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Trump Inauguration Will See a Million Women Marching on Washington


Trump Inauguration Will See a Million Women Marching on Washington

Nika Knight, staff writer

In response to the imminent Donald Trump presidency, women's rights advocates nationwide are mobilizing.


As a male friend recently pointed out is that what some of the voters for Trump are actually saying is that for the sake of jobs you can harass, grope and rape my wife, my daughter or my sister.


Bernie certainly would have gotten my vote for he was a far better candidate and had a much better chance of defeating Trump a man who was fervently in favor of executing the teens who turned out to be completely innocent in the Central Park Jogger case but who has turned out to be a sexual predator himself. I voted for Stein and catching heat from Hillary supporters-- but so what? This march is about more than this and your comment, "bunch of old broads" is, frankly, offensive and overgeneralized in its description.


An enormous Women's march on Washington will only be seen by the people who are there. Television and our News Media will not cover it, and if they do they will show it as a small group of complainers. We will never have a democracy again until we take our media back from the Corporations, and give it back to the legitimate News Media, and the Entertainment Industry. I have been to many very large demonstrations, and said to my self, "IF only the American People could see this."


ANSWER is an opportunistic sect. They have done nothing during this year to support anyone outside their clique, not the Greens, not Socialist candidates, not progressive initiatives, locally or otherwise. Nothing. Any action by them is strictly self promotion.


I have to agree with about 85% of what you say, sullen poster that I am.


They are Hillarybots because vaginas and all. Not real people. Get it?


I'm not sure how effective this will be.

First of all, what's the overall message here? Trump is a misogynist pig and we won't support him? What else is new? We know all that already and this type of identity politics didn't stop him from getting elected. The stakes are a LOT higher now, and the old playbook no longer applies.

Second, even if a million women show up, the media won't cover it. The media is already working on "normalizing" and kissing up to Trump so they can get access to him while he's President, so why would they cover this?

Third, mass actions at major media events don't accomplish anything. If there's too many of you, you'll be carted off to jail and charged with minor offenses. Then the event is over and everybody goes home. What did "Democracy Spring" actually accomplish earlier this year? Okay, awareness was raised but that didn't stop Hillary from stealing the Primary and it didn't stop the Republican coup-de-tat in Washington. The arrests of activists were orderly and peaceful. Nobody was pepper sprayed, beaten up, and no government business was interrupted except for some tourists who didn't get to go on their Capital tour. I was in Washington two weeks after the protests and you would have never known that they were ever there. Way to make a lasting impression, people!

If you want to make a real difference, you need to engage in civil disobedience and obstruction in the same way that Standing Rock is standing up to DAPL. You need to actually put yourself in harm's way and film the resulting state brutality that follows. Well-heeled "protesters" dressed like the Statue of Liberty being put into the back of a patty wagon makes for a great photo, but it won't outrage or change anybody's mind about anything.

People need to be outraged in order for any of this to make a difference, and isn't THAT what you're going for?


I support all protests against Trump, including this one.

I don't care if it's "effective," whatever that means. Protests creats a sense of community and helps to normalize (a popular word nowadays) speaking out against Trump, and those are good tihngs in my book.

Civil disobedience? Fantastic!

Protests? Great!

It's not either/or here. I say if people want to be involved then let them be involved without criticism.


By "effective", I mean an action of civil disobedience that causes the target offender to change their behavior in a manner they did not originally intend. In other words, to exhibit real political Power over a situation or action on the part of the government or agent such as a corporation.

Democracy Spring was not "effective" because not only did nothing change anything in Washington as a result, nobody knew about it outside of the alternative press and the business of Washington wasn't interrupted. The Occupy camp in Washington was more effective because the government had to send in riot police, bulldozers and dumpsters in order to clear out the camp.

You have lots of "community" right here, and here it's already "normal" to criticize Trump, Hillary and Obama, so no problem there.

If that's not enough, then you need to take action and don't waste time or money participating in a protest that nobody is going to see and that won't interrupt or disrupt the status quo. If getting pepper sprayed, beaten up or possibly losing your job isn't your thing, then there's still plenty you can do by raising awareness, giving money to support direct actions, or providing professional assistance to those who are performing those actions.

Like I said before, the old playbook of marching, carrying signs and voting needs to be thrown out. We're beyond all that now. Now is the time to break this machine so that something new can come out of it.


GET your SOLES on the pavement and your SOULS in the street!


I agree with your post except for the use of "Hysterical old broads."

As with Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush Jr., Obama, and now Trump, we have to be ever alert to see where this is really going. The media and the political parties cannot be relied upon, since they whip things up or suppress things to steer the populace in a particular direction guided by their paymasters and owners.


Why on earth isn't this march on Inauguration Day? I was planning on participating but then I found out it is on the 21st. Isn't the point to send a message and be heard? Who will be listening on the 21st?


No one who plans on attending or otherwise supports this protest is cowed by your opinions. Says a lot about you that you've taken the time to create a crass username for the sake of posting something like that. You and your ilk scare the ever-loving bejesus out of the majority of people in this country. The march will happen in your name. Laugh all you want.


There is such a thing as too little too late! Maybe their mobilization should have been done before Trump became the heir presumptive.


What puzzles me is the protesters' interpretation of "human rights." The UN's UDHR lists food and shelter as basic human rights, even for the jobless poor. It's my understanding that the US signed onto the UDHR. Bill Clinton ended actual welfare, in violation of this human rights agreement. This agenda tore apart so many families, and the overall life expectancy of the US poor has already fallen to age 60-62. Yet, we don't see women rising up and marching for the human rights of the US poor.


"You need to take action..." Much of the country doesn't have the money or means to accomplish anything on their own. It takes a movement, but you can't build a movement without an agenda. This is our biggest barrier because so many years were devoted to successfully splitting apart the proverbial masses by class and race.


One of the things that every demonstration needs to contain is a mention that they better keep their hands off Medicare. The original sign carrier years ago who said "Keep your government hands off my Medicare" had it right except he was talking to the wrong people.

The message has to get out that Ryan and Drumpf are planning to eliminate Medicare before they have a chance to do it. Otherwise they'll push it through before anyone can stop them.


I cannot make the March but I support it. Good fortunes.


My idea/hope was that people would turn out in all the cities like after the election, but this time dressed in mourning clothes and silently marching. (If one marches silently, one can also hear and stop anyone trying to commit acts of violence or destruction.