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Trump is Considering Expanding Killing Powers Abroad. The Consequences for Civilians Will be Disastrous


Trump is Considering Expanding Killing Powers Abroad. The Consequences for Civilians Will be Disastrous.

Hina Shamsi

When the Obama administration put in place guidelines meant to restrain lethal drone and other killings abroad, we were concerned that they set too low a bar, and that even that low bar could easily be overturned.


"If the Trump administration's patterns expand, the limits of war as we know it could virtually dissolve."

That horse left the barn a LONG time ago.


Who are the idiots here? Sorry Hina but one really can not restrain that which is ILLEGAL and morally bankrupt. Low bar for murder is none. Where were you when Obama was breaking the law? GW Bush?

The leaders of this republic are murderers, killers, lovers of torture they smile when they do it. They put people in prison without due process and they rot there. This did not suddenly appear with DJT as much as you would like to make it so it is not so. Americans are killers who since the end of world war has killed 30 million.

Own it. It is who you are Americans. All of you.


" This did not suddenly appear with DJT."

From my perspective, America's military, coup d' etat was in 1963 and the whitewash and cover-up after that is the result of why we now have Trump. Ever since, America has been a rogue,terrorist,war criminal, nation that has murdered many of our own military as well as many innocent civilians and has been able to brainwash many of it's citizens with the mendacious, canard that it is a democracy, when nothing could be further from the truth!


Yes you nailed it. Good post.


Yes, we should never forget and never forgive.
No statute of limitations applies.


The sham removed

The shame revealed


I am still waiting for the former Commander in Chief Obama to clarify why he authorized the killing of the sixteen year old US citizen Abdulrahman al-Awlaki. Our current Commander in Chief managed to kill Abdulrahman's eight year old sister recently, along with a number of other people who were considered civilians. Trump's raid was generally described at "botched" and a US commando also died in the operation. There activities only cause more people to be recruited to the cause of terrorism (or in their eyes, to the cause of fighting the power causing havoc in their homeland).


Dive, I disagree with this. In my studies of history, All empires do these things. All. So it's not an exclusively American thing at all. It's a Naked Ape thing. Homo sapiens have always had war and famine and genocide and prostitution and alcohol and drug use and always will. There's no way to stop these things since they are hard-wired into the DNA and the culture of MAN.

To try and vilify just America for something that is endemic to the entire species (especially the middle East) is unfair. Mao starved ten million of his own citizens. Stalin killed twenty million of his own. Germany several million too. Have we?

Not to my knowledge. Except Obamanation to the Constitution who droned American citizens to death assuming god-like powers not given him under the US Constitution. And bush shelling US citizens in Lebanon.

Witness the slaughter of just the Levant since civilization records have been kept to prove it's not just an American thing:


Read Presidential Commission on Bioethics for some of the bizarre quasi-attention by officials following claims against the many "experiments" carried out and being carried out by the US on select groups of private citizens. Remote electronic torture, syphilis spread among Southern black males, AIDS origin, ...

Yes, the boundaries of evil go beyond our country and our times. Wells were poisoned by the ancients. Leaders kept food tasters to guard against poisoning..

But never stop trying to be better. And as we see, it can always get worse.


That is still in dispute. The period 1960-61 was a time of massive drought across half of China. The Cultural Revolution was something else and basically an abomination resulting from a power struggle between Mao, his wife and others and the rest of the CP hierarchy.

On the credit side the period 1949-1960 saw a massive rebuilding of China and extremely vast improvements in standards of living from the post-1911-pre-1949 shambles that resulted from the collapse of a feudal empire in which the lives of the peasants had been not all that good to boast about.

The assorted parties involved in the wars from 1911-1949 certainly did kill more than 10 million Chinese; the Japanese alone did in 19 million. Chiang Kai Shek's mob weren't all that user-friendly either.

But I would agree. The vile side of Homo sap comes to the fore far too often and it does so in all countries..


Please see news stories about the alleged US attack on Syria re: civilian deaths. This just happened.

Also, I've been saying for months that war with North Korea seems to be where Trump is headed. Now the State Dept. has said that diplomacy with NK has failed. What's that leave? Yeah. Pyongyang thinks so, too.

The "Clinton wants war with Russia" lie seems more and more pernicious every day.


Who cares? Syria is no threat to us. North Korea has a handful of unreliable missiles, whereas Russia has 7500 nuke warheads on mobile launchers at unknown locations and a massive Navy and Airforce. Can't you do math? Can't you see that Trump's course is far safer for us?

Clinton probably would have got us all killed in a nuke war with Russia by now. I showed you many times links showing NATO and Victoria NuLand massing tanks and missiles on the Russian Border after they supported Ukranian Nazis to overthrow the legitimate Ukraine government. Your sick devotion to that bloodthirsty witch who started seven wars means you are complicit in the death of millions. This is partly why the Democrat Party has imploded. We no longer trust it.


What you don't get is that I think you're useless and delusional and morally reprehensible. Do you think I take anything you say seriously?

As for "who cares," you do, which is why you keep trolling me. This is the last attention I'll be giving to you and your sick, immoral worldview which credits only white lives with value. Your lies are just too sick-making to endure at this point, as is your repulsive defense of Trump. You're dismissed.


Riiigghhht. Your Red Queen killed more brown people than anyone in history and you obviously ignore that little fact. You pretending to care about brown people is a laugh. What about the millions starved and killed in Iraq alone????? Senator Clinton, who you supported, voted yes on that war. Madame Secretary Clinton bombed the devil out of brown people in the Sudan, Congo, Nigeria, Somalia and Yemen not to mention Syria, CAR, Libya, Honduras etc, etc, etc.....

Your worldview is sick since you continue to champion a war criminal. You turn a blind eye to war, bombing brown people for profit as do most Democrats. We are done with you and your sick party. You've lost the majority in all three branches of government and most local races as well.

Trump is now polling at 47 percent approval rating.
Clinton is at 37 percent.
Congress is at 12 percent.

Heck of a job Dems!


Not a Clinton supporter but there was no coming war with Russia. This seems like something Trump defenders will bring up when he starts bombing Iran in the next year.


That's not what I read. The Doomsday clock is now at three minutes to midnight according to war risk calculators, which is the closest we've ever come to nuclear war since the Cuban Missile Crisis. I realize MSM hasn't covered it; you need to get your news on a search engine. Here are pictures of the biggest buildup on the Russian border since WWII (which was ordered by Obama and NATO):

Also, here's Putin's warning of war which you also might not have seen:


I will agree that as a species we are blood thirsty and rushing to end up like Easter Island folks. I will also agree that humans have been doing what the USA is doing now to the rest of the world for as long as we have been here. Which in time span of the snap of your fingers has got us to this point. I disagree that our violence is a permanent characteristic of our species. We have been here for a blink in time. We do not even use the majority of our brains. If we do not kill ourselves off we have a long way to go in development of our selves. One of the ways we will develop further is by understanding our behaviors and changing the ones that are not productive for us.

Presently we are the empire of the day. We are doing the killing. It is not acceptable to me that we be part of the video you offer as it points out that about the time we show a little weakness it will be time to be on the other side of the killing and understand our future lies in a mass grave some where.

Sooner or later we will have to smarten up or we will end up like Easter Islanders. As you know we are screwing ourselves out of our home. So it hurts but as I have grown up here and been made a part of the death, genocide and planetary disruption I feel I have the right and should call out my fellow country men to turn away from the mess and put our efforts into a better life for all of us and time to address the mess we have created. A poor reason not to change is because things have always been that way. Yet life is always about change.


Very good points and I can't argue with them. How to throw off our inherited tribal genes is the question. Fortune 500 Corps are tribes too. They see everyone else but shareholders as the enemy. They act in very destructive ways to secure short-term profits at the expense of workers and the planet.


It is not the right thing to do or say but I would start cleaning out the war gene with players in the DNC like HRC but for sure Robert Kagan and Victoria Nuland. I do not understand people with wealth using it to pound a war drum.