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'Trump Is a Fraud, Exhibit One Billion': Trade Deficit Soars to 12-Year High Despite President's Promises to Wipe It Out

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/04/trump-fraud-exhibit-one-billion-trade-deficit-soars-12-year-high-despite-presidents


Put a tariff on a good that is not manufactured in the USA or which there not enough made in the USA to meet demand and off course the deficit goes up.

What those tariffs do is just fatten the pockets of local manufacturers.

As example Trump slapped another tariff on Canadian Aluminum. The USA can not produce enough raw aluminum locally but with a tariff US based manufacturers can jack up the prices they sell it for locally and generate more profits.

Now the theory is that as a companies profits go up, it will use those profits to increase wages or improve their efficiency by reinvesting in the Company. This is not what happens. Instead more goes to the shareholders and or more used for stock buybacks and mergers.

Real wages in the US aluminum industry are going down and US firms invest less in improving efficiencies then their competitors. Most Canadian producers rely on hydroelectric power and that generally cheaper then US power sources.


For four decades now, the USA has not invested in workers, or in infrastructure, to create a solid base for the economy. The looting class remains fat and happy, as they continue to dismantle the US economy and gorge on the spoils – but an economy built on dismantling can only feed the predators for so long…


“…but an economy built on dismantling can only feed the predators for so long…” The time has come to end the predator party.


Why is it that deficits matter to elephants only when donkeys are in power.


It’s called “crony protectionism.”

Lots of countries practice that, but the US is a particularly egregious example of hypocrisy where it’s concerned:

We say we love free markets, while rigging the game for non-competitive US industries, as you note. Then we go further by applauding the private equity firms that swoop in to buy up companies within those industries using borrowed money, all in the name of making those companies “more efficient.”

Of course, making them more efficient consists of asset stripping those companies to literal death, and letting someone else sort out their carcasses and the newly unemployed.


What the fuck do Trump and his enablers (including some Democrats) care about any deficit as long as they are able to amass obscene amounts of wealth because of their actions. The whole government of the USA is based on fraud. Yeah, as bad as Trump is, how about taking a look at the riches amassed by Feinstein or Pelosi over the years that they have voted for wars as they have been invested in defense (actually offensive) stocks as one example. And thanks to Clinton signing NAFTA massive numbers of corporations moved their operations to China. They are all fucking frauds and crooks.


One man…destroying america day by day. And there are a lot of morons who think he is great.


This is exactly what people would think -“Now the theory is that as a companies profits go up, it will use those profits to increase wages or improve their efficiency by reinvesting in the Company. This is not what happens. Instead more goes to the shareholders and or more used for stock buybacks and mergers.”
Most people these days never took any kind of economics class, nor do people understand that corporations are not required to have any moral sensibilities, unless doing the moral thing is somehow cheaper. Retail stock ownership has been falling for years.

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Not one man. He is too stupid to think of all these actions his administration is enacting. He is being coached up by a multitude of neocon and neoliberal assholes of the one party, corporate party, who control everything, including all republican politicians and bureaucrats and almost all democrats. Removing Trump will solve nothing of our systemic disease, like cutting off your foot when your whole body has gangrene.


Trump a fraud? My, what a surprise…that so many fail to see it that way. It appears that both parties are fine with Trump as fake president. He gets away with breaking every law, soaring trade deficits, and murder through bigotry, misogyny, endless war and poor handling of Covid-19. This tells USA citizens that both parties (regardless of how any of them say otherwise) enjoy the wealth they are getting through his antics as more important than the good of the country. Being content and happy the ‘bigger of two evils one’ may very well be allowed to continue as our fake president.


There are many otherwise intelligent and kindhearted people on the right. Their political selves have bought into the Fox narrative. The dishonesty is in the form of a veil over the eyes of right-wing followers. Then there is the hate speech and fear mongering of democratic socialism.

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Sorry …but one man enabled these people. He opened the door for the scoundrels to flood in. One man or woman of character, honesty and dignity could have led us on another course. Like Truman said…the buck stops here. Of course the things Trump does have been going on since the beginning of the country. Government is a tool of enrichment for corrupt people who know how to manipulate. But Trump is kind of a culmination of all of that…a kind of antichrist like figure for the nation. We have been required to face this corruption like never before…it is in our face daily…and now…what do we do or what can we do? Or do we just learn that any system is only as good as the character, honesty and dignity of the individuals who serve?

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I think you have your words twisted to conveniently fit you own personal view of things which I think is wrong.

There is a buying and selling of factories occurring. So 1,800 names are lost as companies. Many very good smaller rural factories have been sold a bill of goods and sold to a minnie conglamorite who places their brother-in-law as new prez at high salary and big expense account. He bleeds the money out fast.

Certainly the asian and german auto folks want suppliers to provide lower cost, higher quality parts and sub assemblies. I am laughing at one American auto company. Their president failed at every assignment he was hired for.

They even have one key supplier paying their employees a higher wage and benefit package than they do. 65 years ago, every component had three suppliers dibbying up. Now we have a merger supply chain of vertical per GM and outsourced per Ford. one outside supplier !!

There are two predator parties. One of them has changed it’s focus these last 40 years. The Democrats are the party that sold out the two-party continuum. It’s the party that most needs to end. It stands in the way of the desires of it’s membership.

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George McGovern-------------who knew the unions were pro war and against national healthcare-----Harry Truman called for national healthcare-------the republican party stands for nothing—let it go the way of the Wiggs-----

It is really amazing that Trump polls ahead on the economy-------becuse somehow the president is not reponsible when he let’s a virus invade the country----the guy all about walls and keeping people out—but he let thousands into the country infected.

McGovern was a Democrat outlier, even in 1972. He got very little “party” support. Harry Truman was a low-capacity tool who was inserted in place of a quality progressive in 1944 as the oligarchs solidified control of the party. He capitulated elected government to the secret one that rules us today. The Democrats are the more effective evils, and that they still have support is a testament to the power of aspirational lies, no matter how obviously insincere they ought to be.


“Nearly 1,800 factories have disappeared under Trump 2016 to 2018.”

Jobs jobs jobs boom includes grocery and department store security goons; Uber/Lyft ride services making traffic worse and Amazon drivers adding to the glutton of traffic nausea; Landlord rental properties: luxury hotel and condo tower money laundering; middle class Yuppie apartment block rentals in the desirable districts where everyone dresses in Silicon Valley Yuppieville costumes, bow ties, short sleeve plaid shirts, creased leggings and sandals.

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It wasn’t always this way. Stock buybacks? Isn’t that a kind of fraud, since the idea is to make stock prices increase, as people think company stock is being bought by real invéstors & so, buy the stock too? And stock in company keeps going up & up. But, based on fake info, since the “buybacks” give false impression that others want to buy the stock in company. Can’t tell by stock price going up, who is buying stock.
And, lately at least, it is our tax dollars being used for those stock buybacks! Corporate hand-outs of many billions of $$$ apiece weren’t used to keep employees on payroll, nor were the corporations in fear of “going under” ~ UNLIKE the REAL Americans & SMALL businesses out here in real world! Congress gave away so much of our money, SO FAST & with no rules or oversight for corporate bailouts, that Trillion + $$$ were gone so quickly that small business didn’t even have a chance at getting $ they NEEDED to weather the economy crash caused by Trump’s virus (his handling of Covid-19)!
These corps blew thru the money they were handed so freely by politicians they’d bought & paid for. It was nothing good for mainstream America that $$$ spent on. Multi-million $$ bonuses top top fat cats & their own stock buybacks ~ makes stock market go up, which benefits the mostly wealthy & few IRA’s, mutual funds. Stock increases are based on bullshit tho, so looks to me like a fake “bubble” that will burst at some point. Before that, bet those sames greedy corps will go to their just as greedy politicians – most GOP & some Dems too, begging for MORE $!
Where are WE, working class Americans & the poor, in this picture?? Forgotten & denied the help WE REALLY DO NEED, just to survive! But fear not, they’ll remember us real soon…soon as it’s time to pay back that money they gave to rich f*cks!! “Deficits!” …they will cry out! Not until a Dem is in WH tho ~ they always seem to wait for that B4 they scream about deficits & debts owed!
Filthy disgusting pigs, all!

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