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Trump Impeachment Isn’t Politics. It’s Whether There's Anything America’s Powerful Can’t Get Away With

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/09/30/trump-impeachment-isnt-politics-its-whether-theres-anything-americas-powerful-cant

I think the most ironically truthful thing I’ve seen on the topic recently was Saturday Night Live’s skit the other night, a parody of a DC talking head show, where Keenan Thompson’s character repeatedly said about Trump’s outrageous acts and language being “the last straw” for impeachment and removal: “It won’t matter”. I predict that that joke is what is going to happen again. It won’t matter and Trump will still be President next November.


“Freedom from the botched Mueller probe wasn’t Trump’s second chance, but more like his 572nd chance, so is it any wonder he was on the phone criming the very next day? There’s a long way to go before America can plausibly claim that no man is above the law, but the impeachment of a crooked president will be a massive and long-overdue step in the right direction. Otherwise, that gun smoke wafting down the Fifth Avenue of American politics will carry the stench of a dead democracy.”

What a crossroads we find ourselves, it seems it should be renamed Rosedale, not Washington D.C… I hate making deals with the Devil, I always loose and there is no Savior to save me. And just where is Gary Cooper when you need him?

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“Trump Impeachment Isn’t Politics. It’s Whether There’s Anything America’s Powerful Can’t Get Away With”

When money is power, power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely, you get Epstein, Weinstein, Trump, et al.


Perhaps this is a chance for some Americans to redeem themselves and publicly vote for some other Republican candidate in the primaries, knocking Trump out of the running. Trump didn’t get elected by himself. He is still supported by a ‘uge’ number of American voters who have been willing to turn a blind eye to his behavior. These people have encouraged him. They are willing to harm the country to put a stick in the eye of their political opponents. I am afraid that impeachment will make our fellow countrymen become even more hate filled. That 's dangerous.


We need to quit acting like there will be a massive sea-change in political discourse if Trump is impeached. WE ARE ALREADY THERE !
As if we shouldn’t risk the Trump supporters wrath ! As if they will become more unhinged. The mindset seems to be DON’T FIGHT FASCISM BECAUSE IT WILL MAKE THE FASCISTS ANGRY. What people are afraid of is already here. And it’s been building up since the advent of AM Hate Radio & FoxNews. And helped along by the Democatic Party’s abandonment of the Working Class. My own take is the more ferocious we Fight fascism, the LESS danger, and there will be overall LESS right wing violence (though there will be intermittent spectacular instances). Most of those Trumpies out there are chicken hawks. With the exception of a minority of deranged fanatics, most will shrivel in the face of folks who finally learned to stand up to bullies.


I completely agree that hate radio is responsible for Trump. I am hoping that Bernie Sanders will be the Democratic candidate. He has dealt with negativism and hatred and scepticism his whole political life but he ignored it and voted for what he believed in. He knows what he knows and if he wins and is able to make the changes he wants to make, even the idiots will realize that they have been idiots (I know, wishful thinking). Aside from Elizabeth Warren I don’t see anyone else on the Democratic side strong enough to withstand the blast of hate. I don’t believe in using violence except in self defense. I’m not totally against impeachment but it must be done in a way that doesn’t unleash violence.

As redwriteman puts it so well, we are long past the point of making “our fellow countrymen become even more hate filled.” We crossed that Rubicon nearly forty years ago, when with the election of Ronald Reagan the proverbial “political pendulum” swung past the tipping point from the liberal political climate begun with Franklin Roosevelt and into the current conservative political climate.

Those changes don’t happen overnight. The American far right began building its movement in the 1960s, and by the time they reached power in the 1980s, everything they’ve done since then has been to consolidate and perpetuate that power that has shifted the political horseshoe to the right so that Republicans are reactionaries and Democrats are conservatives.

This means that two generations of Americans have been raised to think that “libruls” are to blame for everything bad that is befalling “right-thinking Americans.” The upshot is an extremely polarized society that is already hate-filled. Hate-filled Donald TrumPutin received nearly 63 million votes and has maintained consistently strong popular support since the Electoral College elected him. Since his election, TrumPutin has compiled a raft of impeachable offenses while brazenly manifesting authoritarian tendencies that reek of fascism.

That is dangerous. It needs to be stopped. Impeachment is mandatory. It is not a panacea, even if the Senate does proceed with impeachment proceedings. The Democrats need to focus both on impeachment and on a strong 2020 election–not just on the presidency but on keeping the House and taking the Senate. The Democrats are far from perfect, and substantive change will not happen in one election, but TrumPutin is already calling for a civil war. When do you make the stand?

That’s a noble sentiment, but doesn’t the nation and the Constitution require self-defense to save it from an authoritarian grifter and his followers?

Besides, the violence will come from TrumPutin’s supporters. He’s already greased those wheels, whether bragging that he could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue and get away with it, suggesting that “Second Amendment” types could take care of Hillary Clinton, inspiring stochastic terrorism in Pittsburgh, El Paso, and too many other places to mention, all leading to his recent dark hints about another civil war.

Yes, but what is the solution? We’re not going away and they are not going away.

I see it that way, too. From the following article:
‘By threatening a civil war, Trump is sending a clear message. He may not relinquish his office voluntarily if he is impeached by the Democrat-controlled House and convicted by the Republican-controlled Senate.’

He may be impeached but it is doubtful the Senate will convict. In any case, the possibility of civil war and with that martial law is real.

Short term:

  1. Pursue impeachment proceedings in the House. Not just the proximate issue of the whistleblower but all substantive charges prior to and following (e.g., TrumPutin’s obstruction of justice in refusing to cooperate).
  2. Force Senate either to try or refuse to try. A move to impeach is unlikely (it hasn’t happened yet), and a refusal to try demonstrates to the country and the world that the Senate either tacitly condones TrumPutin’s behavior or is too chicken to challenge him.
  3. Assemble a winning ticket for 2020 elections, not just the presidency but down-ballot too. Build on the 2018 Blue Wave; one wave does not make a tide, let alone a tide that turns. Build coalitions before the election.


  1. Take back the Democratic Party from the centrists/conservatives.
  2. Build a broad-based progressive movement both local and national, one that doesn’t shoot itself in the back over single-issue differences.
  3. Support progressive media like CD.

'Twas ever thus. It’s always been the struggle, hasn’t it? And, frankly, it may be harder now than in the past (say, the 1960s) because:

  1. We have been in a conservative political environment for 40 years that has continually demonized both liberals and the government even as the right-wing has worked tirelessly to control the government because it knows that government can work to effect change.
  2. The US is an empire in decline, losing power and influence, with the corresponding hardships previously inflicted on other countries now being inflicted domestically.
  3. Following from that, domestic conditions are worsening, increasing the blame and animosity among various demographics (e.g., working-class whites who believe that “minorities” have leapfrogged over them through preferential treatment).
  4. Civic illiteracy has been exacerbated by a deteriorating educational system and a mainstream media delivering pageant and personalities in service of profits.
  5. In the largest sense, climate emergency is exacerbating all of this as our over-populating, over-harvesting, and over-polluting the planet has caught up with us.

Because of this, any solution is not going to be easy. There may not even be a good solution available. But to me, impeachment is better than letting TrumPutin act like a dictator in a banana republic.