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Trump Impeachment Clock Ticks as Poll Shows Just 29% Approve of Comey Firing


Trump Impeachment Clock Ticks as Poll Shows Just 29% Approve of Comey Firing

Jon Queally, staff writer

With a new poll of U.S. voters on Sunday showing that less than one-third support his abrupt ouster of FBI Director James Comey last week, the talk of impeaching President Donald Trump and demands for a special prosecutor to investigate possible ties between his campaign and alleged Russian interference in last year's election have reached their highest levels to date.


What counts in the end is the House and Senate leadership. Dick Nixon had the full support of the Republican leadership, he had a conviction-proof minority on his side, until one day he didn’t. The House and Senate leadership came to the White House and announced that the impeachment bill would go forward tomorrow, and that Nixon would be convicted in the Senate. That’s when Nixon resigned.

In this case the Republican leadership will stick by a Republican that they all quietly despise, at least they’ll stick by him for now. At some point, the number of Trump-only voters that they could hope to recapture in 2018 and in 2020 will shrink below the number of rank and file Republicans (surprisingly few) plus the number of independents who are turned off by power-grabbing and also boob-grabbing probable felons, unrepentant or not. No Republican congressdude (or dudette) likes to lose his/her own personal wildly profitable job, either for loyalty or for lack of loyalty.

We haven’t hit that critical point yet, so the non-Trump Republicans are sticking by their guy. Forever! Well, for now. Yes, I’ll go with tick tick tick.


"In a separate post on Sunday, Reich added, “The question is no longer whether there are grounds to impeach Donald Trump. It is when enough Republicans will put their loyalty to America ahead of their loyalty to their party.”

The duopoly servants to the kleptocratic powers sharpen the double edged sword of Damocles and swing it high like societal guillotine.

Think globally, act locally and take ALEC participants at the state level to the cleaners each and every day of the week, on each and every issue that they drag boilerplate into on behalf of their handlers.

Utilize the Electronic Frontier Foundation DEAR FCC instrument for writing a letter to the FCC chair Pai to stop the destruction of NET NEUTRALITY


Are we supposed to be excited by the prospect of a President Pence, or of a president from the other half of the corporate duopoly in 2021?


Trump is supposedly trying to resolve the Israel/Palestinian conflict and had Abbas over at the WH. Neocons are against solving the conflict fairly and they call the shots. Kushner may be window dressing.

Neocons might prefer Pence and the Republican troglodytes, but realize that Trump has the jew haters on his side to complete the trifecta. They probably won’t impeach him.

Direct Democracy


The difference between Russia and the USA is that Russia has suffered at the hands of many invaders and defeated them only by determination, courage and an enormous death toll affecting all its people. USA has known none of this so it thinks it can bully everyone on earth with impunity and invade and kill without consequence to the rich elites hiding safely well away from danger. **

That is about to change so the USA ought to wise up - but no sign of that yet.



I think Pence is in this almost as deep as the orangubrat, and that translates to one of two possibilities

  1. Pence will get caught in in the trump net,* or
  2. After the cheeto is summarily ejected Pence will be too afraid to risk straying very far from normalcy …

*From the article: [quote=“CommonDreams, post:1, topic:41678”]
last week’s dismissal of Comey, including the president’s own version of events and how they conflicted with several versions put out by his senior communications staff and Vice President Mike Pence,

This graf tells me that since Pence was at least trying to support Trump, he’s probably in it too deep not to be removed in some form (possibly by being told he can resign or go thru his own impeachment).


Then we get President Ryan.


I know … and to my way of thinking Ryan is every bit as bad as the other 2 – especially with the koch[suckers] supporting him! I still keep wondering why Putin doesn’t send his first bomb/missile/drone to Capitol Hill – he’d be doing us an enormously bigly favor! :hugs::sunglasses:


“Are we supposed to be excited by the prospect of a President Pence?”

Right you are! In many ways Pence would be a much scarier president than trump is because the latter is a big clumsy oaf–the proverbial bull in the china shop–who is so busy tying the nation up in knots with his nonsense that nothing really meaningful will be able to get done. And that is a good thing for our nation (how ironic is that, the Republicans are still obstructionists, even with a majority). A president Pence, who is sneaky and conniving and presents a much much better public image, is far more dangerous to the well-being of our nation.


There is another great article here: https://www.nationofchange.org/2017/05/14/walls-closing-presidency-unraveling-trump-hits-panic-button-fires-away/
But the post by MechyTechy listing the “and the …thing” is absolutely priceless.:laughing:


I agree, that Pence is a major concern. My hope is, that he is involved deeply enough, that he will be riced out of office together with the Donald. I cannot imagine Pence not being implicated in a major way.
But then what? Will the Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan designate another President? Himself?
If so, is there any end to this disaster?


I think SoS Tillerson’s comments on TeeVee about traditional American " values " and who we work with going forward, of necessity, was a tell. What? No more American Exceptionalism and " the one indispensable nation " claptrap agitprop? $$$ trumps old American values and there was gambling in Casablanca, who knew? Our values aren’t going to get us ( Exxon Mobil, Et Al ) that oil in the Arctic? On public lands? On Native American land? Venezuela? Central Africa? However, cooperation with the Oil & Gas Oiligarchies ( but especially nuclear Russia ) might? Then where to. suspend " values "next, SoS Tillerson?
Impeachment for mere illegality; now, that’s not nearly enough for the people who put up the $$$ for a Trump Presidency and a win for Extraction Cos. & their interlocking subsidiaries.
Collateral damages to the country are the casualties of war, not shared equally, of course.
Cornering & controlling the herion market has better bedfellows than this current cabal of OILY greaseballs. Let’s do a death toll count, please.
Just how many offshore accounts, tax dodges and military intrusions will it take to prop up your dying industry? On a dying planet, please tell us.
Impeachment of Trump may be warranted. Hopefully, we’ll let the current and proposed proceedings, tell us.
Then what?


Good analysis, but i’d add one more piece:

When the time comes, following months of public attention to the prospect of impeachment, Republican party leaders – including the Republican leaders of the House and Senate – will decide that dumping Trump may enable them to avert a total wipe-out in the 2018 mid-terms.

They will cloak a strategic move to salvage their party’s electoral prospects, in the guise of “loyalty to America.”

They will seek to wait a year or more from now. But they will throw Trump under the bus.

The thing is, we need more than just seeing Trump sidelined, or seeing the Republicans wiped out at the polls in the 2018 mid-terms, or seeing the Democrats re-take power. We need a growing popular movement that demands far more sweeping transformation of politics, and of the economy.

So we need to not be distracted, neither by any strategic Republican ploy of throwing Trump under the bus leading up to the mid-terms, nor by the neoliberal Democrats returning to power. We need to focus on building support for larger demands.


Ryan would have no say in it, except to decide what to wear to his own coronation.

According to the Presidential Succession Act of 1947, Ryan himself would become president.

Oh, joy.



One would think that this is self-evident, but not in America, it’s not.

Not only will impeaching him in a year or so salvage the Republican Party’s efforts to hold on the the presidency in 2020, it will also provide a reason for liberals to remain in the game. Instead of finally allowing themselves to see the American political system for the one-party con game that it really is, Trump’s impeachment will allow them to continue to claim that the system is legitimate and that they should continue to vote for whomever the Democrats put up, in the hope that maybe this time we’ll get a decent one in there (Because how could it be worse, right?) who will finally change things for the betterment of the people.

Ah, liberals.

They are soooooo earnestly…cute.


A lot peopke who are calling for impeachment don’t understand that for the House of Representatives to pass an Imoeachmrnt Act does not remove a president from office. For that to happen, there has to be a trial in the Senate must take place and a two thirds vote of the senators must occur before a removal from office can take place,

I would not expect Donald Trump to submit quietly to such a process. He would surely be afforded opportunities to speak on his own behalf, and he has demonstrated that he can communicate with weird effectiveness especially to his infatuated supporters.

Rather than those of us who disapprove and are made apprehensive about this president turning the call for impeachment into a buzzword the use of which seems to offer solutions that, in reality, do not solve the problem and could worsen it. If it were go to a Senate trial and not be able to get the necessary two thirds vote. – what then?

I am hoping that his reactions to the outing of the egregiousness of his governance will cause his remaining support to disavow him until he cones to see that hr us no longer welcome in the hearts and minds of his countrymen, and that he quits on his own


Excellent points. The way to resolve this is at the ballot box. Of course, the Republicans are doing a darn fine job of limiting access to the ballot box:

It’s just disgusting.


Thank you. If he quits though, we get Pence and the whole stupid party. It couldn’t get worse.


That’s the great human delusional misconception: things can always get worse. People pushing the impeachment meme are aware of the Pence problem but think he might be easier to keep in line because, for all his Christerism, he’s not as much of an out of control impulse addict as is President The Donald, especially after watching Don John’s approval rating sink toward single digits.