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Trump Infrastructure Plan a 'Trap' Democrats Should Reject, Experts Warn


Trump Infrastructure Plan a 'Trap' Democrats Should Reject, Experts Warn

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

A former Obama aide is calling on Democrats not to support President-elect Donald Trump's so-called infrastructure plan, saying it's a "trap" and a "mistake in policy and political judgment they will regret."


Just one of the scary pieces.


Yes, indeed, let's not fall into this trap, lest we have to pay an orange-haired troll under every bridge...


This is a surprise? From the Conflict of Interest Commander In Chief? This man is a protégé of Roy Cohn, perhaps the most immoral American of the Mid Century Modern era.
Face it folks, you have your backs against the wall and you have no choice but to fight as corruptly and ruthlessly as the fascists now in charge. They leave you no choice, it's all they know. And you will likely lose.


We should fight corruptly? What does that even mean?


If anyone gets a chance, watch today's Democracy Now.




And why 2nd person? Are you speaking from somewhere outside the US?


Why am I not surprised - Trump has proven to be a pathological liar and deceiver clearly in the primaries and "debates" - likely his entire life.

Trump will try to bamboozle Dem "centrists" and "normalizers" with positive sounding proposals but the Devil is in the details - literally.......political cowardice and propensity to "compromise" from the knees must be opposed!


Yeah..Trump is a Fascist. So is Obama..so is Hillary. Look around..we live in a Police/Surveillance state. I don't see anyone really 'fighting' that though. The sad truth is 'Infrastructure', which is the Lie of both 'left' and 'right' is now simply 'code' for authoritarian nightmares and environmental destruction of an almost incalculable dimension. In California so called 'CalTrans' is so massively destructive, so utterly corrupt and so astoundingly arrogant that they can quite literally 'do anything they want' and are..and have. They are about to destroy some of the last Old Growth Redwoods along hwy 101 to 'widen' the road. A 1 1/2 mile stretch that takes less than 3 minutes even IF one happens to get behind a big truck. And why? Literally.."Because We Can". The communities, almost unanimously, oppose this. The Trump types are for it...because guess what? The (no exaggeration here)..1 foot..widening project, making the road 1 foot wider..buy cutting down 1000 year old tree's..will allow ALL of 101 from Ukiah to Eureka to have those triple container trucks. Yup! This is about bringing "Big Box Retailers" to more rural and remote 101 enclaves..but of course the fact that it will SLOW traffic over hundreds of miles and make for much more dangerous reality as 'triple trucks' cause endless jams on winding roads..well..who cares..caltrans has a no0bid contract with a billion dollar a year mega construction firm like the one doing Dakota Access that..'just won't wait'. Point? ALL the "infrastructure" rhetoric is a lie. From Obama to Trump. Hillary wanted to..if you can recall 1 month back..and I quote.."...marry the public and private sector..." oh..great..just whats needed. The new left must, if they truly seek consensus and unity among the...whole...Left..they must begin to accept/tell the truth....truth...about development and the reality of endless bureaucracy camouflaged in scenarios like 'infrastructure'. Its ALL a hand-out to the "Public/Private Sector Partnership". Aka everything from the Surveillance state to the Militarization of "Police" (in ellipsis because they are "Police" in name only). Frankly, we're not gonna make it. Oh well.


You pile a lot of hysteria into one run on prargraph, whose basic message appears to be Stop Infrastructure Work.

I've driven 101 quite bit. The work near Uriah takes traffic around the town rather than through it, as in the past. That may disturb some local commercial interests, but makes sense. There is no old growth forest in the path of that work. The area around Ukiah was clear cut long ago.


Ever the Con Man.


Con man- oh yeah. On 60 minutes he said he would not take a salary. On today's local news, a reporter said that he was taking one. People who voted for him for a "change" be careful what you wish for. Remember those who were conned by Trump U scheme . They got a "settlement" allright , and I hear it's nowhere near what they paid. That's just the beginning. Take a look into his history with Roy Cohn. Plus about a week ago, I heard there was mention of some Trump mortage that was involved in subprime crisis.


It would be a mistake for Trump to adapt a "business as usual" approach to his infrastructure plan. After all, his followers are an unruly bunch, and if they sense that The Donald has stabbed them in the back, they may get a bit restless, to say the least.

Even Hitler and Stalin understood that if you want to be a Populist Dictator, you've got to throw the masses quite a few bones by giving the people a lot of shiny new infrastructure as a demonstration of how he's a "man of the people".

(A few oligarch heads on the end of some pikes will also keep the rabble from turning against him.)


You're not going to make it? Oh well. Imagine if everyone gave up like that. There are soldiers returning home with horrific injuries and not giving up.


No one should fight corruptly period. Live in integrity.


If the American people took on the Too Big To Fail Banks one at a time, divide and conquer them one by one, would you consider that corrupt?
I know for sure the Banksters would howl "unfair"!


NO!!!! However, let's remember that Glass Steagall was unraveled during the last Clinton administration. Obama , congress, and AG Holder continued with too big to fail and too big to even take to trial. SOmething the people cannot wrap their heads around. Would a petition to the department of justice work? I do not know. Seems that the government did not have a dialogue with the people or even ask the banksters why they did this in the first place. At least bankers went to jail in the 1980s when they did the same kind of crimes ( white collar). Plus look what just happened with Wells Fargo. Trump apparently also had a mortgage company which was involved with subprime loans. And now he's going to be president! Any ideas?


That sounds so much like the Green Party. Steins program for 2020. Ooh, maybe she'll get closer to 5%. Progress!


You are morally, and principally, corn-fused.


To add to what Klain says - it's more than building just any kind of infrastructure simply to create jobs. What kind of infrastructure? Do we need more roads and highways for autos, especially ones run on fossil fuels? No! Infrastructure projects should be determined based on our needs to address climate change - e.g., alternative energy, mass transit, energy efficient buildings, etc.