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Trump Is Deregulating the Nation Toward Disaster

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/06/26/trump-deregulating-nation-toward-disaster

This deregulation of industry wherein they “regulate themselves” is something the pea brained Koch type Libertarians have advocated for years even as they equate it with “freedom and liberty”.

I can spend the rest of the day linking to articles showing how “de-regulated” industry has poisoned water supplies, our oceans and lakes, the very air we breath and our food supply. The disaster is already here and Trump and crew want to double down on what brought the world to this place.


The legendary Casey Jones died in a terrible train wreck; one hand on the throttle, one hand on the brake. He was trying to save a little time, which was money for the railroad. time is money - for the rich stockholders(no longer retail, but institutional as businesses buy back their own stock). Neoliberals and have monetized everything, even the lives of workers and consumers, as corporations struggle to find new ways to squeeze nickels.


Apparently the plan is to fulfill the Cree prophecy as soon as possible.


trumpster’s brain is now deregulated with missing parts.