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Trump Is a Dangerous Idiot. So Why Are We Pushing Him Toward War?


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Putin stooge.


Let’s see…Trump is the idiot who defeated 20 other candidates in the primary debates. Bush , on the other hand,. defeated one candidate McCain after the South Carolina primary on which multi-millions were spent. Along with the lies about an illegitimate child McCain supposedly fathered. No one called Bush an idiot even though he clearly was. Bush set this country on the path to endless wars. The Donald hasn’t yet invaded another country yet. Is the hysteria caused by the Red Queen’s defeat?


My autographed campaign photo of Bobby smiles down on me from the wall where it quietly hangs, as I write this response to you. My father knew the two personally. I knew his Los Angeles campaign headquarters office manager personally , Helen Stout, may she too rest in peace. She told me she would never tell what she knew about the night of Bobby’s assassination because she feared for her life.
The Christian and Jewish Zionists, and the neo-liberal fascists are bringing terror home. God have mercy on us all. I think Chris Hedges has a good grasp of what’s happening. These people will make Joe McCarthy and Richard Nixon look like altar boys.


My father, a WWII US Marine, his first cousin was personal aide to JFK. I have as many relatives in Massachusetts as here in Canada.

Tillerson has now been fired, and Trump has surrounded himself with the deep state.

You couldn’t dream this up in Hollywood.

I noticed Trump mentioned Iran in conjunction with his firing of Tillerson - ominous I would think.

We the people need to grow up. There are no rights without commensurate responsibilities.

We have been asleep at the wheel.


Yes - I think so, to a point.

I have just watched all four of Sylvester Stallone’s Rambo movies.

They seem to me, coming from this outlier / artist / patriot Stallone - to be the most accurate, succinct and intuitive look at the police state, the CIA/intelligence group, the Military Industrial Complex & - the American people asleep at the switch, and most upbeat - the innate decency of the normal human being.

This is where all of my hope resides - in the normal human being.

PS: Andrew Bacevich and his book “Breach of Trust” is backup to this thinking:
Breach of Trust: How Americans Failed Their Soldiers and Their Country by Andrew J. Bacevich