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Trump Insists Putting Word Into Helsinki Transcript That He Didn't Say "Probably Clarifies Things Pretty Good"


Trump Insists Putting Word Into Helsinki Transcript That He Didn't Say "Probably Clarifies Things Pretty Good"

Jake Johnson, staff writer

In an attempt to clean up the enormous mess he made during his joint press conference with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday, President Donald Trump insisted in carefully prepared comments to reporters in the White House Cabinet Room on Tuesday that he misspoke when he blindly accepted Putin's denials of election meddling and urged reporters to fix the transcript of his remarks.


Trump is kissing Putin’s ass because he knows that Muller is coming for him, and he is going down, and he will be moving to Moscow




Seriously need the laughing or rofl reaction here.

Really, just makes it worse.

I saw a sign in the London protest on Saturday, but caught only a couple of the words of the acrostic:

Truculent [how Brit]
Rude? Repulsive? ??
P?? [how about Pisses me off?]


Would or wouldn’t matter anyway, depending on what is is.


"I didn’t say what the fake news media claims I said … but if I did say it, it should have been obvious to everyone what I meant to say.
Of course, tomorrow I’ll deny saying what I just said."

The Stable Genius has spoken.


The Indivisible team is on target. It is now a well worn pattern. It seems to me the guy hates just about everything in the United States. He hate the federal government for suing over racial discrimination in his apartments in Queens. He hate the banks the not lending him money. He hates the upper echelons of Manhattan society for not including him, He hates all the non-whites who live in NYC. He hates the fact that Central Park Five did not wind up with jail time. He hates the Democrats for all the liberal legislation that has passed and he hates the old Republican establishment for not reversing it. He hates the major US newspapers for criticizing him. And he hates all of the major TV networks except Fox for the same reason. Only Russia has seemed to accept him. Apparently the Russian banks have lent him large sums of money to keep going in real estate. Putin has said nice things about him and even helped him win the election. Russia allowed him to host his Miss Universe pageant. He seems like a bitter man who has found a friend in Putin.


The distraction goes on. How stupid.

Russian “hacking” has been debunked long ago.


Pathological Liar.


The Stable Penis has spoken/lied.


It is so easy to clearly see his open shitfaced attempt to deceive the masses once again, as he does every single day (although the people he deceives are either non-educated or mentally ill if they are welcoming his deception, and then calling it truth–because that is shitfaced attempt at deception as well) if we read his “correction” in complete context. This was no mistake, no mis-speak you utter buffoon shitgibbon.

I have president Putin, he just said it’s not Russia. I will say this. I don’t see any reason why it would 'nt be," President Trump said,

He continued: “So I have great confidence in my intelligence people, but I will tell you that President Putin was extremely strong and powerful in his denial today.”

This last contrasting clause (beginning with but) emphasizes his favoritism with Putin, against his own “intelligence people”. In this type of grammatical construction, we might say what comes last is the concluding thought, or the punch line–the most important idea–not what came before the “but”

Even his own staff only has sorry-assed hacks for his deceptive ploys. It would be hilarious, if it were not so fucking terrifying that he is where he is.
(yes I spelled it out as it should be in this usage)


You mean he didn’t blame the media, wow.


Reminds me of a time several years ago when another president said, “It depends upon what the meaning of the word ‘is’ is.”


Let’s see…

…Version 1, what he actually said: "Putin’s denials of election interference [were] “strong and powerful.” And that’s why he “[didn’t] see any reason why it would be Russia.”

Makes perfect sense - Putin made a strong argument, so there’s no reason to think it was Russia.

…Version 2, what he says he meant: "Putin’s denials of election interference [were] “strong and powerful.” And that’s why he “[didn’t] see any reason why it wouldn’t be Russia.”

Makes no sense - Putin made a strong argument, so…there’s no reason to think it wasn’t Russia?

Too stupid for words.


I think your litany is pretty spot on, but I think he’s very bitter about having to go through this charade of trying to do something he knows nothing about and never wanted to have to do. He hates most the people and institutions that don’t let him get away with playing it like a TV show.

But I don’t think we know just what it is that Putin has on him. I don’t know whether Mueller will be able to get at it or not. I don’t think Russia accepts him, but uses him, a “useful idiot,” and that may be what he resents most of all, because now it’s being exposed and he looks a fool to everyone. Al Franken noted that we’ve never seen djt really laugh. He’s a sad old man who has to buy love. He must be awfully tired of all that gilt.

And one more observation: The Central Park 5 did between 6 and 13 years of jail time for the crime they didn’t do. Probably what djt resents most about them is that they were awarded $41M in compensation by the city. I’d say they earned it their first night at Rikers Island (I’ve been there, as an interviewer collecting data for the DOJ).


Pure Trump. Say that those hearing his words should know what he meant to say. He feels entitled to screw up what he’s saying because we’re all supposed to “believe” no questions asked like when he says he’s a stable genius. He really does operate on an “if I say it it’s true” even if it directly contradicts what was asserted at the beginning of the sentence.

He does remind me of the kid in the “let’s try Mikey, he hates everything” old cereal commercial.


I’ll give him credit! I believe he is a “stable genius.”
*I don’t know anyone who is better at finding horseshit, stepping in it, raking it up, or bragging about it. He even exudes it! Perhaps he should be called the “galloping gourmet” of the nether end. (Just horsing around, here.)
*Bon appetit, baby orange one. Ride your little blimp.


And even with his script, he STILL screwed up his lie with wrong pronouns. What a walking disaster…


NAILED IT!! Good for you! Are you mailing him that succinct analysis?


Trump shouldn’t have caved in to the mass media’s attacks that only get more ridiculous by the hour. Treason? What treason? How? Prove it! As treasonous as telling the Iranians not to release American prisoners until the general elections were over? Or inventing North Vietnamese attacks at the Gulf of Tonkin so that over 50 thousand Americans could be killed and even more maimed for life?

Interfering in elections? The US never do that? Or even worse, as in killing legally elected leaders like Chile’s Allende? It’s not merely politicians who reek of hypocrisy, the nation’s media take the prize in exhibiting this particularly trait.