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Trump in Freefall as Disapproval Rate and Support for Impeachment Soar

Trump in Freefall as Disapproval Rate and Support for Impeachment Soar

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Two new polls reflect poorly on President Donald Trump's brief tenure in the Oval Office, with one showing his administration is tarnishing Americans' view of U.S. popularity around the world, and another finding voters are already evenly divided on the issue of impeaching the president.


Kevin Drum came to the opposite conclusion looking at poll aggregates. Trumps immigration order appears to have helped him. He’s got a foe, liberal judges and do-gooders who want to allow terrorists into the country. At least that’s the message am radio is telling millions of people. Here’s the link:


That is the best news headline I have read since January 20 at 9 a.m.! May the movement continue to grow with each and every tweet tantrum by the demented dimwit! The peoples’ voices are ringing true, loud and clear. HOORAY!

As for the Trump Trash Trio spinning the popularity polls, the 50 or so T-dump supporters on a street corner opposite Trash Tower displaying their ignorance and xenophobia for all to see certainly do not make a quorum. But the video can be blown up to look like there were tens of thousands and then replayed for the emperor during the five minutes he devotes to intelligence briefings…the only five minutes during which he will be paying attention…


It’s nice to finally say something pleasant to my old Democratic comrades. Good for you. I, like most of you, hope this happens. It probably won’t, but I hope it does.

That said, understand who’s driving this pr campaign. Pro Tip: It ain’t a ‘progressive’ force.

We can walk and chew gum at the same time. I see no reason why we can’t resist Trump AND resist the establishment making war on Trump as well.

Another way of putting it is thus: The enemy of my enemy is often just another enemy.


Impeach him and we get Pence, the M/I/I Complex Republicans and Conservative Democrats, another Cold War, or World War III. At least Trump’s bromance with Putin counters that.

On the other hand, keeping pressure on Trump with possible impeachment, may drive him to soften his more radical views.


No matter how low DT’s approval ratings, there seems to be little chance of impeachment proceedings commencing anytime soon. I think our best hope may be if Trump is given a psychiatric evaluation that says he is unfit and incompetent to run America!

After all, when SNL has higher credibility, ratings than Trump who continues to attack their show ( who must love it as SNL’s ratings go through the roof!) can there be any doubt that Trump is mentally, incompetent?


I’m starting to smell an upping of the ante from the dollar-drenched and dummy Democrats from ‘least-worse voting’ to ‘at least we’re not Trump — the impeached-guy voting’.

The Democrats plethora of hail-Mary, life-ring, and inane little “identity issue” ‘messages’ for '18 and '20 will never win-over [i.e. FOOL] even the dumbest Americans again — and even if they could come-out above the ‘Post-Boy’ Emperor and his Imperialist Idiots of the Republican Vichy Party — that would be just another painful disappointing dismal Democratic Vichy Party win for the EMPIRE.

There is no ‘winning message’ for the ‘smoother-lying’ neoliberal-con ‘D’ Vichy Party to regain the hollow crown of being the party selected to ‘front for’ this Empire.

First, because the new younger generation of open, non-racist, non-sexist, non-classist, anti-war, anti-capitalist, serious progressives are far, far, to the left of the moribund, gutless, deceitful DNC (as Christopher Hitchens diagnosed two decades ago, when he wrote, “The  Democratic Party is not so much dead as actually, visibly, palpably rotting on the slab.”)

And second, because the only strategically sound, single, winning, and essential message going forward with the majority of the American people is exactly the polar opposite of both the deadly ‘D’ Vichy Party, and the rotten ‘R’ Vichy Party of the same EMPIRE, which is: “Political Revolution against EMPIRE”.

Both of these phony parties stepped on a nuclear land-mine in '16 ---- they’re both ‘Walking Dead’


It illustrates our racist, xenophobic, bigoted, ignorant ideology that thrives in the USA.


Trump is running the White House as a subsidiary of the Trump Organization. He probably doesn’t care about these polls. What he does care about is how the Trump brand is doing. Last I heard he was pleased about the way things are going for the hotels and golf courses bearing his names. The biggest problem for Trump right now seems to be with product lines of his wife and daughter Ivanca. His most harshest criticism has seemed to be reserved for Nordstrom which discontinued featuring Ivanca’s clothing line. This is the crisis that is now gripping the White House. Can Nordstrom be made to pay the price for going against the president? And to make matters worse it appears surrogate Kellyanne Conway may have broken an ethics law by shilling for Ivanca’s clothing line on national TV. For those of us who are not Trump supporters whatever happens it is at least slightly distracts him from turning this country into a fascist dictatorship. Please keep it up Nordstrom and other department stores like Neiman Marcus and Macy’s. It all helps as three weeks of craziness have not been reassuring.


So yes, the uncontrollable baby-tyrant with an OCD relationship with Twitter/TV needs impeachment. For it to be successful, the GOP must instigate it.

I am going to my MOC’s office with these very hard copy items in my hands, just to see how my ® representative responds to the question, "How do you defend drumpf against the following: (one at a time, of course)


If they\he handily make it past those, I’ll plan to have plenty more. I am focusing on experts against DT which even a smart representative cannot really argue against.

Friends – more suggestions? (possible endless), please inform us.


A dead rat smells just as bad in February as it did in late October. No 2nd chances for Trump supporters here, though. You’re still dangerous and not at all progressive. Your just deluded.
Want to bash Bernie some more? Go ahead, it’d be perfect.:wink:

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Gallup actually does ask the rest of the world - they have polling operations in 180 countries and regularly poll in over 100 of them. We should start seeing that data in about 6 months. I’ll be very interested to see how the opinions really are changing in other countries.


Ah yes, I remember the old days when polls and spins actually mattered to the fed. Now they just do whatever they want and leave the spin to their flunkies after the fact - if it’s a slow news day.

Trump hasn’t been in office long enough for the poll aggregations to stabilize - so the pundits that are currently cherry-pick their polls have to be taken with a grain of salt. The key to the aggregations is having data over time from lots of polling companies. So far, we only have multiple polls from a few companies so things are too skewed toward them.

Let’s remember how Reagan worked out a deal with the Iranians to beat Carter and his popularity was falling at the beginning of his Presidency as he tried to institute his radical right agent. Then he was shot - and his popularity increased dramatically and his policies became law to the detriment of the country.

Let’s remember how Bush worked out a deal with his brother’s power structure in Florida to beat Gore and his popularity was falling at the beginning of his Presidency as he tried to institute his radical right agenda. Then 9/11 happened and his popularity increased dramatically and his policies became law to the detriment of the country.

I worry that an event might happen that triggers the public to embrace Trump no matter how insane his actions are.


This is Drum’s point. The aggregate of pollsters shows his numbers aren’t plummeting but creeping up. He thinks the immigration ban and his fight with liberal judges and progressives who want to let everyone in (from an am radio perspective) is part of the reason. Trump has an enemy that Republicans love to hate. If there’s an event, Trump’s well placed to take in popular angst. Drum posted some of Trump’s tweets the other day to show Trump is clearly aware of this dynamic.

This is not to say the aggregates are right. They are just a snapshot. But combine it with Booman’s recent post on the structural problems Democrats/progressives face and we really can’t afford not to show up in two years.

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Trump was instantly unequivocal in pre-blaming Judge Robert for “anything that might happen” during the time the ban is postponed.

Recall when Cheney and his puppet Dubya borrowed a page out of Goebbels’ play book by serially telling us that “anybody not supporting the patriot act and 2003 Iraq invasion wants the terrorists to win”.

Goebbels’ play book worked like a charm then and will work even better for Trump.


It would not matter if 80% of the population supported impeachment, if the Republican leadership was not on board. How about a direct appeal to other governments to support the resistance here in the U.S. Both the American Revolution and the Civil War had outside support of foreign governments. It would seem that our current despot has already alienated enough world leaders so that they might be amenable to poking him in the eye, especially if they had the cover of it being a humanitarian gesture, and getting on the right side of history. Many of them must have been waiting for an opportunity like this.


This guy lost the popular vote, and parades himself as the ‘second coming.’ Also, It appears we should all be very concerned that this ‘conjob in chief’, reached the pinnacle with help from Putin. His cabinet is an abomination. A collection of entitled wealthy to extremely rich, conservative to radical in ideology, either woefully unqualified for the post, or put there to dismantle the agency all together. The GOP simply does an ‘about face’ when presented with evidence of conflict of interest or patent corruption. ‘The president has the right to pick the people he wants’, they say. Sure, even when they will cause significant harm to the United States - it’s business as usual for this Godless cult.
While I relish the thought of ridding ourselves of this ghastly man as the president, his V.P isn’t any more qualified. If Pence were, he would have had the good sense not to hitch his political wagon to Trump. Pence is betting on Trump’s downfall, waiting in the wings to rescue America from ‘another national nightmare.’ My guess is Pence will only ‘double down’ on Trump’s alarming actions.
I left the Democratic Party over what they did to Senator Sanders. If the Democrats had some integrity, they would have gotten behind Bernie to launch this country to a progressive path that is long over due. I have joined with Justice Democrats to march this country ‘back to having a future,’ This organization will primary established corporate Democrats with LIBERAL candidates - to bring the party back in line. Schumer will be gone. Booker? Gone. As will be the other eleven corrupt stooges who failed the American people, by voting no to Sanders’ attempt to open up Canada for purchasing prescription drugs.
We can’t rebuild this country when too many Democrats perform the functions of office without possession of their soul. I implore you all to explore Justice Democrats, a new organization that is exploding with people signing up to become ‘the change they want to see in this country.’ Get involved and donate to Justice Democrats, they will NOT accept contributions from super PAC’s, so WE MUST step up and send whatever we can. Our collective passion and patriotism for this country, will be the disinfectant that will cleanse us from the cesspool that has become Washington DC.


I do not think Trump is competent to play Scrabble.


Thank you Murph, for being enlightened enough to leave the Democratic Party when you realized how corrupt they were in denying Bernie from running a presidential campaign free of negative influence by the corrupt DNC, the corrupt MSM, and Hillary Clinton herself.

Bernie Sanders would be our President right now, if the entire Democratic Party Establishment hadn’t insisted on supporting the weaker candidate. Now, we must endure this Hate and Fear Mongering So called president.