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Trump Helps the Cause of Peace in the Koreas, but What About Elsewhere?


Trump Helps the Cause of Peace in the Koreas, but What About Elsewhere?

Sonali Kolhatkar

Donald Trump is walking on sunshine this week, glowing in the aftermath of his successful, high-level photo-op meeting with North Korea’s Kim Jong Un. The meeting marked the first time a sitting U.S. president has met with a North Korean leader. Despite the bizarre circumstances that preceded the meeting (overt and juvenile insults between the two leaders and a temporary cancellation of the summit), it was a major step in the right direction for the two countries and for the project of global peace.


“His base of support is gleeful at the circus he has made of the carefully crafted world order established over many decades. After all, they voted for Trump hoping he would blow up all expectations—and he is well on his way to doing so.”

They are excited to have the jobs involved with cleaning up the excreta from said circus. Oh wait, those can be outsourced for less money. Never mind.


Another motivation for the USA to make peace with North Korea at this time is that it enables resources to be moved to better focus on creating a war with Iran. Saudi Arabia and Israel and the Evangelicals have little interest in a war in Korea but have been calling for war with Iran. With peace in Korea there will be pressure to remove the American troops from South Korea, and, if events are timed correctly they will be directly moved to the Middle East for the war effort there. The currently influential “end timers” will love that because of how well it will fit into their Armageddon fantasies. I doubt that either you or I (or them or anyone else) would get to enjoy any benefits of the Rapture they would like to create.


Since Trump does not care about human rights, morality, American ideals, etc he was able to sit down and have a meeting with Kim Jung-un, arguably the world’s worst dictator. Trump has also been able to ignore wide scale human rights abuses in his meeting with Putin and Xi. Trump clearly is able to identify and get along with dictators and cannot get along with leaders who espouse the values of liberal democracies. The bottom line for Americans has to be that a president subscribes to American values and Trump doesn’t. He is supported only because of his immigration policies. Millions of people what to keep non-whites and particularly more Hispanics out of the US and deport as many Hispanics as possible. Trump really hasn’t accomplished anything with regard to North Korea. The North Koreans agreed to denulcearization of the Korean peninsula in the 1990s. And their nuclear program continues. Trump raised tensions with North Korea to a ridiculous level in a mindless way since an attack on North Korea would be a disaster for not only North Korea but South Korea as well and possible Japan and perhaps bring in China. The positive is Trump has backed off and for the moment there is not threat of war. However, whether Trump can finish out his presidency without causing a disastrous war seems very uncertain.


The liberal/progressive pundits often buy into the optics of politics and fail to see the charade beneath.
It’s best to look at nations, their leaders, and so-called crises the way you’d look at professional wrestling or reality television.
It’s all scripted, with each actor playing their role as white hat or black hat, and the so-called conflicts and controversies are contrived for political effect.
Trump hasn’t helped the cause of peace in the Koreas.
He has merely done a staged event to benefit himself politically and financially.
Get a clue, Sonali.