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Trump Is a Dangerous Idiot. So Why Are We Pushing Him Toward War?


Agreed. I always admired Allende and the way he won the Presidency through democratic means - despite the U.S. spending millions against him in the three elections leading up to his victory. He was the one who introduced the national health insurance program I mentioned above that became law in the 1950’s and resulted in the big decline in infant mortality in the country. He fought hard for the people with innovative programs despite the interference by Anaconda Copper and ITT and the U.S. government’s manipulation of the copper market. Pinochet, on the other hand, gave the Chilean people a healthy dose of torture, imprisonments, murders, and denial of human rights to go with the economic inequality applauded by the right (all while skimming off a good size fortune for himself).


Frankly I should have described Taibbi’s opinion piece as dangerously deceptive and incoherent. Naive implies stupidity or narrow sighted even shallow mind. He is neither , he is quite sharp bitter and sarcastic opinionator who is preaching to a quire (yourself ). I used to be in his quire before , not on this topic.

Taibbi is talking about whole range of topics regions and conflicts without clear focus or goal besides “oh my what if lunatic Trump presses the button”- scare tactic, what he does not talk about is the real attack on US democratic process . The gashing cyber hole is open and no one is doing anything about it. What is more dangerous is for Taibbi to say - never mind it.


Don’t forget transforming natural childhood curiosity to be formally educated privatized to debt slavery by birth to a fookahn commoner!


Yes, and one hundred million was also the figure given by the economist Amartya Sen regarding the unnecessary deaths in capitalist India, a figure, said the Nobel Prize economist, that was more than the combined unnecessary deaths of all the communist countries. Even then, post-independence India was much more progressive than during the times of the British Raj. Together with the over 29 famines that stalked that unfortunate land, the intermittent British wars against Indians who merely wanted to rule their own country were responsible for around 1.8 billion deaths (some idea of which could be gleaned from Amaresh Misra’s book: War of Civilizations, India AD 1957). And we’re not even counting the hundreds of millions of African deaths at hands of European capitalist imperialists - during the 19th century it was considered fashionable for the European ruling class to decorate their homes with African skulls. God knows how many negroes had died escaping from European/American slave hunters, and how many captured ones perished during the trans-Atlantic journeys to the New World. Not to mentioned those who were killed at will as slaves to their slave-masters.

And all those deaths don’t include events like the Irish Potato famine, the world wars started by capitalist states, etc, etc.

In the hunt for profits at all costs, mankind have become the most evil of all creatures. That’s surely not something inevitable, and something that could be cured with a more sharing attitude, a more socially-minded civilisation, a socialist society.


Perhaps it’s Matt’s way to ease some possible pressure on him for his excellent article “As Trump Demands ‘Credit,’ South Korea Praised for ‘Masterful’ Diplomacy.”

Frankly, for some time I’ve had the gnawing suspicion that the Deep State was attacking Trump in order to force him to go to war, whether against Korea (unlikely), Russia (more likely), and China (most likely because that country believes in nuclear deterrence, not MAD and hence doesn’t have as many weapons in their stockpile). Should the Deep State succeed in frightening any nation to surrender or dissolve altogether, it would eventually take credit (its minions would announce it like they did over the breakup of the Soviet Union, even though that event was more an internal matter than a US "victory ") for the occurrence. Should the bluff ended up with a disastrous nuclear war, however, all responsibility could be thrown at Trump - that mad man, that idiot, that rapist, etc., etc.


(some idea of which could be gleaned from Amaresh Misra’s book: War of Civilizations, India AD 1957"

Sorry: should be 1857.


Again attributing stuff to Taibbi he never said or even implied. Your dishonesty stinks to high heaven, dog.


If you like calling names people I suggest starting with Putin and dear Kim John Un.


Excellent point, MMinLamesa!!! Capitalism also succeeds by brutal repression of domestic opponents and genocide of indigenous populations. Even the US mainstream media puts the murder rate of your example capitalism success at over 40,000.

The genocide of Mapuche did not start under Pinochet, but he sure took pleasure in accelerating it. Pinochet’s legacy of genocide continues to this day: https://intercontinentalcry.org/chiles-still-using-pinochets-anti-terrorist-law-mapuche/


You go, Matt, keep dragging the shit out into the open, especially from “thinkfluencers” (love that). Yeah, even if it means that, naturally, the bot flies will show up to feed!

And J-zuss, CD, WTF has happened to this site? I get that anyone deserves a whiff or two but you may have to torch it and start over to get rid of the dominant stench.


My dad said there is no such thing as a necessary war.


I can tell you don’t want to hear viewpoint contrary to your own, Lamesa. I’m not falling for your copy/paste dogmatic demagoguery. Rampant German inflation occurred in the early 1920’s, giving rise to Hitler and his Brownshirt ex-army regulars who blamed their troubles on Jews, liberals, government. Labor union communist trouble began later when German automakers (1930 or so) began mass production technique influenced by the Big 3 US automakers, GM, Chrysler, Ford who probably knew would be applied to armament manufacture. The adage ‘follow the money’ accurately reveals whom is most culpable for the world’s ills. Fascism is defined as big business control of government, not government control of big business. You come off as a rightwing rabble rouser like most sh*theads like Limbaugh (Jobba the Hut of talk radio) and his greasy ilk. I’m Scotch/Irish but I like Hispanic immigration because their lineage is closer to the original inhabitants of North America. I hope they will one day replace all White Trash racist warmonger immigrant descendants here.


Sting says:

“There’s no such thing as a winnable war,
It’s a lie we don’t believe anymore.”
-“Russians” (1985)


May you enjoy your education here in CD and its commons forums.
May you elevate your thinking and perspectives for appreciation of the beloved community of all peoples.


Putin stooge.


Let’s see…Trump is the idiot who defeated 20 other candidates in the primary debates. Bush , on the other hand,. defeated one candidate McCain after the South Carolina primary on which multi-millions were spent. Along with the lies about an illegitimate child McCain supposedly fathered. No one called Bush an idiot even though he clearly was. Bush set this country on the path to endless wars. The Donald hasn’t yet invaded another country yet. Is the hysteria caused by the Red Queen’s defeat?


My autographed campaign photo of Bobby smiles down on me from the wall where it quietly hangs, as I write this response to you. My father knew the two personally. I knew his Los Angeles campaign headquarters office manager personally , Helen Stout, may she too rest in peace. She told me she would never tell what she knew about the night of Bobby’s assassination because she feared for her life.
The Christian and Jewish Zionists, and the neo-liberal fascists are bringing terror home. God have mercy on us all. I think Chris Hedges has a good grasp of what’s happening. These people will make Joe McCarthy and Richard Nixon look like altar boys.


My father, a WWII US Marine, his first cousin was personal aide to JFK. I have as many relatives in Massachusetts as here in Canada.

Tillerson has now been fired, and Trump has surrounded himself with the deep state.

You couldn’t dream this up in Hollywood.

I noticed Trump mentioned Iran in conjunction with his firing of Tillerson - ominous I would think.

We the people need to grow up. There are no rights without commensurate responsibilities.

We have been asleep at the wheel.


Yes - I think so, to a point.

I have just watched all four of Sylvester Stallone’s Rambo movies.

They seem to me, coming from this outlier / artist / patriot Stallone - to be the most accurate, succinct and intuitive look at the police state, the CIA/intelligence group, the Military Industrial Complex & - the American people asleep at the switch, and most upbeat - the innate decency of the normal human being.

This is where all of my hope resides - in the normal human being.

PS: Andrew Bacevich and his book “Breach of Trust” is backup to this thinking:
Breach of Trust: How Americans Failed Their Soldiers and Their Country by Andrew J. Bacevich