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Trump Is a Health Hazard: The Choice Is Clear on Labor and Workers' Rights in November

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/09/07/trump-health-hazard-choice-clear-labor-and-workers-rights-november


Unfortunately too many workers fall for gimmicks like Trump’s current “payroll tax cut” that he can now say will need to be paid back if workers vote for Biden, but will be eliminated forever if they vote Trump dynasty.


Anyone who does not support Medicare For All is a health hazard


My understand is that, except for the federal government, where the agencies have to under an executive order, very few employers are buying into this FICA tax cut. The Treasury Dept presumably could refuse to accept the employee-share FICA portion of their quarterly payments if they want to “hardball”.

As far as saving social security, from talking to millennial co-workers in my workplace who regard getting old as something in the inconceivably far future, they, unfortunately, have pretty much fallen for the propaganda that “Social Security will soon be out of money and extinct”. So in the fight to save Social Security expect young people and their needed energy to be AWOL.

SS will be the difference between retiring in modest comfort and retiring in poverty for me, so this is personal.


I’m 60 yrs. old, TPTB have been using the “Social Security will soon be out of money and extinct” meme at least since I was in High School, I suspect to gain support from young voters to defund the program. I know it can be daunting, to get through to young people sometimes (I have 3 young adult kids), but I would hammer the above fact with your millennial co-workers, and encourage them to investigate the laws surrounding it’s funding.


I’m on Social Security and thank goodness for it and Medicare. If not for these 2 programs, I could be in abject poverty and unable to afford private health insurance and medications. SS isn’t just for the old and retired, it also supplies survivors’ benefits and disability insurance. So many lies are told about SS by the GOP, libertarians and the billionaires who hate SS. That maniac Ayn Rand took advantage of her SS and Medicare benefits, she signed up for both.


I remember being told that in my 20’s some 50 years ago. It is told to every generation. Of course at the time I really did not think about it but I did not complain about he deductions as I truly believed in America’s constitution and we the people. We the people have also failed, failed to understand what is our best interest, failed to understand/cognitive thinking, and education has been dummied down so we don’t have a true history and are not taught critical thinking.


“As far as saving social security, from talking to millennial co-workers in my workplace…they…have pretty much fallen for the propaganda that ‘Social Security will soon be out of money and extinct’.”

So why did more young people expect to rely on SS in 2017 than 10 yrs before?

"Young, Old in U.S. Plan on Relying More on Social Security

  • 25% of those aged 18 to 29 plan to rely on Social Security in their retirement
  • This is nearly twice the 13% in age group who said this in 2007
  • Older nonretirees are also more likely to plan on Social Security"
    h ttps://news.gallup.com/poll/211085/nonretirees-rely-social-security.aspx
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Home Depot is not participating, for one. They are planning on BAU (business as usual)

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My guess is that now that more boomers are using it, more kids know someone on it and are seeing how great it is. They are learning.

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National Nurses United Biden Endorsement: Measure of US Left Weakness

The NNU piece highlights the weakness of the post-Sanders left - the near-half of Dem voters that went for him in 2016 primaries.

Basically, the NNU - the fiery pro-Sanders/M4A union - has gotten on board the Dem Party Biden train w/0 demands and 0 reference to Biden’s declared anti-M4A position.

But it gets worse: when NNU’s executive committee endorsed Biden in July, it did not criticize him, yet still made reference to NNU’s demands for medicare for all - which Biden has said he would veto if - if elected - it reached his desk:

"NNU will continue our campaign…to press for enactment of Medicare for All to guarantee health care as a human right for everyone, without the barriers imposed every day by a profit-focused health care industry,” one executive member wrote.
h ttps://www.nationalnursesunited.org/press/national-nurses-united-endorses-biden

But now NNU has wholly retracted its militant M4A advocacy - ending w/only generalized references to NNU’s future advocacy for “transformative social changes all workers, and patients…need.”

Ideally, the post-Sanders left would be demanding that the Democratic Party/Biden change its position and commit to support for M4A as a condition of its vote.

Instead - this. For now, this is what defeat looks like - better we face it for what it is.


I think it far more important to punish the Democratic Party elites for offering us such horrible candidates in the last two elections than it is to defeat Donald Trump.

Joe Biden is every bit as bad as Donald Trump and is working for the same oligarchs. What’s to stop the Dems from offering an even worse candidate in 2024?

The Green Party has a great platform and a vote for its candidate sends a message to all politicians who think they can count on progressives to vote blue no matter how bad the Democratic candidate is.


Gotta love how writers like these are so proud of their amnesia. Clinton: NAFTA. Obama: Cat Food Commission and Occupy Wall Street. How does that all work out for workers and their rights? Neither of the two red and blue corporate parties give a fuck about workers in the USA. I swear the citizens of the USA are the stupidest fools in the world. Go ahead and believe in Biden and Trump, Santa Claus, Unicorns and the Tooth Fairy. The US Is full of citizens who act like two year olds with their magical thinking. No wonder a two year old is president of the USA now.

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For every person of IQ=120, there are four at 95.  Even if two of the latter don’t bother voting, the other two will probably vote for Tweetle-Dumb, and even if the supposedly brighter person is paying attention there is a fair chance that she or he will protest the election by boycotting it or writing in a non-Duopoly candidate. The same thing is true for there being four 90s for every 140, and even the supposed majority of those of us who are at or near IQ = 100 have been seriously handicapped by a mediocre system of “education” that touts mostly rote memorization, sweetened with a little patriotic propaganda . . .   No wonder Tweetle-Dumb won in 2016 and has an almost 50-50 chance this year.

You left “God” off your list of non-existent wish-granters, belief in whom / which is rampant among Tweetle-Dumbists and may in fact be the single biggest reason that many ‘low-information’ persons remain his supporters.

(You gnit-pickers who note that I left Biden’s name on the list of non-existent wish-granters, above, please remember that the Biden you see on TV is not real, but merely a Fig Newton of the DNC’s and MSM’s imaginations who, even if he “wins” in November, will provide few – if any – of the things you are naively hoping for.)

Wonder in what ways DT is not a hazard, health and otherwise.



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“I think it…more important to punish the Democratic Party elites for offering us such horrible candidates…than it is to defeat Donald Trump…[A Green] vote…sends a message to all politicians who think they can count on progressives to vote blue no matter how bad the Democratic candidate is.”

Such “punishment” by Greens will cause the DP to ‘learn its lesson’ and offer less bad candidates or platforms?

Advance thanks for supporting an otherwise worthless claim.

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You don’t follow current events or Trumps policies and programs very much, don’t you?

Either that, or you are a Trump campaign or Putininist agent. You writing is odd.

Voting for the Green candidate will not send any message - it will be totally ignored - I know, I once was a big Green Party party supporter, but never again until the current fascist threat we are now facing is over.

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Obviously more so than those fantasists pretending that Biden the right wing, pathological liar with dementia, is better than Trump, the right wing, pathological liar with dementia.

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Yeah. The Greens will get less than one percent in most states. Some “punishment”!

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