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Trump Hearts Methane. Kids? Not So Much


Trump Hearts Methane. Kids? Not So Much.

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

In a move environmental groups decried as a gift to fossil fuel polluters, President Donald Trump's Interior Department announced Wednesday it was postponing key parts of an Obama-era rule regulating methane emissions from oil and gas developments on public lands.


I hope Mr. Trump remembers to keep his youngest son and his grandchildren upwind of any fracking operations at all times. Of course, since, along with allowing methane to be spewed unchecked into the atmosphere, he is determined to turn over our national parks and monuments to the tender mercies of the fossil fuel industry, that may be tricky.


Hard to believe this is tax payer dollars at work. If we want to fund energy pollution there are other methods to consider. Until then, the EPA is tasked with the obligation to protect our environment from industry abuse and neglect. These are public lands and they work for us, not industry.


Tell that to Scott Pruitt who could care less about the EPA enforcing environmental laws/regulations…he was put in charge (just like Anne Gorsuch was by Reagan and she is the mother of the new member of SCOTUS) to cripple the agency, which really has never fully recovered from the assaults perpetrated by all EPA heads appointed by Repug Presidents. They also appoint Secretaries of the Interior to double-team with EPA on ensuring energy companies have free access to all resources regardless of the costs to all life. It is all about the money.


I agree with your post and accuracy of current conditions. I’m including the Mission statement from the EPA here - https://www.epa.gov/aboutepa/our-mission-and-what-we-do
You can see by reading this, how off the mark we are in meeting that objective. We have to learn to use this better, smarter, and even if we need an environmental Alec not just object but have a better plan.

And this…from Common Dreams How good environmental policy actually saves money.