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Trump Heights on Stolen Golan an Indictment of Colonial White Privilege

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/06/17/trump-heights-stolen-golan-indictment-colonial-white-privilege

Bibi and Donnie should be hermetically sealed in a tub of Golan olive oil (yes, I know it would be a waste) with just enough air to last who really gives a fuck.


Release Julian Assange, Chelsea Manning and all other whistle blowers because it is precisely this nadir of narcissism permeating the sludge bucket constructed by the pentagonal penal puppets poisoning the planet… not just pp tapes… but pp tapeworms all!

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Well that’s a little bit of news and a lot of anti-white, anti-Semitic perspective.

Jews are guilty of the same white privilege as euro-Americans, even though I think over half of Israeli Jews are non-white? Are all Jews white? So Jesus wasn’t brown?

Israel occupied the Golan Heights in 1967, after, by most accounts, almost twenty years of shelling of Israeli cities from there. Is the author calling the government at that time a far right regime? The government in 198x which formally announced annexation of the land? All Israeli governments?

One might think it was an anti-Zionist or anti-Israeli perspective more than anti-Semitic, but then there’s the line about the UN “establishing a new framework of international law that allowed Jews to thrive.” Not Israel, but Jews generally. Getting special laws passed just for them. Part of that international conspiracy …

Mostly garbage.

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The heights of iniquitous impudence

“Trump Heights.” That’s a good name for an apartment in a sub-basement.


At least Trump Heights is in the right place. And not on new schools and bridges.

Up next: A non-existent Trump Tower to go with the non-existent Trump Heights.

An excellent article by Juan Cole.

It is very possible that Israel and the US are the 2 most dangerous countries in the world.

Donald & Bibi the dynamic duo for military aggression.

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Amen to that.

thank you for pointing these things out on this site dominated by Israel haters, most don’t know that about 1/2 Israel’s Jewish population are refugees (or descendants) thrown out of Arab lands (without their property.) And Syria wouldn’t have lost the Golan if they hadn’t attacked Israel in 1967 when the Egypt-Israel war started (similarly Jordan attacked Israel then and wound up losing Jerusalem (where they had expelled all the Jews) and the West Bank. Juan Cole has only hatred so has everything backwards.

I keep waiting for the ghost busters to barge in after just being slimed.

I don’t hate Jews at all. But I do have high disgust for what Israel does to the Palestinians and their never ending interference in my country. People bitch about Russian interference like it destroyed whatever democracy we have in this country, but even if that happened it’s nothing close to the interference from Israel.

Israel is in charge of our foreign policies and even though there are thousands of Americans homeless and millions without health insurance we give them $10 million a day which adds up to $3.8 billion a year.

Take your Israeli hating BS elsewhere. People have as much right to criticize Israel as they do this or any other country.


It is too bad that we don’t have a spook in the missile firing control room at NORAD. It appears that Boltrumpence wants to make a massive attack on Iran’s nuclear power reactors.
*It would be neat if someone could re-target that obscenity to drop, say two cruise missiles on that obscene trump sign and have the rest of them go off overhead to make a fireworks display.
*It would be even better if it happened when trump and netanyahu were there at the dedication ceremony. Then the world would really get some bang for their buck, but this is just a fantasy from a guy who lived through WW-II and remembers when we were a Constitutional Republic who’s job was to take care of the American People, protect the land, provide medicine, see that good food was raised, that work was plentiful, etc.
*Unfortunately, I am also one of the few survivors of the nuclear testing in the 1950’s and I watch the current insanity with gritted teeth and little hope.