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'Trump Is Deporting the Troops': Promised Path to Citizenship, Immigrant Recruits to US Military Being Ousted


'Trump Is Deporting the Troops': Promised Path to Citizenship, Immigrant Recruits to US Military Being Ousted

Julia Conley, staff writer

Immigrants who joined the U.S. Army through a program promising U.S. citizenship have been abruptly discharged—likely ruining their chances of naturalization and potentially putting them at risk for deportation.

fuckin Trump is deporting the troops https://t.co/cQfRLahBnd

— ryan cooper (@ryanlcooper) July 6, 2018


This sounds like what we should expect from a white nationalist president. I guess the military personnel who discharged them were just following orders. And voters continue to discover elections have consequences. Those who had enough of the status quo and wanted change did get change. Nobody can argue that the old status quo is still in place.


Obviously, Trump is violating the contract that these volunteer soldiers entered into when they joined the Empire’s war crimes machine.
On the other hand-- welcome to karma.
If you volunteer for the Empire’s war crimes organization, no matter what your motivation was, you have committed a moral wrong.
You were willing to help the USA invade, occupy, pillage and ruin small countries that never threatened the USA.
So you deserve whatever bad comes to you.
I have ZERO respect for anyone who volunteers for the American military, other than those like Chelsea Manning who recognize the error of having done so, and turn into war crimes resistors.
My lack of respect very much includes Senator Tammy Duckworth, who flew combat copters and has blood on her hands.


Probably among the smartest moves ever made by the deep state was to end conscription; with one stroke the antiwar movement was eviscerated. Another effect was to make poverty a prime motivator for “volunteering.”

If your point is that everybody should know by now what they’re signing up for, I don’t disagree, but would submit to you that among those who enlist, the number who do so with malice aforethought is miniscule in comparison to the number who simply couldn’t find a job anywhere else in this Mad Max economy.


Immigrants who joined the U.S. Army through a program promising U.S. citizenship have been abruptly discharged

Apparently these recruits were not familiar with US History: This is stolen land obtained through violence, deceit and not one treaty was kept with the indigenes.


Shame on the Knuckle-Dragger-in-Chief! Shame! First he wants to no longer allow transgendered troops to serve. Now he’s going after those troops who don’t hold citizenship. He is systematically attempting to weaken our military. In true Irish Republican Army fashion… drill his knee caps!


I think Americans need to brace themselves for the draft being reinstated. These young immigrants who thought they would get good job training and a path to citizenship through the military were filling in personnel gaps that were difficult to fill by Americans who don’t particularly want to fight in a war. Not enough manpower? The draft is the logical solution, favored by those old goons who still function as though this were 1955.


About not keeping treaties, perhaps we can modify slightly that statement here. According to a Native American leader, the US “promised to take our land and they did.”


Forget Money out of Politics, Economic Inequality, Single Payer, Free College, Net Neutrality, Ending War on Drugs, Ending Private Prisons, Ending Permanent War, Regulating Guns, Abolishing the Electoral College, UBI, Busting Monopolies, Green Energy, Religion out of Politics, Cellphone Blockchain Voting, Wealth Cap or other popular and creative progressive issues. These seem to be taking a back seat to Democrat’s more dramatic Allow Illegal Immigration issue.

How convenient.

Now Dems don’t have to run on all the other ones, particularly the first.


I agree with you that the government abolished the draft because forcing people to fight and die in small foreign countries isn’t politically popular.

Regarding the reasons people volunteer for the military, it’s not that they can’t get non-military jobs, it’s that they crave the goodies the military offers, which are substantial, and they simply don’t care that their job involves shedding blood for empire.

I’ve met inner city drug kingpins who defend their drug dealing by saying they couldn’t find a legit job too. Your justification of the motivations for military volunteers at best to shows them to be morally bankrupt, selfish, financial opportunists, if not mercenaries.

Secondly, most Americans who volunteer for the military believe in Americanism, hegemony, militarism. After 9-11, it was commonly heard from American soldiers that they joined the military to get revenge by killing “camel jockeys” and “ragheads.” The Empire’s soldiers definitely have malice aforethought.

Further, a huge percentage of American military volunteers are evangelical radicals who believe that they’re carrying out God’s will by killing for Empire. https://www.advocate.com/commentary/2018/3/29/christian-takeover-us-military

So I don’t excuse any volunteer the way liberals like to do. Everybody has a moral choice to make when they choose employment. A moral person, no matter how dire they believe their circumstances are, would never consent to being a hit man for Empire.

The only volunteers who have cleansed themselves morally are those like Chelsea Manning who renounce the military and work for peace.

The rest have blood on their hands, especially the ones like Senator Duckworth, and those guys in the helicopter as shown in the Wikileaks Collateral Murder video that Manning shared with us. Those helicopter soldiers are TYPICAL of American military volunteers. How anyone can want to make excuses for unrepentant volunteer military members is beyond me!


sigh----------I suppose it was a white guy who named himself, or was it his group “Crazy Horse.”
So------ anyone moving on city streets is an instant “insurgent?” I do remember seeing this before and hearing the guy say that “they” shouldn’t have brought their kids. No wonder that people in the Middle East hate us. I hate us too.


It is not often one can applaud the actions of the us army.
Even if a few hundred less homicidal enforcers on the oligarchy’s payroll is just a drop in the bucket, this could very well end up saving a few innocent lives.


There are arguments for the draft with regard to fairness but it is not going to happen. It certainly wouldn’t be popular and the military certainly doesn’t want it. They like their professional army of volunteers who are highly trained and motivated. Draftees often are serving against their will and are often not competent enough and actually hinder the operation of the army. They also have a higher risk of being killed because of their lack of training and increased number of deaths makes what the military is doing very unpopular with the public. I think the draft is history. And the robots are coming so there will be no need to draft anyone.


I agree with your analysis, but it’s the Congress that will reinstate the draft, if it happens, and they seldom listen to anyone except for their sponsors. And a war with Iran might be in the works. Iran isn’t a small pipsqueak country withlittle to no army, which we have selected for our incursions in the past, on the assumption that we would gain easy victories.


I completely disagree. These people, and most who enlist, are sold a bill of goods that will never be delivered – education, skills, a post-military career, not to mention veterans’ health care and other benefits.

They don’t deserve anything bad unless they joined with evil intent. Rather, they should be viewed as just more victims of a system out of control. If military recruitment were held to the same standards that simple commerce is held to, they would be cited for fraud and misrepresentation. They would never pass fair trade practice standards. It is the system that is fault, not these individuals.


You’re so quick to believe these lies but I’m not surprised. Anything that negatively reflects on President Trump or anyone in his administration will be gobbled up by your ilk like a dog eats his vomit. I bet the latest fake news about Jim Jordan is having you doing somersaults.

The fact is only NEW recruits are being turned away and then only after they have been vetted. Many are from countries that have a high regard of disdain for this country-IOW moslims who use Taqiiyya.

Do you favor allowing America hating recruits to lie their way into our military where they have access to real military grade weapons and explosives?

Does Nidal Assan ring a bell for you?


You effing REgressives are disgusting.


Americans are already looking at the recklessness of corrupt and fascist US/CIA
where they have put the Middle East on fire with their “illegal wars of aggression” or
what’s still called “regime change” in order to control oil and the Middle East –

This is a liberal nation and Americans stand against these wars by very large numbers –
84% or more – and internationally the numbers are even higher.
As made clear by Rahm Emmanuel in his obscene “F— you to liberals who are the back
bone of the Democratic Party” they would end all the wars and knock out the MIC.

And much of this destruction has been done using MIC corporations – contractors and
sub-contractors to carry out these wars which are also being protected by our corrupt Congress.


Just a guess, but I think the building revolution would overflow and explode
if they do such a thing.


nature –

When Trump begins kidnapping children from parents at the border – more than 3,000 in
US custody somewhere, but not necessarily does anyone in government have a record of
just where – that will naturally become the issue. And certainly these parents and children
need the help of our citizens agitating for the families to be reunited.

Basically the American public are being thrown explosive new issues every day and are
trying to field them all at the same time.

Who would we be if we ignored this issue?


Was reading an article on the ladder for citizenship and it looks like they have made
it a great deal harder to get anywhere on line – or to reach actual citizenship.

In NJ, it looks like we have a backlog of 75,000 whose final step to citizenship has been
delayed for whatever reasons — ???

And nationally, looks like there is a backlog of 750,000 where the final steps to citizenship
just haven’t happened because of government delays.

So this isn’t just removing them from the military – it looks like there is an overall program
in play to PREVENT as many as they can from reaching citizenship.

Let’s see now … might this have anything to do with the racism/sexism of this Trump regime?