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Trump: Importing Dangerous Medicines and Food and Keeping Consumers in the Dark

Trump: Importing Dangerous Medicines and Food and Keeping Consumers in the Dark

Ralph Nader

Conservatives favor consumer choice. Consumer information is vital to make that choice meaningful. Corporatists, masquerading as conservatives, do not care about informed consumer choice. Donald Trump is a corporatist, as are the vast majority of Republicans in his Cabinet and in Congress. Corporatists do not even want you to know where products are made. Today, producers and retail sellers do not have to tell you the “country of origin” for meat and pork products.


In response to Nader’s final question, how many disasters have already done so, to no effect?

A complicit corpress - which may take note of them, only to “false balance” them to death, then move on - bears signal responsibility for that state of affairs.

Thought Experiment:

This may be what it felt like for the pilots of those two Boeing 737 Max 8’s that crashed.

A system that looks good, all bright and shiny, but in fact is completely out of control - unresponsive to all efforts to maintain life and limb.

That’s a nutshell description of our political establishments, both sides of 49.

And so we vent on these websites - but is that really better than nothing ?


Wasn’t rhere a big kerfuffle a few years back where Congress wouldn’t allow American consumers to purchse drugs from abroad because they were “unsafe”/





There must be soulless employees in many agencies, because, if they ignore how and where drugs are produced, how could they take or trust any drug for themselves? If foreign manufacturers have so many issues, what about the ones made in the USA? It was weird and scary when that compounding pharmacy was shown to have mold and other horrors in their unclean and tainted manufacturing. People died from the shots they were given from that Boston place. If the local water sources are impacted by fracking, how would any of the users know? With all the lying going on, what do the CEOs take when they need medicine?

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Yes, better than nothing.


Well, I just found this in the May edition of The Sun, an extensive interview of Ralph Nader by David Barsamian - well worth the read - providing much needed ‘lift’ for a pilot at very high density altitude (me).

Ralph Nader On Taking Back Power From The Corporate State BY DAVID BARSAMIANMAY 2019