by naive dopes devoid of any moral and ethical understanding or behavior. Does Price really think he is a Christian? I’m sorry Tom but when you and your party members want to cut mullions of peoples access to affordable and quality health care you have all become disciples of the anti-Christ, not Jesus of Nazareth, Son of God.


I guess that he was just thrilled that the section of the Pentagon that housed the files from the investigation just happened to be destroyed


Yes, that was a real coincidence, wasn’t it?


I don’t suppose the name “Trump” was on those corporate jets?