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Trump is Global Journalism’s American Junk Food


Trump is Global Journalism’s American Junk Food

Christian Christensen

He’s everywhere.


Trump personifies the conservative white man's American dream. Lots of money and power, private jets and trophy wives. They will vote for him because one day they could be like him. The same reason they buy lottery tickets with 300 million to one chances of winning.


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Trump, and other obviously ridiculous Republicans like Ted Cruz, exists so that Liberals can feel good about voting for well-spoken and reasonable Democrats who sing "Kumbayah" as they steal your money and murder Muslims. Sanders appears to be singing the loudest right now.


Bashing the US is a favourite pastime of portions of the international press because we Americans have made it so damn easy.

No it is not a favourite pastime. At least not in England and not in Australia. It may well be in the non English speaking press, but then I would not know about that. They bash whichever so called enemies of the USA is in vogue for the month and for the week, right on queue, and then moves on, right on queue. My guess is that they bash exactly who they are told to bash.


No they dont. But what percentage are we talking about? What percentage will hear Bernie, and what percentage will get theirs from the TV? I guess this will be answered in less than a year.


Nah, he's actually spot on.


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Somebody save me! After his speech tonite I'm thinking of voting for him!


If ONE TENTH of the media the Trump reality-TV show we call corporate media ... were given to Bernie Sander's message ... Sanders would be around 60 to 70% nationwide, if you look at how the American people feel about his positions, according to public opinion polls. The corporate media is twisted in excruciating gymnastic contortions to avoid giving Bernie any air time. It would be hilarious if it weren't so dark and dispicable, so dangerous to our democracy. We must BECOME the MEDIA, and dedicate ourselves to spreading the youtube's of Bernie Sanders on various issues. If the 99% gets off its ass and uses the Internet as a Bernie organizing tool, nothing can stop us from electing Bernie Sanders by a landslide. Supporting Bernie and our democracy is not a spectator sport in this corporatocracy that will use all its tools, including media, to bend our minds away from Bernie's solid message.


I thought so too. I take his central message to be:

But Trump is also political and journalistic junk food: a diversion from a deeper, uncomfortable discussion about what ails both the US and Europe. There are serious people out there talking about these ailments. It’s time we ate our vegetables.

In a recent "discussion" with a conservative cousin, I said Trump was "the logical consequence of Reaganism." I was referring to his independence from the usual oligarchic paymasters and how that lets him be as much of a whacko as his ego desires. I find the discomfort that the resulting "showbiz-on-steroids" is causing in centers of power - and to my cousin - quite entertaining.

In small doses...


Why is CD censoring Siouxrose? Except for her remark about psychedelics, I'd say her analysis is spot on. This is a pretty insulting, empty article. But I guess it is written by a journalism professor so it counts. Meanwhile SR is flagged? For what exactly? About the only thing she missed in her comments is that Trump and the media's usage of him is just to run the clock out on the emptiness that the republicons are offering. They have nothing. But that doesn't put asses in the seats. The bombastic offerings of Trump at least creates media business, and that is what it's all about.




As an independent journalist, I find the media's Trump obsession to be JOURNALISTIC MALPRACTICE & SHEER LAZINESS. The horse-race blather is brazen propaganda to "lead" the voters to support PRE-SELECTED candidates (like Bush & Clinton) & to DISMISS candidates of SUBSTANCE like Bernie Sanders, while reinforcing the U.S> "Winner Take All" Big Money soaked election system. Of course, any Third Parties---such as the Green Party (Dr.Jill Stein, most known candidate) and Libertarian Party are CENSORED out of discussion entirely. It's a JOKE & a SCAM to say the "U.S> is the greatest democracy on Earth"---as Trump climbs in media-manufactured polls. Our voter turnout is LOWEST of any Western democracy and the PARROTING of dumb comments like "Sanders can't win" a year and half BEFORE Election Day and the grotesque censorship only serves to discourage or herd voters to what the 1% wants. Just wish that more voters would EDUCATE THEMSELVES and stick it to the pundits & bloviators by voting for candidates who give a damn about us---rather than corporate hacks like Hillary, sons of dynasty like Jeb or a billionaire bigot like Trump. Here's a NON-PARTISAN site with voting records & positoins on issues that includes ALL candidates (NOT just Rs & Ds): www.votesmart.org


Thank you. I have no idea why the response was flagged either apart from stating the obvious: That Trump caters to angry white guys and that HARDLY represents the diverse composition of this nation.


So true, Lydia. Then, to add insult to injury, the shock jocks paid to occupy opinion threads in forums like this one, take that media saturation and what it may or may not produce in the way of consensus and argue that this manufacturing of consent somehow represents AUTHENTIC American positions and political loyalties. They argue for the system while pretending to be righteous radicals. The control of content and opinion goes much further than mainstream media.

How many didn't believe the Stasi state was recording their calls or maintaining their emails in a facility built for that purpose in Utah? They'd argue that people exposing these facts of the new surveillance state were paranoid or ill-informed. In other words, in that instance, too, many pretend Progressives/radicals support Big Brother style govt. intrusions. And argue it isn't what it is.

Disinformation is rampant and politics is being reduced to a celebrity version of "Monster Ball."

You nailed the way it's done. Thank you.


I am so very tired of reading that Sanders is "unlikely" to win, that Hillary is the obvious democratic candidate, especiallly in forums that should be thrilled thousands and thousands of people are flocking to hear him speak despite virtually no MSM coverage at all. Sure it was reported that he's ahead of Clinton in NH but even then there are the usual qualifications - NH is next door to Vermont so that explains it, for example. Trump is an asshole and he's getting ALL the media attention that should be going to other candidates.

While I'm aware that many folks here at CD are not fans of Sanders. But it appears that what the so-called "left" wants is Hillary to win. Or now maybe Biden. Anyone but Sanders. Why is that?


Trump is this cycle's Sarah Palin. As outrageous as that choice was, this one had to top it. the times demand it. the fact that a thirst for blood and vengeance is everywhere apparent virtually demands a Trump. Bombastic and bonkers , that's the ticket.


"Trump is Global Journalism’s American Junk Food"
He's a Ding Dong that spits on all the tortilla chips!

-And that photo they used! That is epic meme fodder! ErmaGERRRRD!!!


I would not be so quick, as this author is, to dismiss Trump as as a passing media phenomen. He is a classic fascist, cherry picking positions from left and right and appealing to the resentment and self-pity of a faltering middle class. The only solution he offers is himself, a cult of personality, to which many millions are clearly responding. Camus said that fascism is politics based on contempt, and contempt is the very essence of Trump's appeal. His very face is a mask of contempt, and every word out of his mouth is dripping with contempt for other politicians, women, Latinos, Mexico, China.

Trump may indeed implode in the coming months but his meteoric rise in the American consciousness is a sign of just how vulnerable democracy is to a demagogue who promises to solve all problems if the masses only give him power.