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Trump, Impeachment, and the Question of Democratic Legitimacy

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/06/04/trump-impeachment-and-question-democratic-legitimacy

It is, once again, very difficult these daze knowing the difference between right and wrong and seeing that vision go down the tubes. I sure hope that a hard copy was sent to the Speaker, not that it would do any good, just to reinforce what is good and right. The obstruction of justice from both sides indicates there aren’t sides, there is only fascism. FDR warned us in 1944, it is so very sad no one paid attention. Will I ever vote again? for a democrat? for anyone? I honestly don’t know. Why support an illlegitimate government?


This is the unassailable argument for impeachment. To ignore it is “…cowardly, stupid, and wrong.” In an era when the power of this empire is clearly waning, nothing displays to the world ‘IMPOTENT’ like our total inability to rid ourselves of this disgusting turd. We seem to be waiting for someone - ANYONE - to do it for us, as we have been shown time and time again to be unable to take any productive initiative on our own behalf. This calls into question not just our resolve to govern ourselves, but the capacity of our form of government to function to that end.


Trump is just a very troubling symptom. His ignorant, self-involved constituency is the problem. That’s not going to change. Legitimacy has nothing to do with it.

Or we could demand that every citizen vote. Make it mandatory like registering for the draft used to be. You would have to vote according to the minimum voting age.

The trouble with that would be the marketing for those votes. Billions upon billions would be spent courting those voters, and purchased votes would become a scourge.

The dems are more like dereliction of duty than obstruction.
Can’t we find people for government that are not crooked SOB’s?

Well said. The country deteriorates while these shameless hacks of both parties do what has been called the “Potomac Two-Step”. Pelosi is a disgrace.

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It is repulsive to me that no matter what this Orange Pustule does his approval rating (43%) remains solid.
“I do not recognize the country of my birth anymore.” – Robert Redford

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What kind of legitimacy: democratic or Democratic?

Jeffrey Isaac writes beautifully and clearly sets out the many reasons why Trump must be impeached. We could not be in a more dangerous period of this country’s history: if Pelosi and the Democratic power structure which she heads refuse to impeach, we are headed for an extreme right-wing dictatorship. Anyone who thinks Trump and the Republicans will allow a fair 2020 vote are being naive.

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I really, really, really hope she loses her seat over this. Does she have any possible opponents in her district?

The author is going to really going to drop f-bombs when Trump wins re-election.

Father Time is the only one that comes to mind. Eventually he’ll prevail, but it could take several more election cycles.

I agree, voting should be mandatory and yes, it is dereliction of duty and it is so blatant and obscene, geez.