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Trump Ignores Advisers on Iran Deal, Follows Money


Trump Ignores Advisers on Iran Deal, Follows Money

Eli Clifton, Jim Lobe

Instead, Trump is listening to billionaire campaign contributers with political agendas.

That opposition to diplomacy was still evident this June when Cotton told Politico, “The policy of the United States should be regime change in Iran,” a position that puts into question his sincerity about wanting to “fix” the deal.


Great article. To elaborate on Mr. Marcus and his apocalyptic views on Iran, " the devil is in the details ". And, the details show Mr. Marcus would align himself and his money, with a bought and paid for hooker with orange hair, to advance a Neo-Fascist theocracy masquerading as a MENA democracy.
These psuedo-Americans are nothing less than war criminals and treasonous false patriots. As is Herr Trumpster, selling out the country for $2-3 Billion in loose change, while the Iraq & Afghanistan quagmires will end up costing the American citizenry $10 Trillion, or more. Of course, to careless people like Trump, Adelson, Kristol " No Balls " and Marcus; killing possibly 10,000 troops in an insane war with Iran, can’t be contemplated (See Wilkerson’s predictions on MSNBC ). Since American Jewish daughters and sons rarely volunteer for such low-paying, physically exhausting work.They’ll instead be spending their youthful time learning the intracies of Wall Street and deriving great pleasure from sucking the lifeblood out of America’s poor and working classes. So generous of them, really. What we’ve come to expect, actually.
Sen. Cotton is a true Arkansas Razorback, btw. A renegade and vile smelling " war boar " whose troubling breeding services can be had for around $1million. A high price to pay for mere war piggies, but a bargain if you want a State Champion from the Arkansas Fair. And, really, isn’t that what every casino-owning billionaire wants in his personal zoo.


Don’t we all know by now that everyone has to follow the money in this society? That the only way to get the money out of politics is to get politicians out of the picture?

Direct Online Democracy NOW!


Bernie warned us all about Billionaires attempting to buy our elections.

And the Duopoly put two Billionaires in front of us to choose from.

When will We the People learn?