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Trump: I 'Didn't Care' About Arctic Drilling Until My Big Oil Friend Said I Should

Trump: I 'Didn't Care' About Arctic Drilling Until My Big Oil Friend Said I Should

Jake Johnson, staff writer

"America's treasures are up for sale and the only thing you need to get them is the president's phone number."
—Brian Kahn, Earther

If President Donald Trump's own account is to be believed, he "really didn't care" about opening up the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) to drilling—but everything changed when one of his rich buddies from the oil and gas industry called him up and explained how great and profitable it would be.


This is getting to be like a scratch and dent sale. Everything is discounted 99% off. The whole planet is having a fire sale and the guy doesn’t care. WTF???


This is very nearly the absolute inverse of living dynamics.

We are inextricably linked in every way except those things shaped by language (which is virtually all things “human”). BUT - and it is the butt that Trump is constantly kissing for money, when the REAL interconnectedness is ‘externalized’ by capitalism, the DYNAMIC remains the same but he criteria are twisted beyond recognition.

And baby - the consequences are hitting the fan at rate that has entered the exponential zone.

Plan and organize for uncertainty, with respect, countering the exponential negativity with reintroduction of real human connectivity.


Like breaking an antique porcelain piggy bank to get a penny.


Was obvious from day one that since Trump didn’t have knowledge about any issues at all, and because of that in large part he had no coherent ideological center, that his presidency would be essentially determined by those around him, and what the foreign policy and right wing within the economic establishment want. What I find sad is the fact that the corruption is just out front now in this political system and there is no shame anymore, and it isn’t as if the Republicans have a monopoly on this. A “third way” Democratic think tank is now strongly lobbying against re-instating net neutrality. Not a good sign, especially when there’s nowhere to turn to within the system to narrow the large and growing gap between popular opinion and government policy.

It’s just pillage time now for capitalism. Loot the store.


Friend: “Hey Donnie, let’s grab our trucks and, shovels and go out and play in the garden.”

Donnie: “We better not. There’s fruits and vegetables growing in the garden and we’ll trample all over them. Dad might beat my ass.”

Friend: “Oh, but it’ll be so much fun.”

Donnie: “Ok. Fuck it all, let’s go. I’ll race you!”

Donnie: “If Dad doesn’t catch us, I’ll deny being in the garden and blame it on the kid down the street whose parents are liberals.”


Admitting he had no knowledge about ANWR shows how out of touch Trump has been with politics in the US. This is one of several reasons he was not fit to be president. In retrospect it appears that any loud mouth who proved he was a racist could have been elected president. Those are literally the only two qualifications that most of Trump’s voters cared about. Other than clearly establishing white dominance in the US his voters seem to have no other agenda and no concerns about whether a candidate if fit to lead this country or not. It was just a vote to change the direction of this country from increased human rights for all to a country for whites where others are second class citizens, which is what much of he past history of the US was. Rather than rejecting our past as something to correct they want to go back and reestablish it.


The only thing sacred to these Fascists is profits.
People before profits…:v:


How a New York real estate mogul became so obsessed with the welfare of the would-be-declining and soon to be obsolete fossil fuel industry to the point of overturning laws and destroying whole agencies, and threatening the lives of the great majority of humanity, for their enrichment, is one of the real mysteries of Trump.

But then again, this is not anything that I did not anticipate in 2016…


I’ll say this about this man–he has a to have the cleanest asshole in all of “humanity”.


Yes, exactly so. Well said.


True. Trump has certainly given the White House a whole different meaning!


This “so called” president has no moral compass. There’s a reason why the ANWR has not been drilled even after 40 years of trying…but does he care why? Not at all. He cares not at all for anything except his big business dealings. How could anyone accept that this guy has any credibility as president?!


Hello Jake Johnson and Everyone, These “PSYCHLO’s” will succeed in destroying the planet before they can make reliable transportation to other planets for them to destroy!!! The really bad news is that they will take and take until there is no more to take. They don’t even care for themselves as their goal is to get everything for themselves!!!


trump should be placed in a pen with a starving polar bear. when i saw the video i cried as the bear lay down preparing to die. what have we allowed to be done to our planet? to our home? we as americans are for a wall? remember it also keeps one in. trump has become the king and no one seems to be able to stop him


I watched that movie too. When I watched the movie, the meaning behind it was obvious.

He put the WHITE back into White House, as in white supremacy racism. Yes, a government of the corporations, by the corporations and for the corporations. A government of the rich, by the rich and for the rich.

Time to wake up and vote in huge numbers in 2018 congressional elections to kick Republicans out of control and again in 2020 to kick Trump out of the White House. The 2016 election had the worse voter turn out in 70 years. We have got to do much better than that in the future.


One of the real CRIMES of trump at least! Among so many others!


I think the recently enacted ID laws had a lot to do with low voter turnout. It has been estimated that in Wisconsin alone 200,000 people did not vote because the lacked proper identification. About half of those people live in Milwaukee.

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The Republicans voted for the tax bill that included opening up ANWR. Trump isn’t acting alone as king, he has both house of Congress supporting him. The Republicans have been voting to open up the ANWR for decades but the environmentalists were always able to defeat them. But they stuck it into the tax bill and I believe all but one Republican voted for it. I think drilling for oil in the ANWR is less about obtaining oil and more about sticking it to the environmentalists. The Canadians have been against this in the past because the caribou go into Canada from Alaska but I haven’t heard any objections from them. I wonder why.

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