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Trump Is a Dangerous Idiot. So Why Are We Pushing Him Toward War?


I don’t think callous is a problem for these folks. After decades of the cold war, harming the Soviet Union justified about anything to those leaders. Some ragtag radicals getting some guns in the desert was not a problem.

To this day, that is mostly praised as a heroic thing - see the movie ‘Charlie Wilson’s War’.

The leadership of Russia always has its more hawkish side like any country - see the deposing of Kruschev - but when I said a lack of options, I meant for Russia, not just Putin. What do the hawks want, nuclear war? If
anything Putin has been pretty damn hawkish with his treatment of Ukraine.

This is the ugly side of international politics - we’re pressuring regions for no one’s benefit but our, and there isn’t a lot they can do about it. Putin wrongs Ukraine, and there isn’t a lot they can do about it. Israel
wrongs the Palestinians, and there isn’t a lot they can do about it.

I’m pretty dubious about the CIA’s role in 1949 - look at another part of it, what we’ve learned of CIA history. We’ve learned intimate information about the 1950’s coups, and nothing similar about 1949, while we know
the politics were very different for CIA intervention in 1949.

While it did great green lights for things like interfering in elections - see Italy, France, Greece under Truman - regime change was another matter. Even the main ‘confessor’ claiming a role changed his story over time. I’d like our country to get a lot more
informed about the 1950’s history, though.


“socialist” regimes have murdered over 100,000,000 of their citizens in the last century. Unarmed citizens I’ll add.

That’s aside from the other 100,000,000 or so that have died in wars they started.

How about some apples to apples comparisons? Same neck of the woods and Venezuela gets a running head start with some of the largest oil reserves in the world. Venezuela v Chile? mmmmK?

From Human Progress
The story of Chile’s success starts in the mid-1970s, when Chile’s military government abandoned socialism and started to implement economic reforms. In 2013, Chile was the world’s 10th freest economy. Venezuela, in the meantime, declined from being the world’s 10th freest economy in 1975 to being the world’s least free economy in 2013 (Human Progress does not have data for the notoriously unfree North Korea).

As economic freedom increased, so did income per capita (adjusted for inflation and purchasing power parity), which rose from being 31 percent of that in Venezuela to being 138 percent of that in Venezuela. Between 1975 and 2015, the Chilean economy grew by 287 percent. Venezuela’s shrunk by 12 percent.

As its economy expanded, so did Chile’s ability to provide good health care for its people. In 1975, Chile’s infant mortality rate was 33 percent higher than Venezuela’s. In 2015, almost twice as many infants died in Venezuela as those who died in Chile.

With declining infant mortality and improving standard of living came a steady increase in life expectancy. In 1975, Venezuelans lived longer than Chileans. In 2014, a typical Chilean lived over 7 years longer than the average citizen of the Bolivarian Republic.

Moreover, more Chileans of both sexes survive to old age than they do in Venezuela. As they enter their retirement, the people of Chile enjoy a private social security system that was put into place by Cato’s distinguished senior fellow Jose Pinera. The system generates an average return of 10 percent per year (rather than the paltry 2 percent generated by the state-run social security system in the United States).

. Last, but not least, as the people of Chile grew richer, they started demanding more say in the running of their country. Starting in the late 1980s, the military gradually and peacefully handed power over to democratically-elected representatives. In Venezuela, the opposite has happened. As failure of socialism became more apparent, the government had to resort to ever more repressive measures in order to keep itself in power—just as Friedrich Hayek predicted.

Must be all of those wars Chile is involved in, right?

Got anymore smack to talk?


Your simple minded assumption that state socialism is the only alternative to predatory capitalism is specious. Your rant is against a straw man in your own imagination.

You just won an argument with your own imagination.


Thank you once again for refusing to debate my point. I’ll repeat since it looks like you have a reading for comprehension problem.

Your father asserted capitalism requires wars. I just pointed out a thriving capitalistic country that isn’t at war. I could point to many others but I thought the comparison with a socialist neighbor was especially telling.

Your laughable response? Ignore that, denigrate me and put words in my mouth.



Oh … It’s you again …
Over and out …


Damn this dangerous idiot!!!(in my best Chuck Heston voice from the end of Planet Of The Apes) Damn him all to hell!!!

This week it looks like Crazy Like A Fox Trump might be solving the 60 year old Korean nightmare.

Then this…

Payrolls rose 313,000 in February, compared with the 205,000 median estimate in a survey of economists, and the two prior months were revised higher by 54,000, Labor Department figures showed Friday.

Women and minorities hardest hit!

Black, Hispanic unemployment hit historic lows:

Just 6.9 percent of black adults were unemployed in February, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the second-lowest such ratio since the agency has been keeping track.

Hispanic workers, too, are currently enjoying historically low rates of unemployment. At 4.9 percent in February, Hispanic unemployment is just a tenth of a percentage point above the historic low. [I presume we’re talking about legal Hispanic employment]

 Feb unemployment

Not only that, but we’ve finally reversed the downward spiral of the labor participation rate:

An increase in the labor force participation rate to its highest level since September helped keep the headline unemployment number steady, as the number of those counted as not in the workforce tumbled by 653,000 to just over 95 million.

The total counted as "employed" in the household survey surged by 785,000 to a record 155.2 million.

Will this national nightmare never end!?! It’s all good news for America which means it’s all bad news for REgressives.


And speaking of clocks, don’t forget to set yours ahead an hour tonight: the time bandits are here again. They’re worse than Hitler.


Aaron Mate does a much more comprehensive and less hysterical treatment of the Putin speech. The use of Pouty Putin is embarrassing coming from someone who fashions himself as a serious journalist.



Indeed, the best economies are in countries that have the most even distribution of both political and economic power. That is what I say is the essence of democratic socialism.

I do have to laugh at MMinLamesa’s explanation of the cause of a drop in Chilean infant mortality rate. A graph of Chile’s infant mortality rate is here:

The idea that the drop in infant mortality started after Nixon fostered the Fascist military coup in the 70’s is ludicrous - in fact the opposite argument is better supported by the data since that is when it started to level off.
(note that Chile’s national health care service was started in the 1950’s and the drop came right after that)


Weeds again dude.

Would you rather live in Chile or Venezuela?

Let me put it this way, would you rather be hiding in a park in Caracas looking for a stray pigeon so you don’t stave or in Santiago enjoying a late night cafe?

Don’t bother with another one of your pointless trips into the weeds.


I’d rather live in the United States with progressive political and social institutions - I hope that I can someday.


The day I get a straight answer on CD is the day I’ll be hitting forehands like Roger Federer.

Which in either case, is never.


Sorry - I just don’t see any relevance in your made up choice. I am a democratic socialist so Venezuela doesn’t particularly hold any relevance for me. Sure, I admire countries like those in Scandinavia that have broad social welfare programs, a much better income distribution than countries like the U.S., and a much happier citizenry than elsewhere - but I still prefer to live in the U.S. because that is where I grew up and have my family and friends.

If you want a straight answer to whether I prefer Chile or Venezuela - I’d have to say Chile between 1970 and 1973.

So where you you prefer to live Norway or Azerbaijan?


I’ve always wondered why it is that we don’t talk directly to North Korea. How else to resolve issues? But I would certainly rather have someone besides Trump do the talking since anything he should agree to is totally meaningless as this oaf changes his mind like I change my baby’s diapers.


Neither one is very appealing and honestly I had to look up Azerbaijan. It’s a moslim country so that takes it off the list immediately.

Norway is about as far north as Iceland and I’ve been there many times. It ain’t pretty in the middle of winter. It does have the largest government surplus on the planet doesn’t it? Reluctantly, Norway.


Your definition of socialism is like that of Nationalist Socialist Germany; socialist in name only; a society ruled by authoritarian, racist, xenophobic and misanthropic, militant white trash. One could say communist USSR & China leadership was/is in the same sense more conservative than liberal, more dictatorial than democratic in regard to their societal structure. Let me put it this way: In order to serve a Majority, democrats must serve some fair proportion of conservative republican constituent (elected leaders serve if not all then most constituents). Elected republicans, OTOH, have no compunction to serve even a majority of their political base. As GW Bush inferred, “We are the deciders,” running government like a business with little intention to serve the public other than business interests. When a republican politician chants “jobs, jobs, jobs,” they refer to their definition of the general public as consumers, wage slaves and canon fodder. Trump is an evil SOB.


Full interview of Megan Kelly and Putin. Not the propaganda soundbite you see on TV. I know, somebody will call me a Putin stooge.



The USA is a corporate commercial empire served by an imperialist military and political establishment hell bent on obtaining and exploiting world resources, both natural and human. If Iraq had no oil, we would not have invaded. If Central America and the Caribbean had little agricultural land and labor to exploit in world markets, we wouldn’t have so influenced their nations and culture. Oh, how can we live without luxury air travel to exotic getaways or to visit excommunicated family? Oh, how could we live without wage slave labor abroad producing our clothing and household goods? Oh, can will live without maniacal rush hour driving daily across our municipal counties? Oh, the self-driving car! Yes! That’ll solve everything! Let’s go to war for that! Wheee!


Dear Matt what happened to you when did you get disconnected from reality . Russian bots are real and they are destabilizing democracies around the world every chance they get. We are pushing Trump towards defending the country towards spending 120million on cyber security.

What are you pushing for ? Roll over and see your next vote substituted by Ivan or Natasha?


“The Affluent Society” by Kenneth Galbraith essentially came to the same conclusion - at least that is my personal take away after reading the book many many years ago.

But I really don’t like this Matt Taibbi !

He strikes me as immature - and his reporting is not reporting at all - mostly it is name calling.

As your quote from Marine Corp General Butler attests, war is not a Trump invention, or Obama’s, or the Bushes’, or Clinton’s, etc…

JFK, a veteran, wanted an end to war - result - elimination - and then his younger brother too.

The Deep State has been alive and well since Plymouth Rock, in my opinion, and as evidenced by the superb account by Canadian Ronald Wright, “What is America?”.

And war and tribal conflict literally is our collective history, and when it is temporarily in abeyance, we have proxies, football, Wall Street, competitive science…

We are getting nowhere with this hand-wringing.

Time to stare the human being in the face, breathe deeply, and find real solutions.


A long time ago Frank Zappa said, “Government is the entertainment division of the Military Industrial Complex”.