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Trump Is Cornered - Now Comes the Dangerous Part


Trump Is Cornered - Now Comes the Dangerous Part

John Atcheson

With the FBI’s raid on Cohen’s home, office and hotel room, the net is being narrowed, and Trump is, in all likelihood, trapped. And like any creature that operates from the limbic system, now is when he becomes most dangerous.


When trump had his news conference last night saying the bombing in Syria would be starting very soon, my first thought was that here is a man who will do anything, no matter how many people may die from his orders, to try to get the media to spend a little time on a subject other than the mess he is in.
He is a desperate man who is and always has been a danger to society.


Well, Trump just attacked Syria, and neither the Democrats nor the Republicans and, most important, the mass media did anything to stop it. Instead, the tendency is to applaud the action, whether loudly or silently. And if he starts an all-out war, it’s not merely that he wants diversion: the two political parties, prompted by the Deep State and its arm, the mass media, want the war. Let’s stop pretending that Trump is doing what he did all on his own.


Mueller still has nothing, and not because Trump is honest.

The “Russiagate” story was hatched on the heels of enormous and well documented revelations about the Clinton camp. A year and six months later, we still wait for the first scrap of evidence.

Meanwhile we have Russians shooting down British missiles in Syria. Trump’s blatant PR move to act aggressively towards Russia follows the policies of what is left of the official “Democratic” Party, the neocons, and neoliberals.

Not much of this has to do with Trump’s grandiose personality other than the rhetoric of the tweets. This is a war applauded by both parties.

Really, it’s tempting: “A plague on both your houses.” But plagues are not very selective, are they?



You have no idea what Mueller has on Trump, so my suggestion is wait until the indictments are issued.

Then, and only then, will you, me, and everyone else know exactly what Mueller has on Trump.


And don’t expect Ryan to lead any charge against Trump because Ryan is concerned about his legacy. Ryan’s mission to transfer wealth from the 99% to the 1% is also the legacy he plans to leave. He wears it as a badge of honor.


Trump is going to fire Muller and then he will wag the Muller dog. I sincerely hope he is preempted by Congress but he probably won’t be. I stand by my mantra: hope for the best prepare for the worst.


I have worked with a couple of malignant narcissists like Trump and my experience is that they will do anything to save themselves no matter the cost to others and they will persist long past the time when a sane person would have thrown in the towel. Expect Trump to wag the dog at the expense of the entire world and go down in a fit of furious fighting.


So tired of the denier blabbermouths out there thinking they know anything about the Muller case. So far all the evidence stacking up indicates Muller has a load of excrement to drop on Trump but then, given his proclivity for golden showers, he might actually get off on it.


I have my doubts when it comes to ascribing rational motivation to Trump’s tweeting, bluster, name-calling, bloviating, and off-script pronouncements that are immediately walked back by his handlers.

He’s a loose cannon and political incorrectness got him to the White House–his secret sauce is essentially a mix of spur-of-the-moment bullshit and incoherence.

And Paul Ryan does nothing that an oligarch hasn’t instructed him to do.


I agree. And from my perspective, what that means is Trump will unleash a nuclear attack before he resigns or is impeached. Let’s hope my perspective is wrong!


I agree. If they had anything that could bring him down they would have done it already. It’ s quite possible that Trump has had shady business deals with certain Russians - not unlike many people of his class - but there’s nothing that will provoke enough of the GOP to jump ship to provide the political environment for impeachment. People forget that impeachment is a political, not legal process. What Russiagate has done is keep Trump on the back foot and kept moving him in the direction that the Deep State, the neoliberals and neocons want.


Agree. Except for the “go down” part. Trump will get away with everything. He is truly the Teflon Don, and it is 100% the fault of the Rethuglicans, who could stop him in a heartbeat if they so chose. The Dems, of course, don’t have any power but even if they did (as some say they will after mid-terms this fall), they would also do nothing, as they are really not an opposition party but simply the Washington Generals to the Rethugs’ Harlem Globetrotters.

He will Get. Away. With. Everything.