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Trump, Hostage to Bolton and Pompeo, Pleads With Iran to Call and Rescue Him

Trump, Hostage to Bolton and Pompeo, Pleads With Iran to Call and Rescue Him

Juan Cole

Julian Borger at The Guardian reports that Trump gave an impromptu news conference on Thursday in which he urged Iran to call him, as though he was being held hostage by John Bolton and Mike Pompeo and was signalling that Iran should rescue him.

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“World’s sole superpower”, I don’t think so. The Project for a New American Century is essentially kaput even if its successor, the Foreign Policy Initiative doesn’t know it. Russia has regained its strength and China is the tough kid on the block in Asia. It is a multipolar world now, Juan, even if the sociopaths running US foreign policy act like the old days after the Soviet Union was dissolved(yes, that is dissolved, not collapsed, by the traitor Yeltsen and the Presidents of Belarus and Ukraine).


“the maniacal John Bolton, who allegedly was pressed on Trump by sinister casino mogul Sheldon Adelson as the one “ask” for his campaign contributions”.

Bolton and Trump’s policies in relation to Iran serve the interests of Israel that wants Iran trashed. Trashing Iran’s economy doesn’t do much good for the U.S. but who cares about that. The same applies to trashing Syria. We must serve Israel and trash its adversaries. Trump is a de facto Bibi puppet.


Fuck that Zionist hoodlum Sheldon Adelson.


And Russia holds us at bay spending less than 10% of what we spend on the military.


Why doesn’t trump just pick up the phone and fire Bolton and Pompeo?


This is one of those instances where Trump is less dangerous than Hillary would have been. Because surely by now someone at AIPAC or Hillary’s cabinet (same difference) would have manufactured an excuse for war with Iran (or Russia) and WW3 would have already begun by now.

Trump’s chaotic mental status, & the Deep State’s temporary disarray have delayed it, at least until the next Democratic President or the Pence Regime, whichever comes first.

If I believed in Lesser Evil Voting (which I don’t), I would vote for Trump in 2020, because no way will the Pentagon/CIA allow the Dems to nominate anyone even slightly dovish.


I’ve suspected for a long time, all they have to do is make them watch the video, you know the one, Nov. 22, 1963.


Unfortunately, that makes sense. Or the family is threatened.


Syria is indeed not over yet. As a friend of Iran, Syria continues to receive the US’s hostilities.


His family was threatened this week.

Is that the reason that Johnson did not stand for another term?

I meant Trump’s family, with a threat being made regarding their past financial behavior about once a month, another one this last week but I can’t find it. But these,are legal, not physical things.

Johnson? No clue.

My comment was in reference to the film of November 22, 1963. But it does not matter as Johnson’s motives for not seeking another term as Pres were very complicated.