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Trump: I Will Defend Medicaid. Also Trump: I Support Bill That Destroys Medicaid


Trump: I Will Defend Medicaid. Also Trump: I Support Bill That Destroys Medicaid.

Jake Johnson, staff writer

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer told reporters in an off-camera briefing on Friday that President Donald Trump remains "committed" to protecting recipients of Medicaid, a program he repeatedly vowed not to cut during his presidential campaign.


And the media (TV, print) persist in trying to make DJT normal…wishing it into being ain’t gonna make it magically happen. The emperor/king/despot/demagogue is certifiably insane, dangerous, and devoid of not even a scintilla of caring/compassion. He says only that which benefits him at the moment or brings him the applause and fawning fix he so desperately and persistently seeks. He is one sick SOB.



Of coarse Trump doesn’t care. At this point only a fool would think he does. Trump is a CON man always has been. He will tell you whatever he thinks you want to here.


Donald Trump is a moral and intellectual void, absolutely empty of substance. He is like the Platte River – “A mile wide at the mouth and an inch deep.” And that is overly generous. Whenever that single molecule of brain substance gets struck by a stray electron he will utter whatever appears to him to suit the moment. His life is just a series of unconnected moments. My father who suffered from Alzheimer’s had more brainpower than Trump, and was infinitely more kind-hearted. He assembled his cabinet so they could all kneel before him and kiss his ring. He’s telling the rest of us that we can just kiss his ass. I just cannot wait until he has grabbed his last pussy.


We are seeing the true face of the republican party------but if democrats really wanted to stop this they could run a real national ad campaign against it ----but they won’t! The democrats will use this to win back the house so they can keep filling their pockets with money from all the corporate interests.

I am watching Chuck Todd on MSNBC and the whole theme he put out by some polling is that the country is so fixed in its division----but what was so outrageous was that Todd said this all revolved around grid lock—not one speck or talk of the real issue.

Why do people support Trump?Why did so many support Sanders?Why are we getting this healthcare bill from the republicans?Why did we get the ACA in the way it was written?
Trump had a theme throughout his campaign and he continues that theme today----they are all corrupt. And when Trump points this out people know he is right,

Here is a thought Chuck Todd or MSNBC----spend an hour talking about the real issue people care about—THE CORRUPTION OF THESE POLITICIANS. This is one hundred times more important than the Russia stuff.
I see MSNBC is moving from corporate center to corporate center right. Why not have some balance and give an hour show to someone like Cornel West?

The democrats have no core-they are a bunch of middle of the road corporate butt kissers. I hope real democrats who want to stop the corruption will take on these Clinton corporate democrats in upcoming primaries.


He’s just trying to keep himself, and his family, from going to prison, possibly. The Republicans are his life line on that scenario. The investigations are tightening the fat money belt around his waist, squeezing ever more noxious gases out of his lying pie hole. Trump: " Russia? What’s a Russia? "
Then, there’s a 50/50 chance we’ll see The House of Saud attack Qatar, and soon. The GCC has given them 10 days to basically surrender and shut down Al Jazeera, too. Which will trigger some type of confrontation with Iran. Qatar and Iran share the largest natural gas field in the world. What better way to raise fossil fuel prices and sell lots weapons; a real win-win.:wink: You’ll get sick with so much winning. Feel the winning, yet? Feel sick?
Or, maybe a confrontation with N. Korea. But, China won’t do more for Trump than give The Kushner’s more branding rights.:wink: They know a rat when they see one. Too, too bad 38% of Americans refuse to.
All of these things, and worse, are in the Deep State’s playbook. Do they give Trump the old heave ho? Or, will Trump just quit and run like hell to NYC?


If Trump did not have his Cabinet and the GOP controlled Congress protecting him, he would be getting his wish to keep Guantanamo open AND become the first occupant of the one of the cells currently vacant.


Let’s not be too silly here. Drumpf has absolutely no idea what is in the Senate bill and it is doubtful that he even knows what is in the House bill. And to top it off, he isn’t real clear on what Medicaid is or what it does, and he certainly hasn’t a clue as to how it works.

So for those reasons, it is silly to expect anything resembling consistency out of the guy with the dead Pomeranian nailed to his head. To keep criticizing him for lack of rationality, lack of consistency, lack of knowledge about anything, and general lack of normal human behavior is silly because that just is not how he is wired. His neuronal circuits do not in any way resemble normal circuitry.


Boycott MSNBC. They are not worthy of our viewing time.


Every day I wake us and this sonoabitch is still alive. Why is that?


Cognitive Dissonance. “In the field of psychology, cognitive dissonance is the mental discomfort (psychological stress) experienced by a person who simultaneously holds two or more contradictory beliefs, ideas, or values."

Wiki definition suites me. Does the Trump suffer from such discomfort. He does if the Trump has to take a serious dump. He doesn’t if it has to do with his holding two contradictory concepts (it’s not likely he can hold more than that) in his muddled head at the same time. He is either a dyed-in-the-wool narcissist or a complete imbecile. Take your pick.


The underlying belief system that is not discuss is that those who have the money, own the property,
should run the country. Democracy is ok in their eyes as long as it does not interfere with profits.
Another words to much democracy should not be allowed and if the masses attempt to practice it,
well, the foot should be upon them.

“The constitutional system was originally designed “to protect the minority of the opulent against the majority,” in the words of the leading framer, James Madison. Political power, he explained, must be in the hands of “the wealth of the nation,” men who can be trusted to “secure the permanent interests of the country”—the rights of the propertied—and to defend these interests against the “leveling spirit” of the general public. If the public were allowed to participate freely in elections, Madison warned his colleagues, their “leveling spirit” might lead to measures to improve the conditions of those who “labor under all the hardships of life, and secretly sigh for a more equal distribution of its blessings.” - Noam Chomsky ( Voting Patterns and Abstentions,
Z Magazine, February, 2001)

This underlying belief is deeply embedded in our leaders and that is why Bernie was not allowed to win by the elites of DNC. To much democracy is not allowed.
So, when it comes right down it, the leaders of the right and the left hold the same belief system,
the people can practice democracy, as long it does not threaten their privilege or their power.
This democracy will not be televised.


MSNBC is an arm of the Democratic Party Leadership.

Anyone who Rocks the Boat gets “Donohue’d”

Anyone who’s left, serves the Party.



Wealth to the few before health for the many


Death to the many through increased wealth for the wealthy.