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Trump: 'In Theory I Could Run My Business...and The Country Perfectly'


Trump: 'In Theory I Could Run My Business...and The Country Perfectly'

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

President-elect Donald Trump said during an on-the-record meeting with the New York Times on Tuesday that he didn't necessarily see a conflict of interest in managing both his business and the country at the same time, but that he would hand the former over to his children.


Ah, “in theory”! Look, Donnie, even Dastardly Dick Cheney pretended to give up his shares in Halliburton upon becoming VP (while adopting policies of course very favorable to same)!


‘In theory’ & reality have an annoying knack of not coinciding.


‘“In theory I could run [bankrupt] my business perfectly and then run [bankrupt] the country perfectly.”’


In theory, perhaps but in REALITY…NEVER HAPPEN as has been proven repeatedly during DJT’s role as “businessman” (close to 4,000 lawsuits against him with 75 still pending; six bankruptcies leaving investors and banks losing hundreds of million$$$ and tens of thousands of low wage workers their jobs; illegally funneling Tr-dump Foundation funds to pay legal fees; using steel from China to build his ostentatious monstrosities while employing undocumented workers on his projects and in his casinos/hotels/golf courses; failed miserably with his casino business ventures (for which he had NO experience nor desire to study that business beforehand) leaving New Jersey holding the bags; has his “ties” made in Malaysia or China; has any number of offshore accounts under any number of paper names under the Tr-dump Inc umbrella, etc.).

He really is completely delusional and certifiably insane. And to think that millions of voters were okay handing over the nuclear code to this very scary clown.


Politicians are technologically obsolete.

Direct Democracy


And to think that even more millions were okay handing over the nuclear code to a person who has been taunting Russia where there was a real chance that she would get to use them.

Damned if you do and damned if you don’t.

The political system in the country is corrupt from top to bottom. Just think how different things could have been if Bernie and/or Jill could have been elected.


And you know this for a fact or like DJT, you are delusional. Do you really think that HRC would “taunt” Russia, REALLY? She protested the military action in Vietnam but perhaps you do not recall when and where that debacle took place… DJT cares not about anyone (including his showcase kids and whomever is on his arm at any given moment) but himself. On the other hand, HRC has devoted her career to social justice, which is ON RECORD. And how about a like record of causes DJT supported (dead silence and a big fat goose egg…).

Gimme a break.


" In theory." That statement by Trump is the best conspiracy theory I ever heard!


Yes, three words:
“No fly zone”
That was her campaign promise.

And yes, I am delusional. I actually still have hope for the American voters even though Jill only got 1% and Bernie got an unknown number of uncounted votes. I asked our local town clerk how many write-ins Bernie got and she said “a lot, but none were counted because he was not a declared candidate” (which is the law in our state).


“…he could be seen as trying to use the presidency to advance his personal business interests.”

I wonder, could he be seen in any other way?


In theory, we could bring an end to all deep US poverty immediately. We still do have the collective resources, and the means, to do so. We have the capability to accomplish as much over the next decade as we accomplished from FDR to Reagan. What we utterly lack is the will to do so.

Theories are one thing, reality is another.


Last year, before she launched her campaign, people began pointing out Clinton’s long record of support for military aggression. Those who kept up with the news were aware of the potential for a Final Showdown between Clinton and Putin over Syria. (note: The US would have lost.) Much of the liberal media had already begun trying to sell Clinton as a “bold progressive” before she even launched her campaign, so gave little attention to this critically important issue.


All of you come to Atlantic City, NJ if you want to see the final outcome of how this klown thinks businesses should be run. He bankrupted everything he touched while looting and plundering his own stock and bond holders and cheating his contractors and employees !! I lived up close to it watched how this guy did business and knew some of his exec. Mgrs. for over 30 yrs and I can say this with some authority America is F*cked!


I was a Sanders delegate and when he did not get the nomination, I cast my vote for HRC. I was also an Obama delegate. I worked very hard for Bernie and still support him to this day. Senator Sanders did not and HAS NOT sold out. He supported HRC knowing that DJT was absolutely unfit for the presidency and in fact, was the worst candidate ever nominated. Could not waste my vote on Stein. Until such time that the Green Party puts together a solid platform and SOLID candidates, they will continue to struggle without funding and that is the reality. Its all about the money and DJT (and Citizens United) projected us all into Haedes.


Yup, blame the media not unlike DJT. I do not know what news you were reading or hearing…maybe Fox? Military aggression, my oh my…ridiculous.


Wouldn’t a “no fly zone” be far better than a “total annihilation of families and children zone” currently underway in Aleppo? Do you have any idea how many people Trump and his savage Islamophobic hawks are going to slaughter once he is in power - and not only in Syria and Iraq - but in Palestine, Lebanon, and Iran.


Who is “we?” Perhaps the ignorant and starry-eyed TV watchers thinking that Trump all by himself could “make america great again”…well, DJT is doing his best to make america ALL WHITE again and will not hesitate to exercise military might EVERYWHERE in the Middle East (excepting Israel, of course) or N;. Korea or China…while patting Putin on the back sharing fat smelly cigars in his (DJT’s) palace of ostentation., conspicuous consumption, and extremely bad taste in either NYC or Florida.


Straw man argument.
Rather than rattling swords with Russia and starting WW3, a diplomatic solution is what is called for and that would save the families and children in Aleppo.
But our politicians know nothing other than military solutions and political power games. Diplomacy is not even considered. And that is why both Clinton and Trump are unsuited for the presidency (as well as Obama).


Typical arrogance and “I can do whatever I like” attitude from this appalling douche bag. Hey, Trumpo, you piece of shit, you don’t “run” a country, you govern it by presiding over its institutions and adhering to its founding documents. Besides, with 6 bankruptcies to your credit I don’t trust you to “run” a Burger King, much less a large, multifarious country like the United States. Fess up, asshole, this campaign and “election” was just another way to extend your “brand” and feed your huge narcissistic ego. Tens of millions of people are going to suffer because of it.