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Trump, His Virus and the Dark Age of Unreason


Trump, His Virus and the Dark Age of Unreason

Bill Moyers, Michael Winship

There’s a virus infecting our politics and right now it’s flourishing with a scarlet heat. It feeds on fear, paranoia and bigotry. All that was required for it to spread was a timely opportunity — and an opportunist with no scruples.

There have been stretches of history when this virus lay dormant. Sometimes it would flare up here and there, then fade away after a brief but fierce burst of fever. At other moments, it has spread with the speed of a firestorm, a pandemic consuming everything in its path, sucking away the oxygen of democracy and freedom.


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Great piece, especially the Roy Cohn connection between Joseph McCarthy and Donald Trump. This is refreshing reading compared with the many articles by progressives who are trying to portray Trump as not being that bad. You can't do that honestly. Moyers and Winship were completely honest here, no hemming and hawing about the danger that Trump represents. Other progressive should follow suit and pour it on. All they have to do is lay out the facts. Too many people get sucked in by the populism. Forget Trump's talk about jobs and free trade and being against the Republican establishment. He is another Joseph McCarthy. One was enough. The McCarthy period with the black listing and so forth was a dark period of the United States. It felt like it could never happen again. But only perhaps a handful of electoral college votes might separate this country from again plunging into that dark hole. And if Trump is president nothing might save us, no even another Edward R.Murrow or another Joseph Welch.


I would vote for Trump if he agrees to give us an equally liberal and conservative SCOTUS.

I hope that in tonight's speech, Bernie agrees to run as an Independent. I think that's the only way to save his revolution from corporate conservative Democrats. Trump will win, but in four years Bernie's revolution will come back with a vengeance and the DNC will freak out.

If Hillary wins, Bernie's revolution will be coopted by the DNC and forgotten, the status quo establishment will still rule, the dwindling Middle Class will be sucking air and fighting corporate wars.

At least with Trump we get no permanent war, jobs lost to trade agreements or whatever Wall Street wants. We may even get fair elections...


Bill Thanks for the great description of Trump and some of the background that Trump has taken forward.

I know that many voters want change and they want to be heard. But Trump is not a reasonable choice. In fact he is very frightening to any reasonable person. Who among us would select a "Bullies all, swaggering across the landscape with fistfuls of false promises, smears, innuendo and hatred for others, spite and spittle for anyone of a different race, faith, gender or nationality"

We will find out which politicians have the courage to stand up to Trump and his policies. The ones that don't will wither away. (Maybe they won't win their re-election.)


Yea, they almost seem like they are some sort of twisted good cop/bad cop team.


Trump is not the most dangerous of them all. The far more polished and competent fascist (HRC) is the more dangerous one.


And don't forget David Duke. These evil people have slowly been getting closer and closer to the White House and this time....they just may get their wish. But......maybe this needs to happen so the whole system comes down so we can start again on better ground. It seems inevitable that it's going to happen more sooner than later.


What can Trump (or David Duke or McCarthy, for that matter), get away with in the white house? Deporting, yes, but not much in terms of wars or trade deals or the final destruction of the New Deal. What can Clinton get away with? Everything...


Clinton or Trump? Who calls that a reasonable, rational, responsible choice?! No, we're caught between the proverbial rock and a hard place. Clowns on my right, gorgon jokers on my left.
We've got to break out. Listen to Deborah the Sane Progressive or Abby Martin of Empire Files—we must hold Sen. Bernie Sanders to his call for "political revolution": he cannot back Clinton if he is sincere, wise, and brave.

Tune yourself up for the fight: see the few short videos of www.youtube.com/classwarfilms!


Destruction of the New Deal? The Supreme Court struck down most of FDR's New Deal programs in the 30's. That is why FDR tried to pack the court.

Social Security remained and Democrats improved it by allowing spouses and dependents to collect Social Security and coming up with disability insurance. LBJ gave us Medicare and Medicaid and Truman gave us a minimum wage. Democrats also came up with unemployment insurance. Hillary is a Democrat as much as FDR, LBJ and Truman were Democrats. The Donald is running as a Republican: the party that opposed all of the social welfare programs the Democrats gave us from FDR on.

If Trump is elected, the Republicans in Congress will try to elinate all those social welfare programs Democrats gave us. At least Hillary will veto any Republican attempts to eliminate social welfare programs.

Do you trust The Donald to appoint people to the Supreme Court? At least Hillary will not nominate right wing nutcase so to the Supreme Court.


Marx thought violent revolution was necessary to produce a classless society. Russia had a violent revolution, but there never was a classless society in the Soviet Union (or Red China for that matter). Orwell lampooned Stalin's Soviet Union in "Animal Farm." "All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than other animals."


I haven't noticed that Progressives are anything but foursquare against just about everything DT represents. Of course righties who are against DT will say anything to distract from their acquiescence to the corporate power that is running their party.The Republican't Party is in the throws of becoming a new right on the lines of 1930's Germany and Dt is scaring the hell out of them. Trump is a loose cannon on a pitching deck. I would wish them luck but the entire party has become a useless mouthpiece for the 1%.


"...but some animals are more equal than other animals." This is a fact of life pushed by Natural Selection on all her species. She wants them all to be all that they can be - so she offers them various allotments of skill, talent, and ability in a myriad of possible expressions. A governmental system that would take it upon itself to regulate the lives of the other 'plants in Nature's garden' is difficult to support when considered in a context of sovereignty - that each one born - is born equally - with regards to rights and freedom for the expression of itself. We do not create ourselves and it is not our task to judge the work of Creation by criticizing each other, belittling each other over affairs and reasons as flimsy and self-serving as the banking cartel's corporate interests (Hilary). Say what you want about Bernie Saunders - I am from Massachusetts and personally I like Bernie Saunders, would have a fun discussion with him, but do not think he has sufficient real-world business experience to revive an economy. This country does not need whiz-kid MIT solutions to political problems - we have a Nation out of work!!!
This is the reason for Trump's popularity. The people in business, the small, medium and large business people in this country, they speak Trumpese. They know he knows about business and what has happened to the marketplace being run by fools. Trump is also on good terms with Putin. Putin deserves a second read, for most of Washignton press, perhaps a first read, of what Putin is really about and what he is doing and has done for the sake of World Peace - in fact Obama owes him the Nobel he received prematurely. Interesting times, wait for it, BRIC is emerging.UK voting to bail on the EU?


It's just marketing to say that Trump is a good businessman.

Try listening to today's Democracy Now to learn about all the people who have sued Trump, all those employees and blue collar workers lining up to support this chimp. He screwed them out of wages just as he screwed often desperate people out of lots of $ so they could attend his bogus "university."

The guy is a con man.

And since he hasn't BEEN in politics, he doesn't have the same track record as Mrs. Clinton. She is a card-carrying emissary of the MIC and the big banks and the big corporations. Nonetheless, anyone who attributes ideals, altruism, or a national turn for the better to Trump is completely delusional.

Sanders or Jill Stein.


If you vote for Clinton, you are voting for WORLD WAR. Is that what you want?

Or, we could all mass in Philadelphia the week of July 25th and support the Sanders Revolution:

It's your choice.


It's Bernie or Trump!
Never War!


The authors said nothing about Hillary Clinton, positive or negative.


There is nothing positive about Clinton


Absolutely no way is Trump a good businessperson. He does not make money in any way that is sustainable. Like them or not, people like Henry Ford did. Trump would collapse (and has, sort of before) were it not for this looking glass era we are in. Donald Trump, and his business world, is a total facade. And ,he's going to have worse karma than normal for all the people he has ruined. He is satanic.


Trump is a response to a corrupt criminal political system--just as Sanders is on the left-it seems in this election cycle the rep are more fed up with the BS. Most voting African Americans don't want to deal with how bad Obama has been.

Sanders by far is the best choice to be president----We are already seeing this juvenile back and forth between Clinton and Trump---two people who will continue the corrupt corporate police state.

But understand one thing -people in this election did have a choice---just like in 1972 people had a choice to go with the PEACE candidate??????