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Trump is Hiring Lobbyists and Top Ethics Official Says "There's No Transparency"


Trump is Hiring Lobbyists and Top Ethics Official Says "There's No Transparency"

Justin Elliot, ProPublica

President Trump has stocked his administration with a small army of former lobbyists and corporate consultants who are now in the vanguard of the effort to roll back government regulations at the agencies they once sought to influence, according to an analysis of government records by the New York Times in collaboration with ProPublica.


The joke is on us and the joke is on fire. Orwell lives.


And meanwhile he's bombing the crap out of the Middle East.

I have a solution. The Orange Blob should bring Hill and Bill into his cabinet, and then everyone will be happy!

A kind of gathering of the tribes before the Big One.

We are so f***ed it's not even funny.


We could sure use some cartoons to leverage admonitions about 'logs in ayes' - as they get rolled into congress


So many henhouses, so little time . . .
  – The Foxes


Brilliant. It seems that Trump is hiring the power brokers to fix all the problems they caused.

Direct Online Democracy


At this point none of it matters. Swamp is so full of life a few more predators don't matter.


Joseph Sorban

"So when the wolf pounces on your lamb, just ignore the pitiful bleating and remind yourself that this is a democracy, where every sheep can freely express its preference for which kind of wolf it wants to be eaten by. Many sheep, perhaps understandably, prefer a wolf in sheep's clothing, which is after all the basic idea of democracy. So far it has worked pretty well. The wolves all agree on that, and they want to spread democracy everywhere."

This time we got a naked wolf who doesnt bother with sheeps clothing but loves lamb all the same


Back in the early 1800's the French found considerable satisfaction, at least at first, in the guillotine.


"Still, under Trump’s executive order, he can issue waivers at any time to staffers, Catanzaro included, for any reason, and never disclose it." Ahhh, the power of the King!


I was talking about Foxes and Hens – not Wolves and Lambs – but I do appreciate your insightful description of the corpocracy in which we live.


More empty talk: "On the campaign trail, Trump proposed closing lobbying loopholes as part of his five-point ethics plan for draining the swamp. Also included in the plan – measures banning officials from his administration from lobbying for five years and from lobbying for foreign entities."

Just like the Constitution, none of the laws (even the EO's signed by the demagogue) apply to him, the emperor. Ethics and ethical do not belong in the same sentence with his (or his devil spawn's) name(s).

On another note, he and his flying monkeys dropped the ball on the annual Easter Egg Roll on the White House lawn...they were too busy brokering business deals and hiring lobbyists to pay any attention to what the public perceives to be a reflection of the true nature and tenor of the President and First Lady (MIA Melania). Well, the devil eschewed Christ as did his minion, DJT by blowing off the celebration and flying off to tie up more business deals at Mar-A-Lago, his pleasure palace and den of iniiquity.


Jonathan Marks: Governments should fight corporations, not collaborate with...TED Talks